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Firmware Update

Canon 6D Mark II Coming in Q1 of 2017

Canon 6D Mark II imageCanon 6D Mark II not coming soon news may upset many Canon fans, there is a big possibility that Canon will delay the announcement of Canon 6D Mark II camera on Q1/Q2 of 2017.

The reason is quite simple, Canon 5D Mark IV is coming on August / September 2016 and if Canon also announces Canon 6D Mark II on the same time it make take out the lime-light of the announcement.

According to latest rumors [via canonrumor] the Canon 6D Mark II may carry 24 Megapixel Fullframe CMOS sensor, the other core specification of the camera is still unknown.

Take a uploaded list of Canon products that may arrive in future

  • Canon 5D Mark IV: Official announcement in August 2016, shipping starts from September/October.
  • Canon M (High end model): Official announcement in October 2016, Shipping starts from November/December.
  • Canon 6D Mark II: Official announcement in February 2017, Shipping start in March/April.
  • Canon M4: announcement in February 2017, release in March/April

Upcoming Canon 6D Mark II camera will have same resolution of Canon 5D Mark IV ,  take a look at the rumored specification of the Canon 6D Mark II camera

Canon 6D Mark II camera Rumored specification

  • 24mp Full Frame CMOS
  • Dual-pixel AF technology
  • ISO range 204800 or more
  • Improved Auto-focus performance  (sensitivity upto -5 EV)
  • Two AF system are under testing under different prototypes
  • WiFi with NFC and GPS
  • Wireless battery charging with the Qi standard
  • Internally Canon switches from VxWorks (Could have meant DRYOS) to an Android-based embedded OS, 6D Mark II will be the first Android-based camera from Canon.
  • Touchscreen
  • Swivel LCD a-la-70D
  • Anti-flicker a-la-7DII
  • Will ship in a new box design in gold colour.


Upcoming Canon 6D Mark II will Have Better Dynamic Range

Canon 1DX Mark II imageCanon will implement new sensor design in 6D Mark II to increase the dynamic range of the Camera.

Canon is slowly implementing new sensor design in all its upcoming camera’s to improve the overall dynamic range performance.

We hope the upcoming Canon 6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV and other Canon DSLRs sensors will be manufactured by having on-chip AD/DA Converter.

The proof: Just few days ago we have published the post that Canon 80D is showing excellent dynamic range compared to other Canon APS-C sensors. The reason behind the increased dynamic range is the placement of on-chip AD/DA converter in Canon 1DX Mark II and Canon 80D DSLR.

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Nikon to Extend Nikon D5 4k Video Recording Limit

Nikon D5 Video Limit ProblemNikon D5 was announced with 4K video mode but the big problem was Nikon 4K video limit was limited to 3 minutes only or 4GB of file size, So the big question is How to increase the Nikon D5 video limit?

So Back on January 22, 2016 we have reported that Nikon actively working to increase the video limit of Nikon D5 camera.

According to latest copy of Nikon Pro Magazine, Nikon will soon  announce a firmware update to solve the Video recording problem of Nikon D5 camera. After applying the firmware update to the camera Nikon D5 video recording limit touches 30 minutes.

First Understand the problem of Nikon D5

According to a Nikon Pro magazine the Nikon D5 recording is limited to 3 minutes due to the 4GB file size limit.

latest edition of Nikon Pro magazine

How Nikon D5 can creates a 30 min 4K video ?

The answer is very simple, Nikon upcoming firmware update will include a splitter software. That will automatically split 4GB files into pieces and will notify you via display monitor . You will get notification when a piece of 4GB file is about to be end and when next file starts. Later on All the pieces of 4GB file will be blended flawlessly to create a 30min long recording.

When Nikon D5 firmware is available ?

Nikon D5 next firmware update is expected to arrive at June 2016 according to latest rumors. However, Nikon pro magazine confirmed that the upcoming update is free of charge .

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source – Nikonrumors.com

Canon Patent EF-S 16-80mm F2-6 Lens

Latest patent document surfaced over the web suggest that Canon is working on a EF-S16-80mm F2-6 STM Lens, the lens is designed and developed for APS-C DSLR cameras.

Canon lens patent

Take a look at the patent details below translated by google

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-51137
    • Published 2016.4.11
    • Filing date 2014.9.2
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 4.71
    • Focal length 16.09 41.83 75.78
    • F-number 2.07 5.15 6.00
    • Half angle of view (degrees) 36.26 18.01 10.17
    • Image height 11.80 13.60 13.60
    • The total lens length 100.68 110.04 120.89
    • BF 15.19 27.94 26.84

The 16-80mm F2-6 lens may arrive in future as a kit lens with Canon 90D or Canon 7D Mark III camera. The lens features excellent wide-angle max aperture range and stepping drive motor for fast and silence auto-focusing.

Do share your thoughts with us – See more Canon Patents

source – egami

Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 Lens For Sony FE-Mount Announced

Batis lens for SOny FE mount camera

Zeiss today announced Batis 18mm F2.8 Lens For Sony FE-Mount. The new lens, which features a diagonal angular field of 99 degrees, is currently the shortest full-frame fixed focal length with autofocus. The lens carry a small OLED display unit to show show focus distance and depth of field.

The lens major specification

  • Super wide-angle lens for full-frame E mount cameras
  • Zeiss added a new floating element design based on the Distagon style, the 18mm lens is composed of with 11 elements in 10 groups
  • To ensure the quality of images zeiss batis have 7 lens elements comprised of special glass with 4 aspherical elements
  • The newly announced lens is Weather sealed barrel for moisture and dust protection
  • Electronic aperture with range from f/2.8-22
  • Minimum focus distance of 9.8″ / 0.25m
  • Filter thread dimension of 77mm
  • Weight – 11.6 oz / 330g

The Batis lens features linear motors that does silent and fast AF to track your subject in no time. Not only that, the lens also features rubberized focus ring supports precise manual focusing.

The lens will cost your approx $1,499.00

Best Memory Card of Nikon D5

Do you want to know the name of Best memory Card for Nikon D5, yes we have… The Best XQD Memory card name is Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 64GB.

The Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 64GBMemory Card is one of the fastest memory card available on the planet, Lexar claims that PCI data interface of the card is capble to read data upto 440 MB/s and write speeds of up to 400 MB/s.
Does the claim made by Lexar is true? Let’s find out the actual read and write speed of Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 Memory Card.

leaxer 2933x image
Guy’s of Cameramemoryspeed.com tested out not only Lexar 2933x XQD 2.0 64GB, but they also tested out Sony G Series XQD 64GB, Lexar Professional 1400x XQD 64 GB, Sony S-Series 168MB/s XQD 32GB and Sony M series XQD cards.
Out of all these card Read/Write test the Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 64GB performed extremely well. Take a look at the screen shot below.


In the next image you will see continuous shooting speed recording test of several XQD cards, the test result shows that how many number of images you can take with Nikon D5 camera by using the particular memory card.

best memory card image

Take a look at the CMS guy’s said abut the test

“For the best performance, the Lexar Professional 2933x 64GB XQD 2.0 was the fastest XQD card tested in the D5. It averaged over 292.9 MB/s write speed during continuous shooting. The runner up was the Sony G Series 64GB XQD Card which averaged 273.9 MB/s write in the D5.”

Get the Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 64GBMemory Card from Amazon | B&H

source – cameramemoryspeed.com

Download Firmware Update for Canon XC10 and other Canon Cinema Camera

Canon XC10 camera image

Canon XC10 camera image –

You can download Canon XC10( Amazon and B&H) camera to improve the AF speed and other features camera, not only that you can also download Cinema EOS C100 Mark II and Cinema EOS C300 Mark II  firmware update including many other professional camcorders to upscale the performance of the cameras.

How to reduce flicker rate of Canon XC10 camera ? we have received this question many times by our users and finally we have the answer, you can reduce the flicker rate of Canon XC10 camera by downloading the latest firmware update. The latest firmware update also increase the Auto Focus Speed of the camera.

Canon also announced a bunch of firmware updates for Cinema EOS C100 Mark II camera and Cinema EOS C300 Mark II camera (including Canon Log3), XA30/35 , XF300/305 and including VIXIA G40 also.

We will soon update this page once the download link goes live. Like us on

For more details take a look at the press release.

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Canon ME20F-SH Cinema Kit Announced

ME20F-SH Cinema Kit

Canon today announced ME20F-SH Cinema Kit, the Canon ME20F-SH Price is $1999, the Canon ME20F-SH Cinema Kit price is $31,000 available from April 2016. The camera is perfect for surveillance purpose or shooting a reality show. Press release below

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