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Confirmed: Fuji X-A10 Registered in Korea

Fuji X-A10 image

Fujifilm X-A10 Registered at South Korea RRA, from the documents we can spot that Camera will be manufactured in Indonesia and the date of Registration is Sep 26, 2016.


Take a look at the Details translated by google
“X-A10” Fujifilm has been registered with the RRA of Korea.
South Korea RRA
Company Name: Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Korea
Model Name: X-A10
Certification number: MSIP-CMI-FEI-FF-FF160003
Country of manufacture: Indonesia
Authentication Date: September 26, 2016

Now, whenever we see such type of documents one thing is very clear that Fuji X-A10 will arrive in next 1 or 2 months. But the big question is Fuji X-A3 was announced on Aug 25, 2016 and Fuji X-A2 was announced on Jan 15, 2015. So, the big question is if Fuji take 1 + year time to announce the next generation of entry level camera then why the X-A10 coming so early?’

Fuji is trying to create a new class of entry level camera, even more affordable than Fuji X-A3 to attract new generation of users towards the use of mirror-less camera and gain market share.

Why we are saying this since more affordable entry level mirrorless camera like Canon EOS M10 ( B&H and Amazon) and Sony A5000 (Amazon) hammering the growth of Fuji entry level mirrorless systems. So, it has become necessary for Fujifilm to announce a entry level camera more affordable than X-A3.

We will post update soon….

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3 comments to Fuji X-A10 Registered in Korea, Coming Soon

  • fujilover

    Fuji is announcing this camera very fast after Fuji X-A3. It’s sure a different breed of camera.

    Fuji all has is 16 MP sensor to use from its previous generation of cameras.

  • admin

    There is BIG possibility we may see Entry Level Camera with 1st or 2nd gen of X-Trans sensor: Fuji may put its first OR second generation of X-Trans sensors (16.3MP APS-C X-Trans I and II CMOS Sensors) inside the X-A10 camera to grain the mid-range mirrorless zone, that’s all.

  • Shane

    Wow. This is something to look forward to.

    I’m excited.

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