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Canon G7X mark III Images - Real of Fake ? We want to know your thoughts ?

Canon G7X Mark III image

Before we being let me tell you that I want to believe the images we have recieved are real, I also want to believe the Canon G7X Mark III camera coming with New DPAF sensor, 4K video and external Mic support.

The big question is the images we have received are real of fake ?

So, first time on internet we are posting high resolution leaked images of the Canon G7X Mark III camera without any watermark. So, you can download and see for yourself and let us know what you think about the images ?

Canon G7X Mark III High Resolution Images Direct Link

See Canon G7X Mark III images for yourself clearly in high resolution, they have no watermark and do let us know what you think about them.

Post your thoughts on the comment box below

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Fuji X-A5 Coming on January 31, 2018

Fuji X-A5 coming next month

Fujifilm X-A3 camera was announced Aug of 2016. The X-A series is a entry level series of Fuji which carries APS-C CMOS Sensor, instead of X-Trans.

Fuji X-A5 Coming this Month

Now, According to latest rumors Fuji will going to announce the X-A5 camera on 31 of this month. Not only camera its also expected that, the camera is coming with pencake XC 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 zoom lens. The specification of the camera not know yet but we do believe, Fuji will keep it simple since its a entry level camera.

Fuji X-A5 Competitors

  • Olympus E-M10 Mark III (4K, 5 axis IS)
  • Panasonic G85 (4K, 5 axis IS)
  • Canon EOS M100 (DPAF, Full HD)
  • Sony A6000 (Hybrid AF, Full HD)

But, if we look at competition then we have Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera as well as Panasonic also have G85 camera, both features 4K UHD recording and built in 5-axis image stabilization.

Now, if we take a look at other Entry level Mirrorless camera under $600-$700 price range we have Sony A6000 and Canon EOS M100, both camera limited to Full HD recording but features blazing fast AF (Canon DPAF and Sony’s Hybrid AF)

So, at the end Fuji have to find it’s place among competitors, If they are taking Sony A6000 And Canon EOS M100 as their competitor then they have to introduce X-Trans sensor for blazing fast auto focusing system, OR if they are taking other mirrorless cameras such as Panasonic G85 and Olympus em 10 Mark III as their competitor then they have to announce at least 4k With decent core specs.

At the moment we don’t have the Core specification of the camera yet but we will going to update you soon as we going to have it.

Fuji X-T3 Coming on Photokina 2018 with New X-Trans Sensor

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Canon G7X Mark III Leaked Images

We have received email from Canon Insider (Thanks so much), and he have given images of the upcoming Canon G7 X Mark 3 camera. If the images are true then for sure the Canon G7 X Mark 3 camera is coming with big improvement

Earlier we have recieved info that Canon G7X Mark III camera is coming with DPAF sensor. And we do believe that it will have for sure.


On the rear display screen you can clearly see the Canon compact camera that can capture 4K videos 50p which is really unbelievable for me. But if it’s true then ..WOW.. I will get one for sure

Now, one of the biggest problem with the Canon G7 X mark 2 camera was the built-in microphone and not a option to add external microphone inside it. But in the upcoming camera we can clearly is see, on the side there is a port for microphone input which will going to help a lot of vloggers to get this camera.

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Canon EOS M50 To Have 4K [Rumor]

According to latest rumors, Canon next mirrorless camera will going to have 4K video mode. It’s really a great news for Canon users.

Canon EOS M50 camera

If we look at rumors we are getting from past few weeks, it all indicates that Canon EOS M50 camera is expected to arrive next.

So, the big question is

Will the Canon EOS M50 will have 4K video or we will see a completely new camera ?

At the moment we don’t have a clear answer for this question. But, really appreciate if Canon adds 4K video inside the upcoming Canon EOS M50 camera.

This rumor is coming from new source so take it as grain of salt

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Nikon Patent - Multilayer BSI Stacked CMOS Sensor

Nikon Multilayer sensor patent

We already have Nikon BSI CMOS sensor patents, with dual pixel CMOS AF technology. Today we have spotted a new sensor patent.  The new patent surfaced today suggest that Nikon is working on a Multilayer Stacked BSI CMOS sensor. Type of Sensor that we have already seen inside the Sony A9 camera.

Patent No – No. 6048482 (P6048482) click here
Registration date – December 2, 2016.12.2
Publication date – December 21st, Heisei 28 (2016.12.21)
Image Omitted – Structure of sensor No. 11 is a first layer chip with PD, and No. 12 is a stacked secondary layer chip with memory and A / D converter. Both layers are connected with micro – bumps shown as No. 15.

Nikon do make their sensor but they are very limited, there they are limited FSI Technology. On the other hand Nikon D850 uses 45MP BSI CMOS sensor from Sony. We do hope in the next few years we will sure see Mutlilayer Stacked BSI sensors from Nikon.

Also wee – Nikon Future Lenses are coming with Touch and Pressure sensor. | Nikon Mirrorless Coming at CP+ 2018 Show and more…

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Sigma ART Lenses for Sony FE Mount Coming

Sigma lenses coming from Sony

Sigma china account accidentally twitted they will soon going to announce new FE lenses at CP+ show. So, its a great news for Sony fullframe A7/A9 series users, that ART lenses are finally coming for them. Unfortunately, the tweet was deleted after a while. But we do have the screen shot of the tweet .

Pic of the tweet below

Sigma tweet

the tweet is now deleted

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon Patent - Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor

The New Camera Exclusive – Nikon is working on completely new technology. We have spotted a Nikon Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor.  So, you can now zoom your lens with the touch of your hand. Future DSLR/ Mirrorless lenses may carry advance sensor controls.


Nikon lens with touch sensors

Description: (Translated Version) To allow a lens position when a hand is released from a lens barrel to be held.SOLUTION: A lens barrel 10 of a digital camera 1 comprises: a barrel that houses an imaging optical system 20; and touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 that are provided in a periphery of the barrel, and detect a state where an operator contacts with respect to the barrel or a contactless state. When the touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 detect the contact, a CPU 32 allows a zoom lens 21, a focus lens 23 and an aperture stop 25 which correspond to each sensor to move or open/close, and when the touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 do not detect the contact, the CPU 32 locks the movement of the zoom lens 21 and the focus lens 23 or the opening/closing of the aperture stop 25 via a locking section 34.

Application number: JP20130049952 20130313
Priority number(s): JP20130049952 20130313

New camera tocuh sensor

(Translated version ) In a digital camera equipped with a retractable lens, when a pressure sensor is attached to the grip portion of the digital camera and it is detected by the pressure sensor that the camera is in a non-gripping state from the state of gripping the camera, the camera is falling (For example, refer to Japanese Unexamined Patent Application, First Publication No. Hei 11-94926). In this technique, the lens is collapsed to prevent breakage.

[0009] The zoom ring 11 is an operation ring that manually moves the zoom lens in its optical axis direction. The zoom ring touch sensor 12 is a sensor that detects contact of an object by detecting changes in electrostatic capacitance and electric resistance. The zoom ring touch sensor 12 is provided on the zoom ring 11 and can detect contact with the zoom ring 11. It should be noted that the zoom ring touch sensor 12 may be provided in the vicinity of the zoom ring 11 with a high possibility of being touched when operating the zoom ring 11.

[0010] The focus ring 13 is an operation ring for manually moving the focus lens in its optical axis direction. Similarly to the zoom ring touch sensor 12, the focus ring touch sensor 14 is a sensor for detecting contact of an object. The focus ring touch sensor 14 is provided on the focus ring 13 and can detect contact with the focus ring 13. It should be noted that the focus ring touch sensor 14 may be provided in the vicinity of the focus ring 13 with a high possibility of being touched when operating the focus ring 13.