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Don't record laser tattoo removal on Camera

Well Don’t record laser tattoo removal on Camera, the video recorded by Andy Boyd who’s Sony A7S II camera sensor damaged by the laser light coming out from tattoo removal tool. Photographer says the repair cost is as much a new camera so try to avoid this.

Same problem faced by several photographers when they damaged their sensor by shooting club laser lights. So, the only one thing we can do is to avoid shooting laser lights with our camera.

source PP and Andy

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3 comments to Don’t record laser tattoo removal on Camera

  • Oleg Gontar

    free green bubble bokeh

  • Alliumnsk

    Also, don’t get tattoos in the first place xD

  • Wayne

    Laser shies can be above the limit needed to damage human vision. But because our brains do a sort of dead pixel removal for the eyes, people might not realise they are progressively losing their vision. I had a close call with a 27 lux projector, which resulted in the fluid just above the retina being congealed (partly cooked) when it inadvertently shot through a lens. Fortunately this healed up. So, some people are super susceptible to damage. That was only a very weak laser with less output then most pocket pointers. So imagine how strong these things are to your sensor.

    Now, the issue is what should you co to protect your camera?

    I’ll throw out some ideas, a fast photo chromatic filter to dim hits. Probably take too long to stop a really powerful laser from hurting the sensor. People wear frequency matched filtered eyewear in laser laboratories. You are likely only to encounter a limited number of common frequencies in normal work (laser tattoo removal and surgery would be different). It might be possible to make a filter which dampens all these frequencies, even the tattoo one. By combination of these two filter types, you may get significant protection.

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