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Firmware Update

Fuji GFX 50S at Studio Test Scene Samples Analysis

Today dpreview added Fuji $6k+ MF camera to its Studio comparison tool. After getting this news alert I was really excited to see the test samples of this Medium format camera against some fullframe cameras of today such as Nikon D810, Canon 5DS R and Ultra famous as Sony A7 R2 mirrorless camera.

Fujifilm GFX features BIG 50 megapixel medium format sensor. The camera is using a X Pro-processor for processing images. Whereas the other competitors in the list carry Fullframe sensor, but you should know and note that Sony is the only FF camera which features most advance BSI CMOS sensor in the list.

1.  Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Sony A7R II

Before we begin we must appreciate the presence of Sony A7RII camera among the list. The Sony A7R II camera is one of the most affordable camera among the group and its high image quality allowing him to stand against high-end DSLRs and Medium format camera.

2. Resolution and High ISO


The 50 MP Resolution and the details captures by Medium Format sensor is dominating the entire test results. However the High ISO results look bit better than Nikon D810 and Sony A7R II which was unexpected, we were expecting better results from Fujifilm.

3. Moire Test

Fuji GFX50s

We are really disappointed after looking at the Moire test results of Fuji GFX 50S medium format camera. Whereas the full frame sensor based Nikon D810 camera showing well controlled images without any Moire pattern.

Also look at –Fuji Working on Ultimate X-Trans CamerSony A7R II showing more details then Sony A7R II (JPEG test)

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Fuji Working on Ultimate X-Trans Camera

Ultimate X camera image

It’s really amazing to hear that the best Camera from Fuji isn’t out yet. According to Fujifilm Managers “when we announce our new telephoto prime [in 2018] we also need a higher performance body”

Keep in mind that Fuji X-Pro 2 and X-T2 both are new and we can’t expect their replacement at least in 2018. But the quoted text from the interview above loudly says that Fuji is working on a new high-end camera that will feature even more advance core specification compared to the Fuji X-Pro2 or X-T2.

Now Fuji will going to start a new series of camera dedicated for achieving ultimate AF Speed, fastest continues shooting speed and High-end video recording options. According to latest rumors the price of the upcoming camera will be approx $5000. upcoming camera will going to placed above the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T2.

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Fuji X80 Rumors

Fuji X80 coming rumor

According to latest rumors Fuji is planning to replace the year old X70 pro compact camera with Fuji X80. The Specification of the camera isn’t know yet but the camera is expected to be announced sometime in mid of 2017.

We expect Fuji will add the same X-Trans III sensor inside upcoming Fuji X80 camera (100F also have the same sensor). Will the announcement of X80 will bring down the sales of X100F ?. I don’t think so, it’s just like trim down version of the X100F camera. The X80 will sure attract new consumer base to Fujifilm, since under $1K range Fuji if giving out APS-C Size X-Trans sensor based compact camera whereas other companies remains limited to 1″ sensor only.

Do share your wishlist with us

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Breakthrough - World Fastest Organic CMOS Sensor Circuit

Fuji sensor circuit image

Fujifilm done something extraordinary right now by developing world fastest sensor circuit. As you can see image above the sensor circuit sit behind the pixel section of the sensor. The circuit is responsible of data transfer and in-short the circuit will redefine the camera still and video recording capability to a next level.

Structure of Fuji Organic Sensor



As you can see in the image above of the Fuji Organic sensor where you can see the color filter layer separated with others.

Till now we haven’t seen any camera based on true organic sensor. But after the announcement of new Circuit chip we high hopes that we will sure see organic sensor based camera in near future.

That clearly indicates Fuji is moving in the direction to put Organic sensor on the production line. The previous generation of organic sensors were power hungry and Heat generation is also one of the biggest issue (see previous release here). That’s why Fuji raised the “temperature management“ issue in the current press release.

4th Generation of X-Trans Organic Sensor

Fuji has just announced Third generation of X-Trans sensor with the arrival of highly acclaimed X-Pro 2 camera. After that company used the same sensor inside Fuji X-T2, X-T20 and X100F.  Based on past footprints in every two to three year Fuji upgrades it’s camera sensors. If everything goes well then we can expect 4th gen of X-Trans sensor will be Organic and new Sensor Circuit sometime in 2018. That will sure raise the image quality bar of Fuji cameras.

Press Release

Fuji X100F - Press Release and Full Specification

Fuji X100F

Fuji finally announced the long rumored Fuji X100F camera today the camera features 24MP X-Trans III APS-C sensor as used in X-Pro 2 and X-T2 camera. The X100F camera doesn’t have any built in low pass filter.

The number of AF points of the camera drastically increased to 325, the number of phase AF points is now 91 compared to previous generation of 45  AF points.

The overall speed of the camera is excellent, the Auto focus acquisition time of the camera is approx 0.08 second which is very fast compared to other compact camera.

Fuji X100F camera

No 4K – yes it’s a big mess here, Fuji decided not to add 4K inside the X100F camera and the camera remains limited to Full HD mode at 60fps. For the first time Fujifilm X100F enjoying the AF joystick on the rear side of the camera. The hybrid viewfinder of the camera is also updates this time. and addition of DSLR  style front dial in hand grip of the camera can be seen.


The WCL-X100 wide-angle and TCL-X100 tele-conversion lenses have also been updated to ‘Mark II’ versions.

The camera available from February 16th in black or silver for $1299/£1249.

Buy this camera from Amazon | B&H

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Fuji X100F and Fuji X-T20 Major Specification Leaked

Whoa! Fuji X100F and Fuji X-T20 Major specification leaked today, both camera features X-Trans sensor without low-pass filter and fabricated with 325 Phase AF points. take a look at the leaked specification of both the camera below



  • 24.3 Megapixel Lowpass Filterless X – Trans CMOS III
  • X-Processor Pro
  • 325 point selectable intelligent hybrid phase difference AF
  • Video: Full HD 60 fps
  • Continuous: 8 frames / sec
  • Liquid Crystal: Type 3 104,000 dots
  • Hybrid EVF: 2.36 million dots
  • Focus lever
  • Digital Teleconverter
  • Film simulation “ACROS”
  • Battery: NP-W126S

Fuji X-T20 front

X – T 20

  • 24.3 Megapixel Lowpass Filterless X – Trans CMOS III
  • X-Processor Pro
  • 325 point selectable intelligent hybrid phase difference AF
  • Video: 4K 30fps
  • Liquid crystal: 3 type touch panel tilt liquid crystal
  • EVF: 2.36 million dots Organic EL 54 fps
  • Continuous: 8 frames / sec (14 frames / sec at electronic shutter)
  • Film simulation “ACROS”
  • Battery: NP-W126S
  • Kit lens: XF18 – 55 mm F 2.8 – 4 R LM OIS (Also check the XC kit overseas)

XF 50 mm F 2 R WR

  • Lens construction: 7 groups 9 pieces (1 aspheric ED lens)
  • Filter diameter: 46 mm
  • Weight: 200 g

As we have told you earlier that both upcoming camera will carry same sensor as of the X PRO2 camera. But at the same time, we are also surprised to see Fuji isn’t allowing X100F camera to record 4K video and remains limited to Full HD video mode at 60fps. A Fuji $1000+ compact camera doesn’t record 4K video which isn’t too good and it won’t appeal to mass market for now.

We all were expecting 4K in X100F but Fuji left a plenty of space others, other company specially Panasonic and Sony gearing up to announce large sensor compacts this summer. We will bring more updates soon.

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source Nokishita

Fuji X-T20 Leaked Images

Fuji X-T20 front

Take a look at the leaked images that surfaced over the web today the announcement of the camera is on Jan 19, 2017.  We have also published today the images of the X100F camera you can look here

The Fuji X-T20 camera is on its way and we already know the core specification of the camera.

  • 24MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C image sensor (Same as of X-T2 or X-Pro2)
  • X Processor Pro
  • No Joystick
  • No 4K
  • Touchscreen
  • No weather sealing
  • 1 SD card slot
  • Super-high continuous AF burst mode
  • More compact than the X-T2

Take a look a the more images of the upcoming camera

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