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Firmware Update

Fuji Upcoming Camera 2018

Fuji upcoming camera 2018

A detailed look at the list of upcoming Fujifilm camera. In the year of 2018, Fuji look very well prepared for the bunch of announcements. Take a look details below

Fujifilm GFX 50R 

Fuji is rumored to announce a new camera named GFX 50R. The R version is actually a affordable version of the existing Fuji GFX-50S camera. The 50R will carry same 50Megapixel sensor as of 50S camera with some added specification at an affordable price. Under $4k (approx).

Fuji wants to keep circulating the 50MP sensor sensor in the market, And that will sure help them to kill the flagship DSLR sales by offering a Medium Format sensor at a price tag of 1DX Mark II and D5.

Fuji X-H1

Yes, Fuji X-H1 is coming, according to latest rumors X-H1 camera is rumored to feature same sensor as of X-T2 camera. But, the only difference X-H1 have is built in image stabilization system inside the X-H1. The camera is also rumored to carry new image processor and Top LCD screen. Price of X-H1 camera is likely to sit between 1900$ and 2200$. For more details click here

Fuji XF10

Fuji XF10 is a upcoming compact camera, likely to carry a 1inch sensor inside and said to be a successor of Fuji X70. So, no Fuji X80 is coming for now as it was rumored earlier. Fuji next compact camera announcement is expected sometime in Feb of 2018.

Fuji XT100

Very less details available about this camera, the T100 model is rumored to arrive with 15-45mm kit lens.

Fuji XP130

Fuji XP130 is actually a compact rugged camera that deserve our attention. Fuji XP130 camera, The upcoming camera is a successor of Fuji XP120 camera. The name of XP130 camera surfaced via Bluetooth certification agencies. In general after one or two months of registration the products arrive in market, So we do expect its announcement on Q1 of 2018.

Fuji 2019 Announcements

Fuji GFX100S (2019)

We are the first website who told you that next version of Fuji Medium Format camera will carry 100MP BSI CMOS sensor. The biggest reason behind our statement was a simple logic instead of imaginary source. Sony and Fuji have a long term relationship from past, GFX 50S is using Sony MF Sensor. Few days ago Sony PR alert informed us that they are working on a 100MP (FI and BSI) sensor as well as 150MP BSI Sensor too.

And at the same post we have told our followers that Fuji next camera may carry 100MP sensor from Sony. After a week a bunch of websites  with citing multiple source published the same without putting our reference.

Introduction of X-Trans IV (2018)

Fuji always move forward with its sensor tech, We do expect arrival of a PRO Mirrorless Body (Fuji X-Pro III ?) Or may be development announcement on Sept 2018 (Photokina event) That will carry X-Trans IV sensor and advance core specification for Cinematographers as well as Still shooters. Take a look at the X-Trans sensor timeline below.

Sensor Model Number of effective pixels Total number of pixels Sensor size First announcement date
X-Trans 16.3 MP 23.6 mm x 15.6 mm (APS-C) 9 January 2012
X-Trans II 16.3 MP 16.7 MP 23.6 mm x 15.6 mm (APS-C) 7 January 2013
12 MP 14.5 MP 2/3-inch 7 January 2013
X-Trans III 24.3 MP 23.6 mm x 15.6 mm (APS-C) 14 January 2016
X-Trans IV  unknown  23.6 mm x 15.6 mm (APS-C)  Sep 2018

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Canon 135mm Coming on First Half of 2018

Canon 135mm lens image

According to latest rumors Canon 135mm (B&H | Amazon) Lens is coming in first half of 2018. We do expect Photo and Imagine show (March 1-4 2018) is the best time for such lens announcement.  The lens was announced on April 1996 and it doesn’t have built in IS, above all the lens is more than 20 year old and at that time there was no DPAF, so we do believe that the next version of the 135mm lens will carry advance optics, IS and AF motors inside.

BTW, if you are interested in getting 135mm lens for portrait work then you should get Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens (Amazon) for Canon mount.

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Best Camera Deals


We have selected some of the best camera deals available for you. All these deals are handpicked by our editors. Not only that we are also putting price comparison with it so you can see the difference between deal and the standard price.

Best DSLR Deals

Canon 6D Mark II Deals

Camera buying gide

More will be added soon…

Panasonic G9 High ISO Test

Panasonic G9 High ISO Test images published at dpreview website. You can see the details available at Panasonic G9 (Amazon | B&H) Image sample is more, compared to its competitors.

ISO1600G9 image

Panasonic G9 comes with a lot of new feature, That include advanced auto focusing system super high resolution mode of 80 megapixel. Dual image stabilization as well as Panasonic G9 is the first camera that supports external USB charging. so, even if you are recording a video and your battery is low so you can plug USB charger to the camera. you can look at the first look article of this camera for more details.

Canon 5D Mark IV Firmware Update Delayed

Firmware update for Canon 5D Mark 4 camera was scheduled to be announced on November 29, but due to some Technical difficulties and development issues the firmware update is delayed up to February of 2018.

On, November 29 canon issues firmware updates of several DSLR models that include EOS-1D X Mark II: Ver.1.1.4; EOS-1D X: Ver.2.1.0; EOS 5D Mark III: Ver.1.3.5; EOS 5DS: Ver.1.1.2; EOS 5DS R: Ver.1.1.2; EOS 6D Ver. 1.1.8

You can also use it Canon 5D Mark IV future firmware update page

Fuji XF10 and XT100 also Coming

Fuji upcoming camera image

Earlier it was rumored that Fuji X70 successor may be called Fuji X80, but according to the latest information we have the upcoming compact camera Fuji is XF10 and not X80.The shipping of the is expected to be around Feb of 2018.

Not only XF10, Fuji is also rumored to announce announce XT100 camera with 15-45mm kit lens. BTW, the information is coming from a new source so take it with grain of salt.

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Fuji X-H1 Early Specification, Price and Shipment Information

Fuji X-H1 camera image

Fuji X-H1 creative image

Fujifilm X H1 camera rumors again surfaced over the web and this time we have some early specification of the camera including its shipment information and price. A month ago we have published that X-H1 name was surfaced over the wireless registration agencies.

We have also published article when we have spotted the name of the upcoming Fujifilm X H1 camera in Fuji X-RAW Studio software

Fuji X-H1 rumored specification of the camera

  • Built in image stabilization system.
  • New image processor
  • Exposure compensation button – Similar to Fuji GFX 50S Camera
  • Secondary LCD Monitor,  like GFX50s
  • The camera is dedicated for video as well as still shooters.
  • The camera will do 4K video @ 60 frames per second
  • weather sealed camera
  • Price of the camera is is known as but we do have a range, 1900$ and 2200$
  • Shipping of the the camera will start from Feb 2018

According to latest information we are getting the upcoming camera is being tested in the Wild and already in the hands of professional Fuji X photographers

According to the source the demand of both (cinematographers and Still Shooters) will be satisfied with the single camera. Awesome, It’s look like Fuji is preparing dedicated competitor of the Panasonic GH5 camera .

The shipment on the camera will going to start from February of 2018, which is a great thing,  in general prior to the announcement of the camera we get a bunch of leaked images. So follow us to get live more details.

We have also told you that Fuji affordable medium format camera is coming with a 50 megapixel medium format sensors that is being used inside the current Fuji film gfx 50s camera. And we are the first website who told you that Fujifilm gfx 50s successor will going to have a 100 megapixel sensor developed by Sony.  For more details you can look at the post we have published here.

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