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Olympus 2016 Financial Report - A Mixed Bag

Olympus Report image

Olympus posted full year and last quarter results.. Financial report of Olympus says the company is facing loss in overall operating profit, but the good news is Mirrorless sales are up +5% compared to previous finical year.

Olympus report says

In the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera field, the OM-D series and “OLYMPUS PEN-F,” etc. increased sales, with sales also boosted by a contribution from the high performance interchangeable lenses “M.ZUIKO DIGITAL PRO” series with additions of new models bringing the lineup to five models. Meanwhile, in the compact camera field, the Company continued to limit the number of units sold in response to market shrinkage. Consequently, sales in the Imaging Systems Business overall decreased year on year.

Olympus is also preparing to announce fullframe mirrorless cameras in future that will compete with Sony A7 series and will sure boost its market share.

Also see – Q1 Operating Profit of Canon Falls 39%

via – 43Rumor | Source – Olympus Global

Olympus E-M1 Mark II Coming in September 2016

Olympus E-M1 Mark II Rumor imageLatest titbits related Olympus E-M1 mark II surfaced over the web, the details are coming from a M4/3.com user Rob who claims that he attend the LCE (London Camera Exchange) PRO CAMERA Show and talked with Olympus representatives.

The following major information collected from the discussion between M43.com user Rob and Olympus representatives.

  1. EM1 Mk2 is definitely going to be launched at Photokina / September 2016
  2. May include 4K
  3. Advance AF System dictated for Sports shooting / professional use
  4. Big improvements in core specification compared to current E-M1 models
  5. Price will remain same as E-M1

Details of the discussion as published betwwen ROB and Oly Representatives


I visited the LCE (London Camera Exchange) PRO CAMERA Show this morning in Southamton (UK). Both Olympus and Panasonic had stands and I had a chat with the reps from both camps to see if I could glean any news on upcoming models ! Lo and behold – Speaking to one of the Olympus Reps I was told that the EM1 Mk2 is definitely going to be launched at Photokina and will be on sale in October 2016. The new camera is said to be vastly (and this was reiterated) improved compared to the EM1. Several aspects of performance will be much improved including video which ‘ may’ include 4K ?

What will definately be improved is the ability of the new camera to be used for sports photography Olympus are said to be trying to further penetrate the PRO market and improving performance for sports photography is seen as an important goal to achieve increased PRO level recognition, sales and use. I mentioned that I enjoy motorsports photography and was told that the Mk2 would DEFINATELY be much improved for that type of fast moving capture. The rep advised that Olympus were going to put a lot of effort into a much bigger launch of the EM1 Mk2 and staff were already working on and towards the launch.

With regard to 4K or no 4K on the new model I was told that there were hidden barriers to adopting this technology as Panasonic and other companies held ‘rights’ to some aspects to the technology involved and were more able to implement 4K at reasonable cost compared to what Olympus would have to pay in order to use it. It wasn’t clear whether 4K would be included but it certainly wasn’t ruled out . If true this perhaps explains (at least partly) why Olympus has been slow to adopt the technology.

With regard to the pricing of the new model I was told that despite the newer version being a huge improvement over the Mk1 there was no intention to increase the price significantly over the price of the EM1 – I would expect this to be with regard to pricing at launch – the EM1 being approximately £1300.00 (UK) at launch if I remember correctly.

Obviously much of this should be taken with a pinch of salt but from what was being said I think we can definately expect sales to commence before the end of the year and a launch at Photokina

However we have told you earlier here that Olympus E-M1 II will arrive on Photokina 2016 according to a anonymous email we have received a few month ago, you can look the article – Olympus E-M1 II and Our Expectations

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source – 43rumor

Olympus Fullframe Mirrorless Shoutout

Olympus Fullframe

Olympus Fullframe Mirrorless Shoutout now started worldwide as more and more websites started talking about possible Olympus fullframe Mirrorless camera announcement. (Ok that clearly means we are not alone)

The Rumor started when we have seen first Olympus patent of Fullframe lens and at the same moment we told you that Olympus does working on a fulframe camera and sooner or later we will see such thing.


Mann ki Baat….

Why Olympus Moving towards Fullframe Mirrorless?

People always want some good change and after looking at the skyrocketing sales record of Sony A7 series camera the Olympus also trying to Jump on the same ship.

Olympus Turning into third party Lens manufacturer ?

Some websites also told us and the world that Olympus will make lenses for Sony A7 series Mirrlress camera. But Keep in mind that Olympus is not a third party lens manufacturer only, they have the capability to develop a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Olympus Future ?

Yes, it’s a big question since Olympus is the vital member of 43 format group. Once Olympus get into fullframe mirrorless business the 4/3 mount cameras development may get slow down, Just like Sony slowed down the development of SLT series camera after Sony E and FE mount based camera announcement.

and Panasonic?

Panasonic already have the cashcow? .. they don’t need fullframe sensor based camera… more to come…

More Confirmation: Olympus Working on a Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

Another confirmation that Olympus is Working on a Fullframe Mirrorless Camera, earlier Olympus also filed a  patent for 28mm full-frame mirrorless Lens, take a look here. . And in a recent patent filed by Olympus we can see they are working on a 24mm F1.4 Lens patent made for for a full-frame mirrorless camera.

24 F1.4mm mirrorlessTake a look at the patent details below translated by google.

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-38418
    • Published 2016.3.22
    • Filing date 2014.8.5
  • Example 1
    • f 24.48
    • FNO. 1.41
    • 2ω 91.37
    • IH 22.50
    • FB (in air) 9.49
    • Total length (in air) 154.18

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

Olympus E-PL8 vs Olympus E-PL7

before Olympus announced the leaked E-PL8 camera, we have done a image comparison with the old one. Take a look below

Olympus-E-PL8-vs-E-PL7-imagFrom the image comparison you can see the upcoming camera design is more compact and looks solid compared to the old E-PL7 model.  The hand-grip of the camera is now modified and looks more attractive to eyes, the lens release button design also has been tweaked.

Olympus-E-PL8-vs-E-PL7-back If we look at the rear side of both the camera we are not able to notice any major difference between the layout, both of them look approx same.

We will add specification comparison review here as soon as we get more information about the camera.

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Olympus E-PL8 Images Leaked Coming Soon

Olympus E-PL8 camera image

Images of upcoming Olympus E-PL8  leaked over the web and the camera is expected to arrive anytime soon. The upcoming E-PL8 camera look rock solid and compact. The camera core specification is still not know yet, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

Olympus E-PL8 camera top image

Olympus E-PL8 camera back image


source – bit.ly/1R0NMCP

Olympus is Ready to Announce Two New Cameras


According to latest rumors Olympus is rumored to announce two new camera, the first rumored camera as (as we have told you earlier also) is Olympus IM001 and the other one is Olympus Sylus TG-Tracker.

The code name of a camera didn’t reveal anything so we do expect a mirrorless announcement from Olympus and the second camera is a compact camera.

Stay with us and we will update you as soon as we get any new information.

BTW you can visit our buying guide to get some of the best cameras available in the market today.

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