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Firmware Update

Canon FF Mirrorless Coming on Photokina 2018



Digital illustration

Latest rumors suggest that Canon Fullframe Mirrorless camera is coming next year on Photokina 2018. We are getting Canon mirrorless camera arrival hints from from past 2 year. But exact time of announcement was not known to anyone till now.

Things told by tipster…

  • Canon will start announcement with single FF Mirrorless camera, later followed by several versions to satisfy consumer needs.
  • According to latest rumor Canon working on “New exclusive image sensor for the camera.” (Even advance then the current DPAF sensor ?)
  • Tipster also told that no dedicated lenses are coming for Canon FF Mirrorless camera. The camera will use native EF Mount Lenses.
  • 4K in a must have feature in all upcoming Mirrorless camera.
  • Several Prototypes is being tested.

Keep in mind that above mentioned information is coming from a new source and take them with grain of salt.

Unfortunately again this time also we aren’t getting any rock solid information except the announcement date of the camera.

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Panasonic Compact Cinema Camera Coming



photoshopped image

Whenever someone talks about compact cinema then only one name come to my mind is BlackMargic Pocket cinema cameras. BTW, Panasonic USA FB page claims that a new Compact cinema camera is one the way… More details below
panasonic USA FB page

No more details are available at the moment. We will post more updates as soon as we get any new information and images related to the same.

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Sony 16-35mm F2.8 Lens Coming Next Week ?

Sony new lens

This rumor is coming from China and according to the tipster a New Sony Lens announcement may happen this week. The name of the upcoming lens is said to be 16-35mm F2.8 and other lens name is still unkonwn.

The tipster also added that Sony is not in mood to announce A7RIII or A7II anytime soon.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Panasonic GH5 Firmware Rumor

Panasonic GH5 image

According to latest rumors Panasonic is working on new firmware update. The firmware update will allow the GH5 camera to capture 20 frames per second in RAW mode.

If the rumor is true then it will become a true competitor of Sony A9 camera for sure.

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Nikon D500 Exclusive Deals


Yes, Nikon D500 deals are now started.  B&H giving deep discounts with the camera.

NOW $1,796.95

A total of $488.85 Free Accessories with Nikon D500 only available at B&H

Also see – Best Lenses for Nikon D500

Sony Working on Dual-Pixel CMOS AF Tech

Sony Sensor

Sony is also working on Canon dual pixel CMOS autofocus Technology. In recent patent document surfaced over the we can spot the same dual pixel pattern scattered in the sensor.

Patent Description (Machine Translated)

Imaging devices and electronic apparatuses incorporating imaging devices are provided. An imaging device as disclosed
can include a first pixel (2PA, 2PB) and a second pixel (2X). The first and second pixels each have a first electrode (5IA,
51B, 51C), a portion of a photoelectric conversion film (81), and a portion of a second electrode (82), where the photoelectric conversion film is between the first electrode and the second electrode. The first electrode (5IA, 51B) of the first pixel has a first area, while the first electrode (51C) of the second pixel has a second area that is smaller than the first area. The first pixel can include a light shielding film (52A, 52B). Alternatively or in addition, the first pixel can be divided into first and second portions

Source – freepatentonline

Click here to see Nikon Dual Pixel CMOS AF Patent | Hot Deal – Sony A7 FF camera with 28-701mm Lens @ $1098 –

via SAR

Fuji X100F High ISO, Auto-Focus and Rolling Shutter Test

Fuji X100F image

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Yes, all the three major test done by focus-numerique. Fujifilm X100F is one of the best camera ever announced by Fujifilm. The X100F features 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor. The camera features 91 Phase AF points and an total of 325 AF points.

Take a look at the High ISO test images of the Fujifilm X100F camera that is making rounds in the web for its performance and exceptional image quality. Now finally it’s time to see how it performs at different ISO level

As you can see we have selected images is starting from base ISO.

Here the first set of images we have three different ISO range starting from ISO 100 to 400.


Well closely looking at the images I personally feel that up to 400 the image quality is highly satisfactory And usable for professional use. You can see that detail of the images pixel to pixel level.

In  next set of images we have also the starting from 800 and ends on 3200.



Up to ISO 1600 The images from Fujifilm X100F camera is absolutely stunning the images are usable up to ISO 3200 but the ISO 6400 and 12800 isn’t look so good and details are getting lost due to the high intensity noise reduction filter working inside the camera.

Final Word: At the end I am going to say that the images from Fuji film and have camera is highly usable up to ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 or ISO 12800 can be used for test purpose but not for professional use.

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Now in the video we are going to look at the auto focusing test of the Fujifilm X100F camera. The out of focusing the speed of the X100F camera doesn’t look blazing fast but it is somehow satisfactory.

Fujifilm X100F AF Test

Fujifilm Rolling shutter Test

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