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Firmware Update

Fuji X-80 Camera Registered at Wireless Certification Agency

Fuji X-80 Registered in wireless certification agencies. Well a new Fuji camera surfaced at wireless certification agency with model code name ” FF 180002″. The wireless module used inside the camera is even smaller than Fuji X-A5 and Fuji X-T100 camera. And Not only smaller, the wireless module of the camera is similar to Fuji X-70 in its Physical size. That clearly indicated the upcoming camera is a compact camera. And we do expect it’s none other than Fuji X-70 successor. So, for sure the next Compact camera from Fuji is the Fuji X-80 camera.

Registration Details of Fuji X-80 camera.

The code name “FF 180002” of Fujifilm unreleased camera passed FCC certification.

  • Model Code Name FF 180002
  • Communication module: TYPE 1 FJ
  • FCCID: W2Z-02100005
  • Host system: FF 180002
  • FCC material publication date: May 16, 2018
  • FCCID and radio parts are the same as X – A 5 and X – T 100
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Distance to antenna

Fuji X-80 Specification [As we expect]

Fuji x70 is already discontinued at B&H Store / Amazon. And as we all know that Fuji X-70 was one of the most sold Fuji compact camera. The fuji X-70 camera was carries 16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor inside with fixed 18.5 MM lens.  We do expect the upcoming  camera will carry 24MP X-Trans sensor from Fuji X-20 with 4K video mode. And at the same time the AF system will be upgraded to 91 points AF system as we have seen inside the Fuji X-100 and Fuji XT20 camera.

Fuji X-80 Possible Specification

  • 24 MP X-Trans CMOS III Sensor
  • 91 Point AF system
  • 4K @ 30FPS
  • ISO 51200

Well we will update you soon as we get any new information related to the upco0ming camera. Do share thoughts and exception with us.

Also see – Fuji X-T3 Coming With 26MP Stacked Sensor [Rumor]

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Fuji X-T100 Images Leaked

Finally we have the leaked images of the upcoming Fujifilm XT 100 camera. We have already published the full detailed specification of the upcoming X-T100 camera few days ago. As we all know the camera is expected to announce tomorrow officially.

The Core specification of the camera is better than the Fuji X-A5, since it carries a bit better buffer that allows you to record 3 frames per second continuous shooting speed until your card runs out. The Other big advantage is you have 4K video recording limit upto 30 minutes, however the frames are still stuck to 15 frames in 4K video mode as we have seen in the Fuji XA 5 camera.

BTW we will publish a detailed comparison between the two later on.

And for those who are asking Which one is better  Fuji X-T20 or Fuji X-T100 ? Well of course the Fuji X-T20 is better while having a 24MP X-Trans sensor and it records 4K videos at 30FPS. Both of these features are absent from X-T100.

Design wise I like this camera, the overall look and feel is super solid.

On the rear side we have a 3-way tilting touch screen. As we have seen in the Fuji X-H1 camera.

We will update you soon as we have any new information. ALso see –

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Fuji X-T100 Records 4K @ 15FPS for 30 Mins, But there is a ...

Fuji X-T100 camera image

Before we begin let me tell you that we have the detailed specs of Fuji X-T100 camera and its officially coming on May 24, 2018. Ok, this blog post is dedicated to our users who are continuously asking the question about Fuji X-T100 4K video mode, Well let’s talk in details. Fuji X-T100 Records 4K @ 15FPS for 30 Mins, But there is a bit problem associated with X-T100 camera.

Fuji X-T100 4K Video 4GB File Limit

Fuji X-T100 camera features 4K video recording, but it have some sort of Limited 4K video mode, the Fuji X-T100 camera 4K video is limited to 4 GB of file size. Once the 4K video reaches the 4 GB space limit and new file will be created of the same and so on. So, the Fuji X-T100 camera will automatically create 4GB of different file packs of your 30Min 4K video. The video recording will remain uninterrupted but you will going to have multiple 4 GB files of your 30 minute 4k video not a single one.

You can later punch of those files in a video editing software, and we also expect that Fuji will soon going to release a firmware update that will going to merge all this file together to create a single movie file very soon. But at the moment with the current firmware inside the Fuji X-T100 camera, You have some issues with the 4K video mode and you have to handle the multiple 4 GB files of your 30 minute 4K video.

4K Video at 15FPS

And as you can see in the specification the Fuji X-T100 camera supports 4K video recording at 15 frames per second, having a 15 frames per second is good for family and friend purpose, but at the same time it’s not so good for professional use.

I do remember when the Nikon D5 was announced it was suffering from the same kind of issue, Nikon D5 was also creating separate 4 GB files while you are using 4K video mode in the camera but later on Nikon fixed it with a firmware update.

So,  I also expect that in next few months OR within next year we will going to see a firmware update for the Fuji X T100 camera and that will going to fix the multiple 4 GB file is issues from the camera.

And one more good news many other users Where are asking that the X-T100 camera will have external microphone support or not ?,  then I must confirm you that is the upcoming X-T100 camera do have external microphone support, so you can Record pro quality audios with your video.

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Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications


We now have the full specification of the upcoming Fuji film X-T100 camera, according to the leaked the specification the upcoming camera will going to have 24 megapixel bayer sensor.
The camera have limited 4K video mode, And it will going to record 4K videos at 15 frames per second.The continuous shooting speed of the camera is also Limited, the maximum shooting speed of Fuji X-T100 is 6 frames per second up to 26 frames. And when you are using continuous auto-focus in the continuous shooting speed limited to 3 frames per second.

The most important thing is this camera features 91 auto-focusing areas are points / areas. Take a look at the detailed specs list of the specification of upcoming camera.

Fujifilm X-T100 Full Specifications

Continue reading Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications

Fuji Insta Square SQ6 Image Leaked

Fujifilm upcoming camera insta square SQ 6 image leaked today. The image leaked by the beach camera website and it is still available in Google cache you can also check it (link at the end).

By the way all the details of the Insta SQ 6 is now available online you can download the English voucher of the camera to have all the details of the specification features that you may want to know about it.

Don’t forget to check about the upcoming  Fuji FF 180001 Camera . You can get the Mini 9 Camera at

source Beachcamera | via Nokoshita

Fuji FF 180001 Camera More Detail Reveled

We have reported you when we have received the SAR test report of the registered product. The camera is using wireless camera module same as of Fuji X-A5, that indicates FF 180001 may be rumored Fuji T100 Entry level mirrorless camera or may be Fuji X80.

Fuji FF 180001 dimension revealed

Take a look at the additional reveled details of the Fuji FF 180001 camera.

dimension revealed

From the dimension of the camera as well as the wireless part used inside clearly indicates Fuji may announce a entry level camera very soon Possibly the rumored Fuji T100 Mirrorless camera.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Fuji Patent - Smart Mode Dial Button for Fuji X-Series

TNC Exclusive content – Fuji is working on smart dial buttons for future X-Series camera. The single smart mode dial button above the camera can be used to set shutter, exposure and ISO of the camera. As details reveled from the patent document, the smart mode dial button will have a touch display and every time when a users click the top of the display it automatically switch to different modes. A very impressive move by Fuji to bring such a feature inside the X-series camera.

In the image below you see the the different interface of same mode dial button, once you select the desired value (for example ISO 1600) and click on lock on center, you get the option to set shutter speed and so on.

shutter mode

Patent Details Translated from Japanese

And the operation dial rotatable,
A display unit provided on an upper surface of the operation dial,
A contact detection unit for detecting a contact to an upper surface of the operation dial,
A locked state switching unit for alternately switching between the locked state and the unlocked state each time the contact to the upper surface of the operation dial is detected,
A rotation detector for detecting rotation of the operation dial,
A setting switching portion that switches sequentially set in accordance with only the rotation of the operation dial in the case of the unlock state,
Said a display control unit that controls the display of the display unit, the display control unit for displaying images and setting currently selected lock button,
Setting device equipped with.

Provided are a setting device and a camera having improved usability and capable of preventing erroneous operation with a simple configuration. A display part (110A) is provided on the upper surface of a shutter speed dial (110). The display part (110A) displays settable shutter speeds and an image (Lb) of a lock button. A touch sensor (136) detects the touch of a user on the upper surface of the shutter speed dial (110). The switching of shutter speeds using the shutter speed dial (110) is locked and unlocked each time the touch sensor (136) detects a touch.

Setting device and camera

The present invention relates to a setting apparatus and a camera, in particular setting device using the operation dial rotary, and a camera with the setting device.

Setting device using operating dial of the rotary is capable intuitive, also, since the setting status at a glance, are employed in many devices. In particular, in a camera, various photographing conditions (e.g., shutter speed, sensitivity, exposure correction value, shooting mode, etc.) as a means for setting a setting device using the operation dial rotary have long been used.

As this type of setting device, Patent Document 1, the setting device having a display portion on the upper surface of the operation dial is described. In setting device of Patent Document 1, in accordance with the rotation of the operating dial, the display is switched in the display unit. Further, Patent Document 2, the setting device having a display unit and the touch panel on the upper surface of the operation dial is described. In setting device of Patent Document 2, by a touch operation on the touch panel, it is switched items displayed on the display unit.

Further, in this type of setting device, sometimes mechanism is provided for preventing the setting unintentionally would change. For example, Patent Documents 3 and 4, the setting device having a mechanism for locking the operation dial mechanically is described. Further, Patent Document 5, even if the operation dial is operated to rotate, so as not to change the setting, are described setting device provided with means for inhibiting change of the settings.

Also see – Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display

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