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Sony Contact Lens Camera With WiFi, Zoom and Image Stabilization

Camera lens unit image

Latest patent document surfaced over the web shows a new Contact lens based camera patent filed by Sony that features a small power source, WiFi antenna, microchip processor, Zoom lens, sensor and even a image stabilization unit to combat the shake caused by the eyelid moment.

You Can control the camera by conscious eyelid closure and the other settings of the camera is also control by specified eyelid movement.

Power source – According to the patent document the Supply and reception of electric power can be achieved by, for example, an electromagnetic induction method, a radio wave method, or an electromagnetic field resonance method.

The small camera will add revolution in camera industry since it’s a completely invisible, it may also raise some serious questions related to privacy of a person.

via freepatentonline

Not only Sony, Samsung and Google also working on Smart contact Lens


contact lens patent image

The smart contact lens is composed of following major parts 1. control component 4. Control Unit 2. Sensor 3. WiFi antenna

Before we end the Sony contact lens news you must know that the first contact lens patent was filed by google X skunkworks lab back on 2012 [via patentbolt] Initially the first contact lens from google was made with a sensor that tracks your sugar level by analyzing the amount of sugar present in your tears. if you have diabetes, you generally have to perform finger-stick blood tests throughout the day. However the smart lens made by google never came for public use.

Samsung eye contact camera A month ago Samsung smart contact lens patent also surfaced over the web. South Korea gov. has granted the Samsung crop. The Patent for contact lenses with a display that can project images into the users eye with additional information.  Smart Contact lenses will send data`to your smartphones / tablets via WiFi, the overall operation of the camera will be controlled by the moment of eyelid / blinking of a eye.

All the three major companies are working towards smart contact lens and within few years we will sure see smart contact lenses in the market for general purpose use.

Samsung NX1 Discontinued - Not Available at B&H Store

Samsung NX

Samsung NX1 finally listed as discontinued at B&H Store today. However the Amazon and Adorama still selling the camera till the stock last.

We have reported you on March 15, 2016 that Samsung NX1 camera is finally discontinued,  It;s look like Samsung is no more interested in making NX series camera.

Samsung NX1 LX Rumors was published a long ago, it was true for that time but unfortunately all the R&D related to NX camera systems also stopped.

A final look – Samsung NX1 High ISO TEST with GH4, 7D Mk II, X-T1, 6D and D610

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Samsung NX1 Finally Discontinued

Samsung-NX1-imageOn march  8, 2016 we have told you that Samsung discontinued the NX500 camera. Tokay we got the news that Samsung also discontinued its NX1 camera. Finally it’s look like the Samsung shutting down mirrorless camera business was true and NX1 discontinuation clearly tells us that Samsung is not interested on making any new NX camera.

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source – photorumors

Samsung NX500 Terminated


Samsung NX500 camera finally discontinued by Samsung today, Samsung NX1 is also getting major discounts for stock clearance ?

The Samsung NX500 was a excellent camera and if you look at its core specification it look more advance than any other mirrorless camera present in the market today.

There is still some hope The false rumor was raised by some websites, that Nikon acquired NX line-up was not true according to Samsung itself, speaking to Korean times Samsung representatives said that Samsung will not withdrawal or it will sell down its business.

Buy Samsung NX1 camera from B&H

see Camera buying guide here

Samsung Denied Rumors Again - They are Not Shutting Down or Selling Out Imaging Business


The false rumor was raised by some websites, that Nikon acquired NX line-up was not true according to Samsung itself, speaking to Korean times Samsung representatives said that Samsung will not withdrawal or it will sell down its business,

Market expectations have also been that selling the imaging sensors would be much more profitable for the company than selling cameras.

Samsung Electronics, however, claimed that it does not have an official plan to dispose of its digital imaging business division.

“It is true that we have not rolled out any new products since February,” said a Samsung Electronics spokesman, ‘but we do not have any official plans to withdraw from the camera business. We still have employees working in the division.”

In this part below they have denied the speculation of  withdraw from camera business

Samsung Electronics has denied market speculation that it will withdraw from the digital imaging business and sell its imaging sensor technologies to Japanese camera maker Nikon.

“I doubt that Nikon is interested in acquiring Samsung’s camera technologies because the Japanese company already has advanced optical technologies,” she said. “Should Nikon seek Samsung’s camera business, it could be for diversification of its product portfolio.”

source – Korea Times

Samsung NX Mirrorless Camera Division is Now Owned by Nikon


UPDATE- In an recent interview published at amateur photographer Samsung officially denied the Sell out news.

According to latest rumors floating over the web Nikon acquired Samsung  NX system cameras / technology.

The deal will help Nikon to announce its own mirroress sensor based cameras by using all the technologies of Samsung NX series camera.

If the news is true than Nikon will soon announce its mirrorless line-up with high-end specification simlar to Samsung NX1 / NX500 camera. But at the moment we are not sure that upcoming Nikon mirrorless system will going to use existing FX/DX lenses or they will use samsung NX lenses tech for the upcoming cameras.

Stay with us for latest information and updates.

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source – mirrorlessrumor

Samsung NX2 Coming [Rumor]


From all directions we are continuously getting information that  Samsung is shutting down its camera business, but according to latest rumor Samsung may introduce a pro-level camera at CES 2016.

We do expect that Samsung may announce Samsung NX2 camera with high-end specification and rugged body design or may be Samsung NX1 LX (see more details here).

We will update you soon as we get any more information.

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