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Firmware Update

Go Pro Registered GOPRO MAX Tradename

We will soon see a new series of Action camera from GOPRO since they have registered a new GOPRO MAX trade name for their upcoming products. BTW, take a look at the description of the trade-name “digital cameras; spherical and immersive photo and video capture cameras; cameras for producing 180, 360 and ultra-wide views; panoramic cameras”.

More GoPro Updates…

Insta360 Go camera Surfaced at FCCID

They already have the Insta 360 ONE X , now they are adding a new addition to their 360 collection.

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information thanks.

Nikon Registered EN-EL25 New Battery

Nikon Registered a new EN-EL25 battery in Russia, the model code range the battery belongs to compact / Mirrorless series of camera and most probably Nikon upcoming compacts and DX format Mirrorless camera may use this battery.

We all know that Nikon ended up their compact line-up of camera a while ago. And after that they tried to introduce their DL compact range and due to some issues inside it the camera never arrived in the market.

Nikon Compact Camera Patent

We have Nikon compact camera patent information (Exclusively available at thenewcamera) and its look like they are involved in the development and announcement of new generation of  pro compact cameras.

Mirrorless DX camera also in the work and new line-up of camera is expected to arrive in next 6 Months from Nikon.

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Nikon Upcoming APS-C DX Format Mirrorless Rendering Surfaced

Latest Rendering shows designs of Nikon APS-C DX Format Mirrorless camera in more better way. We will be updating you once we get more information relared to upcoming DX format Mirror-less camera.

See more post related to upcoming DX Mirrorless camera

Nikon FX and DX Mirrorless Cameras Designs Leaked

Nikon DX APS-C Mirrorless Camera Design Leaked

Nikon Future Lenses to have Snap-Fit Technology

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More Details About Nikon Upcoming Cameras

More details reveled about upcoming Nikon Upcoming cameras. We already know that Nikon have 6 New camera registered at wireless certification agency. Now according to rumors we have upcoming list of cameras include

Possible Nikon Announcement in Next 6 Months

  • 2 FX DSLR cameras
  • 1 FX mirrorless camera
  • 1 DX mirrorless camera
  • 1 compact camera (Nikon W150)

So, the list you see above is coming from a reputed rumor mill, however they didn’t given the name of camera models may arrive in near future.

We will be updating you soon as we get new information.

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Nikon FX and DX Mirrorless Cameras Designs Leaked

The design below is of upcoming Nikon APS-C Mirrorless camera, this is not the first time we have published DX Mirrorless design . A week ago we have published more detailed design of the DX format Mirrorless camera you can see here. Nikon do have multiple patents of DX Format Mirrorless camera and it clearly indicates they working on it.

Nikon Upcoming DX Mirrorless Camera Designs

The DX Mirrorless Designs were filled on July 2018 and surfaced on web at August 2019. Not only DX Mirrorless Nikon also registered FX format Mirrorless cameras, however FX Mirrorless leaked designs are similar to Nikon Z6 and Z7. It’s look like Nikon upcoming Pro Mirrorless, most probably Nikon Z8 and Z9 camera design will remains similar to it’s previous models.

Nikon Upcoming FX Mirrorless Camera Designs

Nikon Z8 to carry 60MP sensor according to rumors we have. And Nikon have 6 cameras in announcement pipeline.

We will update you soon as we get any more information.

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Best Speed Booster for Canon EOS M50 Camera

Get this from B&H Store and

Best speed booster for Canon EOS M50 camera, the Viltrox M2 is a excellent tool and most importantly you won’t have face crop issue while using EF lenses.  Viltrox M2 actually reduces the FF image size to APS-C. It allow more light to fit on the smaller sensor, reducing the crop factor and providing more light on the sensor area (starting aperture is F1.2 when used with 50mm F1.8). Viltrox m2 speedbooster + 50mm F1.8 Lens will give you excellent filed view without any crop.

Major Features Viltrox m2 speedbooster for Canon EOS M50

  1. Starting Aperture F1.2 (Creates Super Creamy bokeh as of Canon L series portrait lens)
  2. Low light performance of the camera improves, since you are getting more light to the sensor.
  3. The field view of EF lens lens remains same, doesn’t suffer from crop.
  4.  Really very helpful when you want to create 4K videos with EOS M50 camera, it will save you from super crop mode at 4K.
  5.  The only downside is less corner sharpness compared to FF cameras.

Best adapter available for Canon EOS M50 camera.

Get this from B&H Store and | Also see Bets Lenses for Canon EOS M50

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Canon Working on Ultimate Portrait Zoom Lens

Canon is working on 50-80mm lens for FF Mirrorless camera while having a constant F1.1 aperture throughout the zoom range. The patent was published on Aug 8 2019, so roughly after 2 years from now we can expect Canon RF 50-80mm F1.1 STM Lens in the stores.

Canon RF 50-80mm f/1.1:

  • Focal length: 51.50mm 64.17mm 82.52mm
  • F-number: 1.13 1.13 1.13
  • Half angle of view: 22.79° – 18.63° – 14.69°
  • Total lens length 220.20mm 225.05mm 224.20mm
  • BF 6.51mm 6.53mm 8.64mm

We will update you soon as we get any new information. See more Canon patents

also see – Canon Eye Controlled AF Coming for Mirrorless

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