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Confirmed - Panasonic 4K Camera Coming on 2014


In a recent interview, Mr. Ichiro Kitao said that there is already rumor of Panasonic GH4K next year, so we have to announce a 4K capable camera in 2014 ;P (possibly GH4K)

we may also see some new compact machines like compact M4/3 camera (GM2?) with improved specification + New telephoto zoom lenses also coming.

detailed parts interview / translated by google

– If it is a story to put the power up there, next I’ll can also shoot 4K? I will want asked.

Has been rumored, such as “I am GH4K next year” on the net already, but when I do a camera capable of shooting (laughs), the 4K, because they’ve been declared already, is not it bad in “the year after next” it. So I will not be enough for the next year.

– Story of next year came out, but it was in was completely new product line in the form of facing the camera culture over the past year. In Do you set a concept of what the camera making a year in the future?

Because it has been re-developed the product line to keep running all the way this year, including such as 4K and communication, a new element, the user layer suitable for each, each product is, features that meet the needs properly now like to go with, and then a year to go digging deep the function of each product. What direction? And say, user layer is different depending on the product, respectively, from how to use is different, approach of improvement will also change. to expand the width of the frontage, some will want to delve into the different products.

– I’m on the outlook of their respective this, but how can from the camera of the smartphone the quality of the experience is different, and interest to the camera stand-alone? You are trying to deepen ties with smartphone and polished the companies Wi-Fi function, sophistication still want a little more.

I think GM of the latest model, too, is the need for improvement still with respect to Wi-Fi feature indeed. I think it is necessary to increase the sophistication for integration with smart phones continue. In the future, I believe takes a little time yet, but will be able to connect to the cloud camera itself using the communication network of the mobile phone.

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