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Firmware Update

Canon 7D Mark II vs Fujifilm X-T1

Canon-7D-Mark-II-vs-FujifilCanon 7D Mk II is one of the best DSLR available in the market today where as X-T1 is a class leading mirrorless system with exceptional features, take a look at the detailed specification comparison review

7D-Mark-II-vs-X-T1-comarisoMegapixel:  The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is built with more megapixel as compared to Fujifilm X-T1, so the 7D Mark II is capable of producing high-resolution, well-detailed still imagery and HD videos.

Bigger Sensor Size:  The BIT large sensor size of Fujifilm X-T1 makes it capable to acquire more light while shooting images, But does the result will show significant difference compared to 7D Mk II is still a question until we see image comparison.

The NO-OLPF benefit – The Fujifilm X-T1 is designed with a randomized pixel pattern to eliminate the need of an optical low-pass filter whereas Canon EOS 7D Mark II includes an optical low-pass filter. Due to the absence of low pass filter Theoretically the images produced by Fujifilm X-T1 will be more clear and will have a better depth of color when compared with the images produced by Canon EOS 7D Mark II at 100%.

More AF Points: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Fast Hybrid AF system utilizes altogether 65 AF points but Fujifilm X-T1 offers just 49 AF points. So, it is clear that Canon EOS 7D Mark II will do fast and accurate focusing than Fujifilm X-T1.

Better Shutter Range: Canon EOS 7D Mark II features a shutter range of 30 – 1/8000 whereas Fujifilm X-T1 features shutter range of 30- 1/400. With a better shutter range  Canon EOS 7D Mark II delivers incredibly sharp and crisp images in comparison to Fujifilm X-T1.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Canon EOS 7D Mark II features fast shooting speed of 10fps and Fujifilm X-T1 offers the top continuous speed of 8fps.

Video Mode – Almost same in both with Full HD @ 60fps

Battery Life (CIPA): With Canon EOS 7D Mark II 800 shots can be taken in one battery cycle and on the other hand Fujifilm X-T1 battery rating is 350 shots. (According to CIPA).

Dimensions: Fujifilm X-T1 is smaller Canon EOS 7D Mark II so it is more handy to use.

Weight: Fujifilm X-T1 is almost half in weight as compared to Canon EOS 7D Mark II.


Canon-EOS-7D-Mark-II-vs.-Fujifilm-X-T1-5Image analysis – We are not able to notice any major difference in the image quality of both the camera. But yes Canon is showing bit better images with less noise.

Verdict: Based on specification comparison review, image analysis and Lens support we highly recommend you to buy Canon 7D Mark II

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Canon-7D-Mark-II-vs.-Nikon-D7100-5As we can see the Canon 7D Mark II camera giving less noise at with bit less details at ISO 12800 and 25600, may be due to the presence of strong noise reaction filter inside it.

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A day after Canon Seeimpossible Campaign - People Reaction

After such a long wait Canon fans are really disappointed to see just a marketing Campaign announcement form Canon, we have collected some funny and serious reactions of Canon fans… take a look and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us


a-day-after-seeimpossible-5 a-day-after-seeimpossible-4 a-day-after-seeimpossible-3 a-day-after-seeimpossible-2 a-day-after-1You can see the details of Canon Seeimpossible Campaign here – People reaction below and add your reaction to the comment box.

Canon Seeimpossible Focus on People Using Canon Products

Unfortunately no new product is announced, the Canon Seeimpossible Focus on People Using Canon Products, the Canon today announces a new 3D microsite which showcases how the Canon technologies around the globe helping people to change their lives. Canon will expand the site’s content to include submissions from consumers and clients.

Grey New York is responsible for the brand strategy, integrated creative, event, promotional and public relations work behind the campaign.

“We’re going to use it as a messaging vehicle, but we’re also going to use it internally to organize and marshal our resources in a way that’s much more customer-centric than just strictly approaching everything from a product viewpoint that we’ve done over the years,” said Michael Duffett, vp, general manager of marketing at Canon. “Our current Web properties do a great job of talking about the specific product, but nowhere do we have a really good place to say a particular company or a particular photographer are using our solutions.” via – adweek

I personally think Canon need innovative products instead of marketing campaign. …Share your thoughts with us.

Canon Seeimpossible Videos

Canon seeimpossible Website and Broken Timer

still-waitingAfter reported by several users we came to know that Canon website programmers done a something really wrong, the website is still showing different deadlines for different locations.. however we are keeping our eye on the “seeimpossible”  website and we will update you soon as we get any new information…

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Canon Something Big Coming in Less than 10 Min - biting my nails


Update #1 – The time is over, clock stopped and still there is no information… we will update you soon as we get any info.

It’s a big excitement really and the best way to announce a product, I am sitting on this website from past 14 hr and now only 10 Min left… stay with us our social channels for latest updates news and information…

Link to the Canon Page |

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Panasonic LX100 High ISO Test - First Samples

Panasonic High ISO Test first samples surfaced over the web, the performance of the Panasonic LX100 look better than the Sony RX100 M3 and Canon G7X Camera ..

LX100-vs-RX100-M3-image Panasonic LX100 vs Sony RX100 M3 – Also see Panasonic LX100 vs Sony RX100 M3

although the sensor inside the RX100 and Canon G7 X is same but the Canon image quality look bit inferior compared to Sony, The Panasonic LX100 is best compared to both.

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