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Firmware Update

Panasonic S1R vs Panasonic GH5s

Take a look at some of the exclusive images of side-by-side comparison of Panasonic S1R vs Panasonic GH5s.  As you can see the overall size of the camera isn’t too big compared to Panasonic GH5s.  But of course the camera is bit more wider and taller then its M4/3 siblings.

As you can see from the above the Panasonic S1R camera top design is completely different from Panasonic GH5s. Design wise the Panasonic S1R is more similar to Panasonic G9.

panasonic S1R bs GH5s

As you can see, on the rear side we have more large grip area and from the top design you can see the hand grip are is also double compared to Panasonic GH5s. It will allow photographer to hold the camera perfectly. The tilting screen the the only issue for me, the tilting screen will not attract vloogers to this camera which is of course a big lag.

We will add detailed specs comparison review of both the camera very soon as full specs become available to us.

Check out the latest CES 2019 Panasonic S1 / Panasonic S1R Press Release – Shipping of Panasonic S1R camera will start from March of 2019.

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.source panasonic uk

Fujifilm GFX 100 MP More Leaked Images

Fujifilm GFX 100 MP [prototype] more leaked images surfaced over the web, now we do have fresh set of images of the upcoming camera . And for the first time we are looking at the rear side of the camera. But, frankly speaking the rear side of the camera look bit blank / flat or you can say it contain a lot of negative space. The less un-lebelled button. If you look at the Fuji GFX50S [B&H | Amazon], its look like a very well designed Medium Format camera.

Fuji GFX100 Top Side

The top side of Fuji GFX 100 camera is very neatly designed. Although I always love to have manual controls over the camera body. I really like the GFX 50S rear and Top design compared to GFX 100 camera. Since the GFX 50 feature extensive manual control over  the body.

Fuji GFX 50S Top side

The Fuji GFX50S is one of the best and very well designed Fuji MF camera.  We will being more update to you soon as we get any new information.

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World First 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Developed by SHARP

World First 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Developed by SHARP, the prototype was displayed at CES event and according to SHARP representatives the camera will officially arrive at the end of 2019. It’s really interesting to see how this camera performs when we record 8K videos. And one of the most amazing thing is the Camera also carries built-in IS mechanism. I still remember Panasonic representatives told us they have removed IBIS from Panasonic GH5s camera due to heat dissipation issues. So, let’s hope for the best and Sharp new M4/3 8K solution will open new gateways for existing camera makers. BTW, they can do reverse engineering also to create their own iterations  😉

SHARP 8K M4/3 Mirrorless Camera Core Specifications

8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps)
Price under $5,000
Micro Four Thirds format
5″ inch large touchscreen
1 SD card slot [only]
On sensor stabilization
Ultra Compact BMC design
Offifical Announcement on NAB 2019

Take a look at the interview of Sharp representatives at CES show

Canon 150MP Ariel Camera Patent

Well nothing exciting here, but since Canon R&D team is working on this project so you should also know that. Canon will use three of their 5Ds DSLR camera to create a 150MP Ariel Camera setup to capture high resolution images. Take a look at more details below

Zhang Zuyu
Huang Ming
Yan Yunsen
Jiang Xiaohai
Yu Songmei
Fu Wei
Yao Mao
Zhuge Shengsheng
Original Assignee
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Geographic Information Surveying and Mapping Institute
Priority date

Patent Details Translated

The present invention is one kind of 150 million pixels UAV flight camera, the left camera and right camera and the lower side of the camera, are three Canon 5DS SLR camera, the number of pixels a single camera 5000, the entire camera system length and width dimensions of about X 29cm 29on, a total weight of about 4.5KG, installation angle left camera and right camera are 45 ° and are arranged 50mm focal length lens, depending on the camera configuration 35mm focal length of the lower side of the camera shots, so shoot higher collection efficiency, high image pixels, image quality is good.

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Sony Remain Silent at CES 2019, Let's Hope for NAB 2019

Sony announced nothing at CES event, We were waiting for Sony Alpha camera announcement but nothing really happened. Btw, Sony A7S III announcement is super delayed and they should announce it asap.

Well we still have high hopes and Sony do have one more mirrorless camera in announcement pipeline – Sony WW715296. And we are expecting its arrive in next few months, possibly at NAB 2019. The best platform to announce a camera like Sony A7S III.

In general 1 month before official announcement we do get lot of leak and information related to upcoming cameras from trusted sources. So, stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

Also see – Sony Upcoming Cameras 2019

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Nikon Z6 and Z7 Massive Update will Transform Your Camera

Nikon will soon announce a big firmware update for their existing Mirrorless Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7. Not only that Nikon engineers are also working to improve eye AF functionality of the camera.  Nikon will also add RAW video support to their mirrorless camera. So, these were are major set of specs coming with the next version of Nikon Z series firmware update.

Press Release

The Nikon Z Series: Upcoming Firmware on Display

The Nikon Z series will continue to adapt to changing user needs through the development and roll-out of firmware updates to meet and exceed creative expectations. Taking into account feedback from photographers and creators, Nikon will display three feature updates under development that open creative opportunities for the Z 6 and Z 7. Displays will include:

  • CFexpress – Coming soon to the Z 6 and Z 7 cameras is support for CFexpress, which is compatible with the XQD memory card form-factor.
  • Eye AF – Under development is an Eye AF function, which will automatically detect the subject’s eyes to make attaining critical focus on the eyes easier. It will allow users to capture photos in which focus has been clearly acquired on the subject’s eye, which is useful for portrait, event and street photography scenarios.
  • RAW Video Support – Nikon is currently developing a feature that works with the ATOMOS Ninja V to output video in RAW format, using the ProRes RAW codec.

Details, including the release date of new firmware updates, will be shared at a later date.

Nikon Z7 after Firmware

Nikon Upcoming Camera 2019

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Panasonic S1 / S1R Shipping Start from March 2019

Finally, we have got official dates from Panasonic. As we have told you earlier also, the shipping of the Panasonic S1 / S1R will start from March / April of 2019 Panasonic also told in the press event they are adding up Hybrid Log Gamma (still) and High-Dyanmic range still mode to the camera. But, still we are not getting full set of specification from Panasonic which we are waiting from a long time. Why, still they are tweaking up with firmware to make some  final changes ? Who knows.. let’s have a look at the Panasonic S1 / S1R CES 2019 press release

Panasonic S1 / S1R CES 2019 Press Release

Panasonic Announces Additional Key Functions for the New Full-frame Mirrorless Camera at CES 2019

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2019) – Following an announcement at Photokina 2018, Panasonic will unveil additional key features of the new LUMIX S full-frame mirrorless cameras at CES 2019. The LUMIX S full-frame mirrorless cameras and lenses will be available at the end of March 2019.*

A Whole New Style of Photo Expression

High Dynamic Range Still Photo – HLG Photo Mode

HLG Photo allows images to be shot with a wider dynamic range. By reproducing both glaring lights and dark shadows that are likely to be overexposed or underexposed, the Lumix S achieves rich, precise color expression as close as possible to visual memory.

HLG Photos are produced as an HSP file. The user can play back these vibrant images on the latest Panasonic HLG-compliant 4KTV via HDMI cable connection or other HLG-compliant devices. It is also ideal for photographers’ photo presentations.

Stunning Details with a Realistic Sensation

High Resolution Mode

Taking advantage of the Body Image Stabilizer. (I.S.) mechanism, eight consecutive images are automatically shot while shifting the sensor. These eight images are synthesized into a single image by the new Venus Engine, which boasts high-speed signal processing. Precise details are faithfully reproduced to be saved as a beautiful, highly realistic image. This mode is ideal for shooting natural landscapes or fine art objects with delicate details.

Considering situations where moving subjects are included in the scene, sub options are available to suppress motion blur, so photographers can use this mode the same as shooting in a normal photo shooting mode.