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Firmware Update

Canon EOS R5 Camera Price

Lates rumors coming from Australia, The Australian retailer Camera Warehouse listed Canon EOS R5 camera with a price tag of A$ 10,499. If we convert it to US dollars then we have to pay US$ 6,750 ( INR Rs/- 5,09,557).  The price of the camera is expected to be somewhere around the price of Canon 1DX Mark III.

Actual Price or Quick Marketing Research?

May be Canon want to know the feedback of consumers before they actually put the price tag over the camera.  Btw, I was expecting the price tag of $4000  (+- $500).

Canon EOS R5 Specification

  • 45mp full-frame CMOS sensor
  • IBIS (5 stops with IBIS alone, 7-8 stops of correction when used with in-lens stabilization)
  • 12fps mechanical, 20fps electronic
  • Dual card slots
  • Scroll wheel added to the back
  • Liveview/Movie toggle like previous EOS DSLRs
  • Larger capacity battery, but looks like the LP-E6
  • 8K @ 30fps
  • 4K @ 120fps
  • 4K @ 60fps
  • Built-in 5GHz WiFi
  • New battery, but the same shape and compatibility as the EOS 5D Mark IV

More detailed video specification available here

Also see – Canon EOS R5 vs Canon EOS R vs Canon EOS RP – Image Comparison

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We will update you soon as we get any new information related to the upcoming cameras.

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Sony ZV1 Image Leaked

We do have a very bad quality of the image from the rumor mill, sources suggest it’s the image of to announced Sony ZV1 camera. The Sony ZV1 camera is a dedicated vlogging camera made for vloggers, and its Sony first compact camera to feature a Canon style vari-angle display screen.

Sony ZV1 Rumored Specification

  • Looks like an RX100VII
  • Has a fully articulating screen on the side similar to the Canon EOS-RP
  • Better grip than current RX100 cameras
  • Very big Video record button
  • integrated ND filter
  • 24-70mm F1.8 – 2.8 lens
  • All the autofocus features like: EyeAf and so forth
  • One touch Bokeh feature
  • Auto Object detect
  • Announcement May 26

TNC Take – Picture isn’t clear yet, even now I will say my readers to take this news with a grain of salt. Since trusted Japanese source are still silent now.


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source SAR

Sigma Lenses Coming for Canon RF Mount

According to the latest rumors, Sigma will release a new range of Canon RF mount lenses dedicated to RF mount. Sources of the rumor mill suggest that we will have a “unique lineup” for the RF mount. No, further information available.

TNC Take –

Before we get overexcited while reading this news, we have to accept one fact that  Canon wants to keep their user in their very own eco-system. But they should learn Something from Sony too, Sony shared it’s E-Mount details with Tamron, Sigma and Zeiss for creating more compatible lenses for their E-Mount system.

Now the AF system is becoming more and more complex with the integration of self-learning AI algorithms. Now, the upcoming Sigma lenses need proper communication and advance software so that Sigma can have equally good AF as of Canon RF Lenses.

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Nikon Reporting Extraordinary Losses

Nikon just issued this statement regarding the recognition of extraordinary losses. BTW, I am not a financial expert to elaborate Nikon’s current finical situation. But, overall the “Extraordinary Losses ” keyword doesn’t sounds good to me.

Notice Regarding Recognition of Extraordinary Losses and Reversal of Deferred Tax Assets in Non-Consolidated Financial Statements

NIKON CORPORATION (hereinafter “the Company”) expects to post extraordinary losses and to reverse a part of deferred tax assets in its non-consolidated financial statements, which are prepared in accordance with Japanese GAAP, for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.
Using the future plan that reflects the impact and more caused by the spread of COVID-19 to business activities, the Company has assessed an indication that fixed assets may be impaired, performed valuation of financial assets, and examined the recoverability of deferred tax assets.

As a result, the Company has decided to post an impairment loss of 5.7 billion yen for the fixed assets held by Imaging Product Business. And for Nikon Metrology NV, the Company’s consolidated subsidiary, a loss on valuation of the investments in subsidiaries and affiliates and provision for loss on business of subsidiaries and affiliates will be recognized 6.7 billion yen and 9.2 billion yen, respectively. The Company has also decided to reverse a part of deferred tax assets and post deferred tax expenses of 20.6 billion yen. However, the losses associated with the subsidiary mentioned above will have no impact on the consolidated financial results, as those losses will be eliminated in the consolidated financial statements.

Notice Regarding Revision of the Consolidated Financial Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020 and Recognition of Impairment Losses

This is to announce that the consolidated financial forecast announced on February 6, 2020 is revised as below, reflecting our recent business performance trend, and to disclose that impairment losses are expected to be recognized.

1. Revision of the Consolidated Financial Forecast

Revised Consolidated Financial Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020 (From April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020)

2. Reason for Revision of the Consolidated Financial Forecast

Decrease in revenue is expected due to factors such as the delay in installations of FPD lithography system, affected by the spread of COVID-19. In addition, operating profit, profit before income taxes and profit attributable to owners of the parent are also expected to be lower than the previous forecast due to the recognition of impairment losses of 11.1 billion yen for non-current assets, as indicated below in “3. The Recognition of Impairment Losses.”

Based on these situations, the consolidated financial forecast announced on February 6, 2020 is revised as above.

3. Recognition of Impairment Losses

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, indication of impairment for non-current assets was examined based on its future utilization and the impact caused by the spread of COVID-19 on business operations. As a result of measuring the recoverable amount of the cash-generating units in which impairment was indicated, a sufficient recoverable amount was not estimated in the Imaging Products Business and the Industrial Metrology Business and Others. Therefore, impairment losses of 11.1 billion yen are to be recognized. In the Imaging Products Business, impairment losses of 7.5 billion yen mainly for property, plant and equipment and intangible assets are to be recognized. In the Industrial Metrology Business and Others, impairment losses of 3.6 billion yen mainly for goodwill, property, plant and equipment and intangible assets are to be recognized.

source 1

Nikon Artificial Intelligence Flashgun Under Development

In a recent paten, we have found the Nikon is working on intelligent flashguns, these flashguns will get synchronized with the camera AF system and calculate the distance between the subject and camera and the amount of light needed to properly expose the subject. Most probably, the working principle of the flashgun look similar to Canon 470EX-AI

Patent Images

Canon AI Flashgun Demo Video


Patent Details: (Translated)

In the conventional strobe shooting device, if an auxiliary light such as a strobe is used at the time of shooting, the subject at the distance that the camera tried to reproduce at the proper exposure will be at the proper exposure, but the subject at the front side will be overexposed. Therefore, there is a problem that the subject on the rear side is underexposed.

An imaging device according to the present invention is an imaging device that images a first subject and a second subject, and is based on a distance from the imaging device to the first subject and a distance from the imaging device to the second subject. Thus, the first signal of the imaged first subject and the imaged of the imaged first subject so that the difference between the brightness of the first subject and the brightness of the second subject is reduced within a range up to a predetermined upper limit value. A setting unit that sets different gains for the second signal of the second subject, and a signal processing unit that processes the first signal and the second signal according to the gain set by the setting unit. .

According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain appropriate exposure for subjects with different distances.

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More Details on Sony Upcoming Compact Camera WW119533 / Sony ZV1 Camera

Back in December 2019, Sony Registered the WW119533 camera at a wireless certification agency. At that time very fewer details were available. But, now, recently we have received more details about the to be announced WW119533 camera

Sony WW119533 Camera Details

Sony WW119533 [digital camera (new category “DC”, not digital still camera “DSC”). Wi-Fi (11b / g / n) / Bluetooth installed].
Camera uses – NP – BX1 Camera battery (rated at 3.6V and features a capacity of 1240mAh.).

Sony New Category of Camera ‘DC’

One of the most important things we should know that WW119533 is a new category of compact cameras DC and it’s not DSC. Sony RX1R or Sony RX100 series fall in Sony DSC Compact camera category. So, it’s a very clear hint that Sony is in the mood to introduce a new breed of compact cameras in the market.

List Sony Camera uses NP – BX1 Battery

The Sony WW119533 camera uses Sony NP – BX1 battery, take a look at the list of compact those use the NP – BX1 battery.


Sony ZV1 Camera

The initial set of details coming out from trusted sources indicated a brand new compact camera from Sony coming very soon under the newly-created DS category. So, there is a big possibility we may see the Rumored Sony ZV1 camera at the end of May if everthing goes on schedule inside Sony Imagine divison.


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Nikon D6 Shipping Details


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Nikon D6 camera now getting into the hands of NPS members and will be available for general retail in the U.S. starting on Thursday, May 21, 2020. Well, that great news for those who are waiting for the Nikon D6 Flagship DSLR camera. Despite all the issues we are facing right now, Nikon finally manged to start the shipping of the most awaited Nikon D6 DSLR camera.

Nikon D6 Major Features

  • 20.8MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 6 Image Processor
  • Multi-CAM 37K 105-Pt. All Cross-Type AF
  • 14 fps Shooting, Extended ISO 3280000

See Nikon D6 Press Release for Details about Nikon D6 Camera.

Also, look at

Nikon Upcoming Cameras 2020


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