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Firmware Update

Panasonic GH5S Now Available for Pre-Order

Panasonic GH5s

Finally, We have received the notification from B&H that Panasonic GH5S is now available for pre-order. See also Panasonic GH5s announcement page, more about the Panasonic GH5s  and Comparison with Sony A7S II.

Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A7S II High ISO Test

Take a look at the high ISO test comparison between the recently announced Panasonic GH5S Compared to the Sony 7s II camera. Panasonic GH5S as does arrived with lot of improvements inside camera. But, overall look and design of the camera in same except the addition of some red colours in the front or top of the camera. Images shown below credit belongs to imagine

we are going to test Image Noise between the Sony A7 S II and Panasonic GH 5S camera

Sony A7 S2 camera using a 3+ year old Sony A7S sensor . The sensor used inside Sony A7SII camera is based on FSI technology not BSI. FSI means front side illumination and BSI means backside illumination (and of course the BSI is better). Sony A7 RII was the first camera to use the BSI full frame sensor and Sony A9 is the first camera to use stacked CMOS full frame sensor. So, lot of tech improved after the announcement

Panasonic announced a low light dedicated GH5S (series) just similar to the Sony A7S II camera but Panasonic should also know that the Sony A7 S II camera is 3 years old and desperately waiting for an update. And we do also believe that this year Sony will going to announce Sony A7 S II camera with at least BSI or stacked CMOS sensor inside it, that will going to uplift the over specification as well as low light performance of the camera to a next level

Before we begin let me tell you that if you are our subscriber all reader, we have told you 3 months ago prior to the announcement of Panasonic GH 5S camera that it’s coming. so do subscribe our website social networks and download our app for latest update live news and rumors.

Sony A7S II vs Panasonic GH5S

ISO 12800 Panasonic GH 5S is showing with more saturated colours compared to the Sony A7 S II camera but the noise levels minimal and images look somehow usable at this point

ISO 25600 is a point when you will notice the raise of noise level in the sample image of the Panasonic GH5s camera. But Sony A7S II sensor maintains the image quality without showing significant noise.

Look for shadow behind the bottles, the Panasonic GH5S s showing un-acceptable level of noise at ISO 51200.

I have nothing to say. At this point both images are unusable, but GH5s is showing more noise compared to Sony A7S II camera.

panasonicGH5svsA7SII image

And finally the 204800. Why camera company unlocks such a noisy ISO levels ? too get good marks in specification sheet or for specification comparison engines ?

Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A7S II High ISO Test

Panasonic GH5S is showing more noise compared to Sony A7S III camera. And we have already posted the Video comparison of Panasonic GH5S vs the Sony A7S II here.


Panasonic GH5 Additional Coverage

Yes Panasonic GH5s is one of the most professional consumer video camera ever announced. We are covering up latest hands on, previews and reviews related to the Panasonic GH5s camera.

I always look for Kai reviews. I am following him from DIgirev and now he is on CPTV.

Best intro of Panasonic GH5s

GH5s First Comparison with Sony A7S II

Now take a look at the lowlight test between the Sony A7S II and Panasonic GH6 camera done by the dpreview team. Panasonic arrived to compete against the Sony A7S II camera but at the same time we have to remember that the Sony A7S II is using a 3 year old sensor coming originally from A7S. The 12 MP FSI sensor performance is limited and now Sony do have BSI FF and Stacked CMOS FF Sensors. So,, we do believe that A7S III is on its way with BIG improvements.

Continue reading Panasonic GH5 Additional Coverage

Panasonic GH5S Sample Video

Panasonic GH5s

Get Panasonic GH5s from B&H Store

Take a look at the recently announced Panasonic GH5s sample video. Panasonic GH5s carry a lot of improvement compared to the Panasonic GH 5 camera but it doesn’t actually replaces the Panasonic GH5s due to its resolution limitation as well as the absence of Hybrid IS.
On the video side Panasonic GH 5S arrived with up-scaled specification. Panasonic GH 5S is the world first consumer level camera to feature 4K video as well as you also get 240 frames per second in Full HD, so you can create super slow motion movies while shooting Sports.

Take a look at the video below and you share your thoughts with us

Nikon 180-400mm F/4 FL ED VR Lens Announced

Finally, Nikon announced the long rumored 180-400mm lens with built-in tele converter. I still member that Canon first 200-400mm lens with built-in tele-converter was announced was announced on June 2013. After 4 years of gap Nikon announced its first super telephoto lens with buil-in teleconverter.

Let’s talk about the specification, price and availability of the lens, the lens carry a price tag of the lens. The lens will cost you approx $12K, $2k is more compared to Canon.

Take a look at the major Specification of the camera

  • Nikon F-Mount Lens/FX Format
  • Aperture Range: f/4 to f/32
  • Built-In 1.4x Teleconverter
  • One Fluorite and Eight ED Elements
  • Nano Crystal & Super Integrated Coatings
  • Fluorine Coated Front Lens Element
  • Silent Wave Motor and Internal Focusing
  • Vibration Reduction, Sport/Tripod Modes
  • Electromagnetic Diaphragm Mechanism
  • Removable, Rotatable Tripod Collar

The lens can be pre-ordered at B&H store.

Get this lens form B&H Store

Continue reading Nikon 180-400mm F/4 FL ED VR Lens Announced

Panasonic GH5s Announced - Best Video Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic GH5s

thenewcamera exclusive – Panasonic announced one of the most  best consumer mirrorless video dedicated camera of all time

why we are talking about it is one of the best camera in the beginning since the camera features 4K video recording at 60 frames per second.  Not only that  GH5S is capable of internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording, And now with Panasonic GH5s you get pre installed V-Log.

let’s talk about the core specification of the camera,  Panasonic GH5 features a 10.2 megapixel sensor with maximum ISO range upto 51200.  which was limited to 25600 GH5.

 Introduction of Dual native ISO Technology

Panasonic has introduced Dual native ISO tech with the GH5s camera,  And At the moment we don’t have much details about the technology but we will going to bring you more details as we will going to have. The tech is used to cut the background noise captured during high ISO mode in still and video.

Cinema 4K at 60 frames per second

Panasonic GH 5S camera can record cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) at 60 frames per second , Cinema 4K a slightly higher resolution than the 4K standard one. 3840 by 2160 (or 256 pixels narrower than Cinema 4K).

No time limit

Panasonic CS5 as you can record 4K movies without any time limit its your storage runs out.

4K HDR video with hybrid log Gamma support

Panasonic GS 5S is capable to record 4K HDR videos with HLG (Hybrid log  Gama) mode in photo style.

 Improved autofocusing

Despite of the 225 area auto focusing points remains same but Panasonic does improve the auto focusing system of the GH5s camera.

With the improvement in the low light sensitivity,  autofocus performance of  Panasonic GH5S camera is also improved. This camera can do autofocus in – 5EV environment where as the Panasonic GH5 was limited to -4EV.

Time code in/out also introduce which missing in the GH5 camera.

We will bring more update for sure.

The Panasonic Lumix GH5S will be available from the end of January priced at  £2,199/$2,499 (body only)

Get Panasonic GH5s from B&H Store

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Nikon 180-400mm Announcement Date and Price

Nikon 200-400mm lens image

Nikon 180-400mm Lens details leaked today, according to latest rumors the lens is expected to be announced 3rd week of January possible on January 18, 2018 in Japan.  We may see the 180-400mm glimpse of this lens in the CES show.

The shipment of 18-400mm lens will start from March of 2018 and will be price around 1,287,900 yen including tax and possibly $11000 on USA.

The lens will arrive with

  • Lens hood: HK-41
  • Lens cap: LC-K103

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