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Canon Best Cameras of 2020

Let’s talk about the list of best canon cameras available in 2020. We have selected the best Canon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras of 2020 for you. Weather you are a hybrid shooter or a dedicated youtuber you can use our buying guide to select the best Canon camera of 2020.

1. BEST CANON CAMERAS OF 2020 Quick Guide

#1 in our list is Canon 200D II / SL3
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#2 in Our List is Canon EOS M6 Mark II
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#3 Canon 90D
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#4 Canon EOS R
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2. Best DUO – Canon EOS M6 Mark II and Canon 90D

The best canon cameras to buy right now are Canon EOS M6 Mark II and Canon 90D Camera. Canon M6 Mark II camera is Canon first APS-C Mirrorless camera to feature uncropped 4K Video recording. The Canon M6 Mark II camera also features 32.5MP High resolution CMOS sensor and as we have seen the Sensor  Dynamic Range performance is  similar to Sony’s A6500 camera.

Canon 90D is the best DSLR camera from Canon in 2020 – Apart from all those good stuff we have discussed above, the Canon 90D Camera also fetaures some added benefits. With Canon 90D camera you can capture 1300+ shots in a single charge which is not possible with any mirrorless camera right now. Canon 90D is also weather sealed and features extended grip design that makes u feel wow when u pick this camera in your hand.

3. Why No to Canon EOS M50 in our list

Canon EOS M50 is bit old now the core specs of the camera isn’t as good as of Canon 200D II. The new Canon 200D II / SL3 camera features advance image processor and 3rd genration of DPAF sensor with eye AF tracking. So, Canon 200D II / SL3 camera is a better option compared to Canon EOS M50. If you want to buy a mirrorless camera in Canon the best option right Now is Canon EOS M6 Mark II or you can wait for  Canon M60 which is scheduled to arrive on Q4 of 2020.

4. Why No Canon EOS RP in our List – A expensive outdated camera

Canon EOS RP more and less using the same sensor we have seen in Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera.  So, still images are impressive but not good as other cameras of the same class. At the same time we have to face excessive crop issues while recording 4K videos and DPAF support available. So, the best option right now is Canon EOS R is u want a FF Mirrorless camera in Canon.

Nikon D3600 Announcement Delayed - Rumor

Based on the scheduled announcement time the Nikon D3600 camera was expected to arrive on August 2020. But, as per the initial set of information surfaced over the web the camera isn’t coming on it’s schedule time.

Exact reason isn’t known yet, most probably due Nikon owns Mirrorless cameras Timelines. As we all know Both DSLR makers these days are busy in the development and announcement of Mirrorless camera and back on December 2018 Canon publicly told that they are into DSLR cannibalization. However, Nikon never told publicly anything about the future camera announcement policy. But, it’s look like Nikon is also running on same path as of Canon.

Delay in Development and Announcement of DSLR Cameras

As we all know that Nikon delayed the announcement of Nikon D750 camera to make space for Nikon Z6 in the market. Users, those who are willing to buy Nikon D750 camera successor, most of them are now getting Nikon Z6 since they don’t have any option left.

Same situation we are facing in APS-C DSLR zone. The scheduled announcement time of Nikon D7500 camera was 2019, but it was delayed to make space of Nikon Z50.

Nikon Z30 – Entry Level Mirrorless Camera from Nikon

We have published rumors related to Nikon Z30 camera a week ago . Niko Z30 camera is said to be a replacement of not only Nikon D3xxx series but also Nikon D5xxx series. More details can be found here. We will update you more once we get more information.

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Canon M6 Mark II Dynamic Range Test

Canon M6 Mark II Dynamic Range Test published by photons to photos, from the test results it’s clearly visible that Canon M6 Mark II camera have better dynamic range compared to M6 camera despite of having higher resolution sensor.

1. Canon EOS M6 Mark II vs Canon EOS M50

In the above dynamic range test you can clearly see that Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera have a clear advantage compared to Canon EOS M50 camera. Canon New sensor tech isn’t only giving us high resolution. But, we are also getting better dynamic range.

2. Canon EOS M6 Mark II vs Sony A6400

Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera dynamic range is somehow similar to Sony A6500 and Sony A6400. I am really amazed to see how, the Dynamic range of the new Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera is improved compared to its competitors.

3. Canon EOS M6 Mark II vs Fuji X-T3

In the dynamic range test Fuji X-T3 camera new 26MP BSI CMOS Sensor have a clear advantage over the Canon EOS M6 Mark II 32.5 DPAF CMOS sensor. From ISO 600 we can notice a bump in the Fuji X-T3 Dynamic range.

Also see –

Canon EOS M6 Mark II vs Sony A6100

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Nikon to Add Dedicated Lens Menus In DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon is working to improve lens based user interlace in camera with a dedicated Lens Menus options which will include all the lens related settings / options in a single menu page.

Patent Details

The present invention relates to an imaging device.

In interchangeable cameras such as single-lens reflex digital cameras, it is necessary to make settings related to the attached lens on the camera side, but depending on the type of interchangeable lens (for example, whether or not it has an aperture ring) The setting items are different, so when changing to a different type of lens, the setting must be changed each time. Patent Document 1 describes a camera in which a lens can be replaced, in which the presence or absence of a diaphragm ring mounted on an interchangeable lens is determined by the camera, and the operation menu of the camera body is optimized according to the presence or absence of the diaphragm ring. .


The lens menu will guide you the type of lens you are using and  if you are using a FX lens in DX format camera you will get all the details how much Magnification ratio you will be getting while using FX lens in DX Camera. And if you are mounting FX Lens in DX camera then you will get all details about crop factor and resolution loss.

This patent also indicate Nikon may minimize the presence of physicals button on the lens surface. Having less function button on lens will reduce the cost and will also improve the durability of the lens.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Olympus Upcoming Lenses 2020 - 2021

Olympus just published the roadmap of to be announced lenses.

The New Olympus Roadmap confirms announcement of three new Lenses are arriving officially in stores on 2020. Take a look at the list of these lenses.

  1.  ED 12-45mm F4.0 Pro standard zoom lens,
  2. ED 100-400mm F5.0-6.3 IS super-telephoto zoom lens and
  3. ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens super-telephoto zoom lens.

Some un-specificed lenses are also on the list. The Details of those lenses will become available in 2020 according to Olympus.

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Top 5 Best Camera and Lenses Black Friday 2019 Deals

We have selected some the best Black Friday Deals available right now. These deals are available for very limited time. So, if you think these deals are just awesome then don’t wait. Since the price will go up as soon Black Friday Deals are over.

1. BEST DEAL of this Black Friday Sony A7R II Body @ $ 1398

Some deep discounts available on Sony A7R II body. Sony slashed the price of $440 more and now you have to pay $ 1398 for body only for 42 MP FF Hybrid sensor, 4K with S Log and 5 axis IBIS.

Get the Deal from B&H Store |

Thinking for the best lens for Sony A7R II – Begin with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens 

2. Canon EOS RP + Free EOS R – EF Adapter @ $999 Only

Canon EOS RP Black Friday Deals, you are not only getting Canon EOS RP camera in $999 but you are also  EF-EOS R Adapter in that price.  So, in $999 you are getting a excellent deal for now.

Get the Deal – Canon EOS RP at B&H Store

With 24-240mm Kit Lens the camera will cost you $1499

3. Best Entry Level M4/3 4K Camera Deal – Panasonic G7 Camera available at $447

Best camera to buy right now if you looking for a decent still and a excellent video recording camera than you can go with Panasonic G7. Get Panasonic G7 Deal at B&H Store   at

4. Canon M50 with 15-45mm Kit Lens at $599 only.

Canon EOS M50 is one of the best and most popular entry level Mirrorless Camera of 2019. The Camera not only captures still images but a perfect tool to create online content. Get Canon EOS M50 from B&H Store

5.  Nikon D3500 Body + Kit Lens + 70-300mm AF-P Lens @ $396 ONLY

Nikon D3500 camera with DUO Lens available at $396. You are getting 70-300mm AF-P Lens free ($139 free) in the Black Friday Deal. Get the Nikon D3500 Deal here

These are just awesome deals available for very limited time.

Nikon Z30 Camera Design, Announcement Next Year

Finally we have some strong hints that Nikon is set to announce Nikon Z30  APS-C Mirrorless camera on 2020. Nikon Z30 will have same design as you can see in the 3D model above, the design leaked through Nikon patent few months ago.

Nikon Z30 – A Entry Level Mirrorless Camera

The Nikon Z30 is a entry level Mirrorless camera and coming  under Nikon Z50 camera. As per design you can see the camera have bit limited control compared to Nikon Z50 and no viewfinder to save the cost.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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