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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T3 Full Specification Leaked

Finally we have the Full Specification as well as the images of the camera just prior to the announcement of Fuji X-T3 camera. Once of the most important to note down in specs is Fuji X-T3 camera is coming with 4th gen of X-Trans CMOS sensor. And at the same time the resolution of X-T3 26 MP,  of course the upcoming Fuji X-T3 camera is coming with best in class sensor

Fuji X-T3 Full Specification

  • Equipped with back-illuminated “X-Trans CMOS 4” sensor with newly developed effective pixel number of approximately 26.1 million pixels (Low pass filter less)
  • High-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 4”
  • By increasing the number of phase difference pixels to about 4 times the current ratio, the image plane phase difference AF area is expanded to the entire screen area (about 100%)
  • Extended the low illuminance limit of phase difference AF from conventional -1 EV to -3 EV
  • 4K / 60P 4: 2: 0 Compatible with 10-bit SD card recording in the camera. 4K / 60P 4: 2: 2 Also supports 10bit HDMI output
  • “Sports finder mode” function is newly installed. Blackout-free high-speed continuous shooting at the maximum speed of 30 frames per second is possible within a frame equivalent to 16.6 million pixels (1.25 times crop)
  • Newly equipped “pre-shooting” function that starts shooting from the time when the shutter button is pressed halfway and records the shot image by pressing the shutter button all the way
  • “Monochrome adjustment” function is newly added to “Film simulation”
  • “Color Chrome Effect” function is first installed as “X series”
  • USB Type adopts Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) standard
  • Standard ISO: 160 to 12800 (extended ISO: 80/100/125/25600/51200)
  • Continuous: About 11 frames / sec (mechanical shutter), about 30 frames / sec (electronic shutter, 1.25 times crop)
  • EVF: 0.5 type organic EL finder Approx. 3.69 million dots 0.75 times
  • Rear liquid crystal: 3.0 type approximately 1.04 million dots 3 way tilt type touch panel liquid crystal
  • Film simulation: 16 modes (including ETERNA)
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.2 installed
  • Battery: NP-W126S
  • Number of storable pictures: approx. 390 pictures (in normal mode)
  • Size: 132.5 × 92.8 × 58.8 mm
  • Weight: 539 g (including battery and SD memory card), 489 g (body only)
  • Color: Black / Silver
  • Reservation start date: September 6, 2018
  • Expected release date: September 20, 2018
  • Scheduled to correspond to movie shooting with hybrid log gamma method and “Simultaneous film simulation / F-Log simultaneous output” by firmware update through 2018

The specs us damn impressive, now it’s really interesting to watch what Sony can do with the Sony A6700 camera. Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Fuji X-T100 Review at dpreview

Fuji XT 100 camera review published at Digital Photography review website (, but the Digital Photography review Team is didn’t look so happy with the camera. The list of the what we don’t like is bit more compared to the what we like list

Slow AF Tracking AF and Laggy Interface

One of the most important thing that the DP review editor is disappointed with ability of the camera to focus on moving subjects. The camera is not able to maintain a proper focus on moving subjects as well as the entire operational speed of the camera feels Laggy.

Excellent JPEG quality and more

However we do have some positive science also, the camera produces excellent JPG quality and the sensor has low noise at Higher iso, that is the max ISO of the camera touches the 12800 limit.

But the list of what we don’t like is surprising large, one of the big reason behind the Slow AF tracking and Slow overall operational speed is the use of slow processor inside. dpreview editors are not happy with the 4K video mode off the camera since it is limited to 15 frames per second only, the camera also allow you to have very limited customization. And according to the editors there is a noticeable display between pressing the video recording button and start of the capture.

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Best Alternative of Fuji X-T100 – Panasonic GX85

At the end even be video editors think that Panasonic x85 is one of the best alternative if you are looking for a multipurpose camera that records 4K video and suit excellent stills at the same price range of the Fuji XT 100.

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Fuji Upcoming Lenses RoadMap

After the announcement of Fuji XF200mm F2 Lens they have also announced a roadmap of upcoming lenses. And according to the road-map there are two lenses, XF16mm F2.8 WR and XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR, which are due to announce on the 2019 and one lens XF33mmF1 R WR is schedule to arrive somewhere around 2020. Yes, the XF33 mm F1.0 is first Mirrorless lens in the world made for Fuji cameras and features F1.0 aperture.

click here to download high-resoltuion image file

By announcing road map of lenses Fuji film always does a great job. Based, on the road map you can clearly see the list of lenses expected to arrive in near future, that will sure going to encourage new users to get a Fuji system camera. In a Press statement, Fuji also said that they will going to boost up the production of lenses up to 70%.

At the end I am going to say that Fuji must also put some of its attention in announcing affordable lenses for entry level users those who are purchasing the XT 100 camera or x A5. If you are going to buy the Fuji 50 mm lens then the price of that lens despite having weather sealed feature is too high compared to the Canon 50 mm lenses for even Nikon’s. Same in the case of 18-135 MM lens, Fuji lenses are way too expensive compared to the DSLR lenses. So, my only request to Fuji is this should put some of their attention in creating lenses for entry level users.

Fuji XF10 Features 24MP APS-C Sensor, Records 4K [Confirmed]

Finally Fuji XF10 camera specification and images leaked, the camera features 24.2 megapixels APS-C sensor, and the camera is also able to record 4K videos but limited upto 15 frames per second.

Fuji XF 10 camera is actually a successor of Fuji x70 camera (now discountinued), Fuji X-F10 camera does arrived with massive upgrade. The new camera carries a completely new 24 megapixels APS-C format sensor camera and also records 4K video. However, it is limited to 15 frames per second.

Fuji XF10 Features 24MP APS-C Sensor, Records 4K

  • 24.2 Megapixel APS-C sensor
  • Lens: 18.5 mm F 2.8 (converted 28 mm)
  • Shortest shooting distance: 10 cm
  • Back LCD: 3.0 type · Touch panel
  • 4K 15p video
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Battery: NP-95
  • Size: 112.5 mm x 64.4 mm x 41.0 mm
  • Weight: 278.9 g (including battery / memory card) · 241.2 g (body only)
  • SQUARE MODE with single flick to switch to 1: 1 format
  • Conversion with Digital Teleconverter Capture at a field angle equivalent to a focal length of 35 mm or 50 mm
  • All 11 types of “film simulation” and 19 types of “advanced filter” are installed (“Rich & Fine” and “Monochrome [NIR]” are newly added)
  • Color: Black · Champagne gold
  • Overseas price: 449 pounds

Now the camera become more easy to carry since it weighs 100gm less than its predecessor, We will update this post soon as we get any new information.

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Fuji X-T3 Camera Spotted on FCC Listing

Fuji X-T3 camera is now almost there, the camera leaked via FCC ID listing. That also silently confirms us that We will going to see Fuji X-T3 this Photokina 2018. Take a look at the major details.

Known details about Fuji X-T3 Camera

FF 180003
made in China
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
Distance to antenna (* Radio component [including antenna] size is 9.5 mm × 15 mm × 2 mm )

Finally, Fuji X-T3 camera passed through the FCCID (Translated text from Japanese source nokoshita )

X – T 3 of Fujifilm has been registered as an overseas certification body.
Although the depth and the direction of the antenna are unknown, the size is likely to be larger than X – T2 (around 135.3 mm in width and 93.4 mm in height if the antenna is in the same direction as X – H 1). Manufacturing factories may be changed later, but it seems that they are being manufactured in China at this stage.

In a post we have told you a while ago that Fuji is preparing to announce a new Medium format camera. And not only Medium format camera,  Fuji X-T3 (which already spotted on FCC)

Fuji Upcoming Camera Model Code Names and Details

  1. FF 180002 [Fuji XF-10]
    Digital camera
    Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.1 installed
    The same radio parts as X-T100 and X-A5
  2. FF 180003 [less details available]
    Digital camera
    Wi-Fi · bluetooth 4.2 installed
  3. FF 180004 [Fuji GFX 50R / Fuji X-T3 / high-end Fuji Camera]
    Digital camera
    Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.1 installed
    The same radio parts as X-H1 and X-E3

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Fuji X-T3, Fuji XF-10 and GFX-50R Coming

As we all know the Fuji have 3 cameras in their announcement pipeline starting from the compact camera Fuji XF-10 and then we have the Fuji XT-3 camera OR Fuji can also announce medium format camera Fujifilm GFX 50R, which is also scheduled to arrive in the year end with newly developed medium format Sony sensor. Take a look at the details of Fuji Upcoming X-Series camera

Fuji Upcoming Camera Model Code Names and Details


FF 180002 [Fuji XF-10]
Digital camera
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.1 installed
The same radio parts as X-T100 and X-A5

FF 180003 [less details available]
Digital camera
Wi-Fi · bluetooth 4.2 installed

FF 180004 [Fuji GFX 50R / Fuji X-T3 / high-end Fuji Camera]
Digital camera
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.1 installed
The same radio parts as X-H1 and X-E3

Fuji Flagship – Fuji X-Pro3 Camera

Now We do have three Camera in announcement pipelines but what about Fuji X-PRO3 camera. Few weeks ago we have told you in one of our post that Fujifilm X-Pro 3 camera early prototypes in the hands of few X-Shooters / Pro-photographer for test purpose, according to the rumors we have received.

It is very clear with leaked information that Fuji is also preparing to announce X-Pro 3 camera. The announcement date of the camera isn’t know yet,  but we do know Fuji introduces their new X-trance CMOS sensor technology in the market with the announcement of new flagship camera. So, not only X-Pro 3 we are also waiting for the arrival of X-Tran IV sensors.

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Fuji X-Pro 3 Rumor Update


Ok, that’s against the wind. No one out there talking about Fuji X-Pro 3 camera from few months. But, According to latest rumors coming from anonymous sources the Fuji X-Pro 3 camera made their way in the wild. Early prototypes of the camera has been circulated for test purpose.


What we think about Fuji X-Pro 3

We find this information logical so we have decided to publish it. And as we all know the Fuji Flagship X-Pro2 Sales are all time down and the camera is not able to make it place even in TOP 100 Mirrorless camera at Amazon.

Fuji usually takes 4 years of time  to update its flagship camera, but based on the information we are getting. Fuji will not going to wait until 2020, we may see X-Pro 3 announcement in early 2019.

Introduction of X-Trans IV Sensor

In-general, Fuji always pick its flagship camera to introduce new generation of X-Trans sensor. The upcoming Fuji X-Pro 3 camera will have 4th generation of X-Trans IV Sensor.

Based on the information we have Fuji is also working on 26 Megapixel Stacked CMOS sensor. So, its interesting to see that Fuji will going to save the new sensor of X-Pro II camera OR they will going to announce new 26MP sensor with the Fuji X-T3. The Fuji X-T 3 camera is rumored to arrive at Sep 2018.

Upcoming Fuji cameras in next few months

  • The FF 180002 is actually a compact camera and its name is Fuji XF10. The camera is schedule to arrive in July, 2 2018.
  • The FF 180004 Camera Radio parts are same as of Fuji X-H1 and Fuji X-T2. So this camera may be Fuji Next X-T3 or May be Fuji X-Pro 3 OR May be GFX50R, no one knows yet.
  • FF 180003 is a kind mystery cam right now. We don’t have any details about it.


Also see – Latest Patents from Fuji

  1. Fuji Patent – Smart Mode Dial Button for Fuji X-Series
  2. Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display

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