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Firmware Update

Kodak Announces New AZ901 - A 90X Megazoom Camera

Finally Kodak a given a new Megazoom camera to the world by pushing out the technological limits to a next level. So now we can say that Nikon P900 features 83X optical zoom only whereas that new Kodak A901 features 90X optical zoom.

The camera was on display from Kodak at CES 2016 show, I think Kodak aka JK Imaging has silently announced the new camera with a massive 90X optical zoom, as far as I have concerned they should invest a good amount of money in advertisement of such products, these type of products doesn’t deserve a silent announcement.


The camera can shoot in RAW as well as in JPEG mode, the camera also features built-in Wireless connectivity and NFC so you can use this camera from smartphone (iOS and Android). On the rear side of the camera we have a large 3″ articulating LCD screen and it also arrives with a 360º scan panorama mode to capture the entire composition of the living moment.

Kodak-901-90X-backWe will update you soon as we get any new information.

Kodak Instamatic 15 Ultra M4/3 Camera Coming Soon


Finally the kodak is back and ready to announce a new Instamatic 15 Ultra, a M4/3 format based mirrorless camera, the camera will arrive with a 24-260mm f/2.4-5.3 lens.

Rumored Specification

The  Instamatic 15 will give you approx a 10Xoptical zoom and a large 5 ” touch screen display unit on the rear side of the camera, the camera will also record Full HD videos, but the frame rate is limited upto 30fps only, users will get 8GB internal memory that can be further expended.

Design and Price

Apart form the core specification the upcoming smartcamera will also have a fancy LED GRID on the top right side of the front pannel,, the dimision of the upcoming camera is 132.3X84.2X22.6mm.
You have to pay approx $349 for the camera including the 10X optical zoom lens (kit lens), the announcement is expected on CES 2015.

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It’s not a first mirrorless camera from Kodak


As we already know that few the upcoming Instamatic 15 Ultra is not the first mirrorless camera from Kodak, on Jan 14, 2014 Kodak announced its first Kodak S1 mirrorless camera, the camera features 16 million image pixels M4/3 format CMOS sensor, it also captures 1080p HD video and on the rear side we have a 3″ articulating LCD, the mirrorless S-1 camera also have wireless connectivity that allow you to share and download you file without any physical pain and at the end price is very aggressive compared to its competitors.

See kodak S1 at Amazon


Kodak Announces New SL Series Smart Lenses

Kodak-smar-lens-imageYes same as Sony kodak also announced smart lenses and a 65X megazoom camera at CES show (see here), both smart lenses / camera will feature WiFi to communicate with the smart device. The affordable smart lens SL10 packed with 10X zoom lens and cost is approx $199, the high-end SL25 lens packed with 25X optical zoom and cost is approx $299.

The SL series lens will become available from Spring 2014.

Kodak AZ651 - 65X Zoom Camera

Kodak AZ651 is world first company to announce 65X optical zoom, however Kodak was also first to announce Kodak SZ251 (see here) – 52X Zoom but that never went to sale, Kodak AZ651 features 24 mm wide-angle lens, 1080p HD Video; 3.0” articulating LCD; OIS and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The AZ651 is scheduled to go on sale in spring 2014.

image credit – ephotozine

Kdoak Announced S-1 Mirrorless & Pro Compact Camera in China

Kodak S1 Mirrorless

We have published a news back on January 2013 “Kodak S1 Mirrorless Camera Coming Soon“, today Kodak announced S1 Mirrorless camera with 17-42mm kit lens, the camera features Micro 4/3 sensor and WiFi Connectivity no more details available, don’t forget that S1 camera is Kodak branded and manfactured by JK Imaging, also see “General Electric was behind the Kodak Micro4/3

Today kodak also announced Pro Compact camera with 1/1.7 inch sensor, 28 -112mm F1.7-F2.4 lens.

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General Electric was behind the Kodak Micro4/3

Kodak S1 mirrorless

Kodak announced S1 Mirrorless M4/3 camera [see more here]

The news coming from a Australia website photocounter, they have done a extensive research into the mysterious company that purchased the license to sell Kodak branded digital cameras. The research shows the JK Imaging and General Imaging (division of General Electric) have the exact same address in Gardena, California.

Koadk GE Mirrorless

Kodak S1 Mirrorless Camera Coming Soon

Kodak S1 mirrorlessNew Kodak S1 Mirroless with M4/3 sensor format may arrive soon, the S1 camera is Kodak branded and manfactured by JK Imaging, It features BSI CMOS sensor designed by Sony, WiFi for quick sharing on social network or other remote devices, no more specification available yet we will update you soon as we get any new info.

Kodak S1 mirrorless

Kodak S1 mirrorless

images via – PConline