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Confirmed: No Full-frame Camera from Fuji is Coming


Take a look at the text below said by Fuji managers / Takashi Ueno, they don’t believe that Fullframe sensor are better than APS-C Sensor camera…

We gave a lot of thought to this, and reached our conclusion that APS-C is the best format for the optimum balance of body size and image quality.

Higher image quality can be achieved with full frame sensors, but in order to maximize the use of the sensor size, the lens will be very bulky and heavy.

With the power of FUJINON lens, we can achieve the full frame image quality with the APS-C sensor. We learned that the disadvantage can be recovered with the lens performance through various simulations.

Here is an example. It is generally believed that the lens performs at its best with 1 to 2 stop down from the maximum aperture. We tried to break the norm. Because if there is such belief, then the lens is very unlikely to perform at its best from corner to corner with the aperture wide open. But if we can break the norm, then we will achieve bokeh and sharpness that is equivalent to that of a full frame with 1 to 2 stop down. We can achieve the image quality that is equivalent to that of full frame.

Which is better? An f/1.4 lens on a full frame sensor and then used 1 stop down to prevent degradation in the image quality in the corner or an f/1.4 lens on an APS-C that see no degration in the image quality at its maximum aperture value?

You cannot really see the difference in bokeh between the APS-C wide open and the full frame one stop down. However, if the APS-C is wide open, then the shutter speed will be twice as fast as the full frame resulting in be less blur caused by hand shake or subject movement. If the picture becomes blurry, then the high image quality becomes meaningless.”

share your thoughts with us….

click here to see the full interview here

4 comments to Confirmed: No Full-frame Camera from Fuji is Coming

  • Their logic is sketchy, at best. If they can make APS-C lenses that are crisp when wide open, then they could just as easily apply the same process to make a full frame lens that’s crisp when wide open.

    The only valid reason they mentioned was the size and weight of lenses.

  • Yogi Mik

    That’s why I shoot Fuji. Don’t want full frame.

  • @Yogi Mik, enjoy using Sony’s leftover sensors. 😉

  • After 45 years as a professional snapper I am simply staggered at the results I can get from the Fuji X range. The size and weight, style and faciiities are as I would have designed myself. It is a perfect little camera system, from the x100t, xe2 to the X pro 2 it will deliver worthy results. I use several luxury ff cameras, and I tell you personally I cannot tell the difference on a picture that you would hang on a wall. People don’t hire cameras they want experience and a personality to capture the moment. And we shouldn’t crave camera gear just the ability to use it and produce our minds eye. Fuji is a creative photographers dream…. In my opinion. John.

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