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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T3 Coming With 26MP Stacked Sensor [Rumor]

According to latest rumors Fuji X-T3 camera will have a 26 Megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor. The Sensor will be a stacked CMOS Sensor based on initial reports coming from trusted sources of rumor mill.

Difference between BSI and Stacked CMOS sensor Design

Stacked sensors are one step ahead than the BSI Sensor where you have a additional layer of DRAM Chip sandwiched in between the top Pixel layer and the bottom circuit section.  By including a stacked CMOS sensor inside the XT series camera Fuji will able to extract details at high speed compared to a conventional X-Trans Sensor.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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NAB 2018: Sony FS-5 Mark II be Revealed Next Week ?

Latest rumors Sony will going to announce new FS series camera probably the Sony FX 5 mark 2 at NAB. Nab show will start fro, April 7 to April 12, 2018.

The details of the camera is not released yet from any reputed sources, but if you’re going to look at the screenshot you can clearly notice that atomos external display is compatible with the Sony FS 5 Mark II camcorder. That clearly indicates Sony FS 5 Mark II camera was listed on the compatibility list of atomos product page, but now it has been removed and edited, thanks to paul antico first for spotting this.

Sony clearly hinted that they will going to have a Press Conference during the night event and it is also possible that we will going to see FS 5 Mark II during the NAB Show so.

we will update you soon as we get any new information to stay with us friends and do join our Sony Facebook group her latest updates news and information thank you.

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Sony A7S III Coming With New Sensor

Sony A7S III camera image

According to the latest rumors coming from reputed rumor mill, the upcoming Sony A7S III camera will going to have a completely brand new sensor integrated with integral memory.

Sony A7S was first introduced bak on Sep 2014 and just after a year gap Sony introduced the Sony A7S II camera by having the same 12MP sensor, one stop more ISO range, built-in IS and more dense AF points (from 25 to 165). Now, After 2+ years of long gap we are expecting Sony A7S III camera with improved core specification.

The sources suggest that upcoming camera will going to have a stacked CMOS sensor. As I can remember, we have seen Sony first Fullframe stacked CMOS sensor in the Sony A9 camera and is they are able to implement it , it will be a great upgrade from the existing Sony A7S II.

According to the sources the upcoming Sony A7 S3 camera features a brand new stacked CMOS sensor with built in memory and high sensitivity with improved autofocusing.

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We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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PDAF May Damage Image Quality - Panasonic

panasonic GH5 camera image

In an latest interview Panasonic said that they are not in the mood to developed PDAF Phase detect autofocus sensors for their mirrorless camera.

Take a look what Panasonic said during the interview.

When we were developing the GH4, we were discussing whether to go with phase detection AF, or hybrid AF system of contrast AF with our own DFD (depth-from- defocus) technology. We thought that by having contrast AF with DFD, we could maximize picture quality.

With phase detection AF, picture quality can be damaged

This is because with phase detection AF, picture quality can be damaged [by the phase detect pixels]. With contrast-detection AF and DFD technology, we don’t need any dedicated pixels [for autofocus] and we believe it is more precise.

Well this look quite logical to me because in the recent happening as we have already seen with the Sony A7III sensor, due to extensive fabrication of phase detect autofocus pixels above the sensor there are some time when we see some vertical or horizontal banding above the image. It is not quite often but when there is a strong backlight behind the subject the bindings become visible.

Maybe one of these reasons falling behind the idea of introducing face detect autofocus pixels inside Panasonic mirrorless cameras.

Panasonic Should Improve the AF Speed of Flagship Mirrorless

Yes, we are happy to hear that Panasonic is caring about image quality, but they should also put focus on the autofocusing is speed of their flagship mirrorless camera is specifically when we are talking about the Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic GH 5S. Take a look at the AF speed test between Panasonic G85 vs G9 vs GH5 vs GH5s

We will going to update you soon as we get any new information related to upcoming Panasonic mirrorless cameras and don’t forget that Panasonic already hinted that they are working Panasonic LX100 successor Panasonic LX200.

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Sony A7S III Coming Before July 2018 ?

We are getting clear hints that Sony A7S III is coming Soon. Since, a new Sony A7 III and Sony A7S III book is listed on Amazon Germany for pre-order.  The shipping of the book will begin from July 2nd. Well that means Sony A7S III camera is coming before July of 2018.

Screen shot of Amazon page with Sony A7S III book.

Well Sony A7S II camera is overdue for an update. We have already told you in our previous post that Sony is expected to announce the Sony A6700 and the Sony A7S III camera this year.

The Sony A7S III camera was announced on September 2015. The sensor inside the Sony A7S II is 12 MP Exmors CMOS (a old tech based sensor). We do expect the next generation of Sony A7S will carry BSI to improve the sensitivity and front-end LSI circuit to boost the speed sensor.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

not only that we have also published list of Sony cameras expected to arrive in the year of 2018.

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Panasonic LX200 Mentioned Again


Panasonic LX200 camera name mentioned again in an interview at Digital Photography review website. they have clearly hinted that Panasonic LX200 will going to satisfy the Expectations of its consumers.

take a look at the major points of the interview,

– Why the GH5 has no IBIS: “Professional shooters will prefer a multi-aspect sensor versus IBIS”
– Panasonic doesn’t use phase detection pixels on sensor “because With phase detection AF, picture quality can be damaged”
– About a possible LX100 successor: “At this point, we can’t say when, but it is something that people are expecting.”

This is not the first time, Panasonic LX200 name was also surfaced during an interview with Jordan, just take a look.

As  we all know that Now Panasonic LX100 was announced on September 15, 2014. The camera is approx 4 year old and waiting for for an desperate update. Take a look what we are expecting from the next Panasonic LX200 camera.

Take a look what we are expecting from Panasonic LX200

  • 16 MP Resolution / 20MP Image area
  • Image stabilization [5 axis IS]
  • 64 MP Pixel Shift High Resolution mode
  • Advance DFD AF System
  • UHD 4K @ 60p
  • ISO 25600 and 10 fps Shooting with AF-S
  • 3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen
  • Rear Joystick
  • External Mic Option

We are expecting the announcement of Panasonic LX200 camera this year during Photokina event. We will being more update you as we get more information about it.

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Fuji Patent - Tillable Top Display

Fuji working on a tillable top display above the camera that look like a hybrid viewfinder as well as it will also work as Top display unit for X-mount cameras.  A secondary monochrome display unit is being added in the camera system help you to capture low-angle shots. The secondary small display unit is also optimized for low-light shooting for viewing your subject. And one more thing, it has designed to consume very less amount of energy and it will get activated in saving mode also, when your battery is about to end and approx 15 or 20% charge left.

More details in the patent details below


Translated details

Digital camera and display method of digital camera
 The present invention relates to a display method of a digital camera and a digital camera, and more particularly to a technique of displaying a live view image or the like used for framing.
 Conventionally, a transmission type color liquid crystal display and a reflection type monochrome liquid crystal display are provided on the rear face of the camera body, respectively. When the power supply voltage drops or when the power saving mode is set, a color liquid crystal display A digital camera has been proposed in which only a monochrome liquid crystal display device is controlled without driving a device, and a live view image, various setting screens, and the like are displayed in monochrome (Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2004-194943).

Further, Patent Document 2 discloses a technique in which when the amount of ambient light is detected by an ambient light amount sensor or the like and the amount of ambient light is lower than a predetermined level or in a backlight state, the person as a subject , It is presumed that the live view image displayed on the front display panel can not be visually confirmed satisfactorily and the display on the front display panel is controlled to be off.

More Images – Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display


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