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Best Accessories for Canon 80D DSLR

Must have accessories for the Canon 80D  (Amazon | B&H) camera in this particular guide we will going to tell you the about the best and recommended  accessories for the Canon EOS 80D camera.  We will going to list some of the best accessories available for the Canon 80d camera accessories are the highly recommended and must get it for your best DSLR.

First of all one of the best lenses for your Canon 80D DSLR is Sigma 18-35 mm f/1.8 lens. But of-course the lens is costly, so if you are looking for an affordable recommendation then we also have the Sigma 17-50 mm f 2.8 lens which also features excellent optics and a constant Aperture, throughout the zoom range. So these are the two kit lenses you must have with your Canon APS-C DSLR. For More Lens Recommendation Must See Best Lenses for Canon 80D DSLR camera

Take a look at the best screen protector for the Canon 80d camera. You should trying this is screen protector for your Canon 80d camera. I am using this field screen protector for 7 years in all of my DSLR and they are protecting them quite well, so I highly recommend it to you also.

1. Canon 80D Best batteries and charger

Canon battery pack LP E6N  Let’s talk about the best battery for the Canon 80d DSLR camera. Let me tell you before I buy any DSLR camera I also get 2 extra batteries. Because while I am traveling outside or creating a video. Having a pair of extra batteries are very important because in the middle of the shoot when you are running out of your batteries you have no option other than to wait few hours and to get your batteries re-charged again. So it is better that you should get extra set of batteries along with your DSLR.

The official battery LP E6N for Canon 80d it is fully compatible with the charges you have that is LC E6 and LC E6E which officially arrives with the Canon 80d camera

Best external battery grip for Canon 80d

Canon official BG-E14 is recommended for Canon 80d, it provides a versatile control of your camera as well as it also increases the battery life so you have no worries about running out of power in the middle of your project..

One of the best battery charger that I always have with me Is the Watson duo LCD charger. It can charge 2 battery simultaneously the charger operate in all kind of voltages running from 100 to 240 voltage, so you can use this charger all over the world without any problemYou can also charge your mobile device with this charger or cameras that features USB C charging. .

2. Best memory cards for Canon 80D

Take a look at the list of top 3 performer memory cards for Canon 80d DSLR camera. These memory cards are also recommended for video shooting with Canon 80d DSLR camera.
All these three card we are recommending to you features read write speed of 95 MB per second. which is really good and literally you don’t have to wait for the buffer to clean up, as well as recommended for recording full HD videos at 60 frames per second with your Canon 80D camera.

Best Memory Cards

  1. The first card we recommend is SanDisk 32GB extreme Pro SDHC USH-I memory
  2. The second card is the 64GB version of the same
  3. SanDisk 128 GB extreme Pro-UHS-1

3. Best tripod for Canon 80D DSLR

Silk Pro 700 DX tripod ($99)
This is of course one of the best tripods I have ever used. Silk Pro 700 DX tripod. The best part of this tripod is its build quality and vertical and horizontal plane has moves without any physical effort, plus the overall extending hight to over 6 feet is what you need while doing a shot of creating a vlog (yep you need that height to hide your double chin). The tripod Is highly sturdy and built like a tank. One of the most amazing product I have used over time and it do work flawlessly and last for very very long time.

Oben ACM 2400 Monopod
If you’re looking for a monopod then the oben ACM 2400, is one of the best monopod available right now the cost is affordable as well as that monopod features very good build quality literally you can use Nikon Canon 80d camera with 100 to 400 MM lens.

Canon 80D DSLR image

4. Canon 80D Best Camera Flash

Ok let’s talk about the best camera flashes available for Canon 80d DSLR. I am not going to recommend you the name of third party places for a moment, because I don’t believe in their qualities also sometime when you change your camera when a new camera comes out for example Canon 90d there is a possibility that third party classes may become incompatible with that. So I am recommending you’re the Best Canon camera flashes available for your and compatible with your Canon 80d camera.

  1. Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT – Amazon | B&H
  2. Canon Speedlite 580EX-II – Amazon | B&H
  3. Canon Speedlite 430EX II-RT Flash Amazon| B&H
  4. Canon Speedlite 270EX II – Amazon | B&H

5. How to clean your Canon 80D DSLR camera

When we have the list of cleaning accessories that will going to keep your camera and lenses.

Ok let’s talk about the best camera flashes available for Canon 80d DSLR. I am not going to recommend you the name of third party places for a moment, because I don’t believe in their qualities also sometime when you change your camera when a new camera comes out for example Canon 90d there is a possibility that third party classes may become incompatible with that. So I am recommending you’re the Best Canon camera flashes available for your and compatible with your Canon 80d camera.

How to clean your Canon 80d DSLR camera
When we have the list of cleaning accessories that will going to keep your camera and lenses.

  1.  Microfiber cloths – Sensei Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth (Gray)
    Ok cleaning is one of the most essential part of the dslrs and lenses, microfiber lens cleaning cloths are one of the best tools to keep your lenses, camera and other accessories neat and clean.
  2. Rocket Air Blaster – Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool (Medium, Black)
    Rocket air blasters are on of the most important cleaning accessories, Is used to clean the Camera sensor and it is one of the most effective way to remove the dust particles from it. It is also very useful to remove the dust on the surface of your lenses without touching it if you don’t have access to microfiber cloth at the moment.
  3. Cleaning liquid for your lenses – ZEISS Cleaning Fluid
    .Next good thing is a spray bottle that should be used while cleaning UV filters specifically. You can also use this is spray bottle to clean your L series lenses of course the front end of the lens. But never use this spray bottle for cleaning your Camera sensor as well as other accessories that includes flash, remote shutter are external battery never use this kind of a spray on electronics directly
  4. Sensor brush – VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 Sensor Brush Head
    sensorless is one of the most important thing if you have to remove that test that has been sticked out in your sensor. and you are not able to remove it with the help of rocket airblaster. so the final step is to use the sensor cleaning brush but it is also very important to hold your DSLR camera upside down and use it in bulb mode to open the shutter as much as time you want.

Rode Mic

6. Best video accessories for Canon 80d DSLR

Of course Canon 80d is one of the most popular video camera of Canon that features dual pixel CMOS autofocus in system that works super fast while recording video as well as taking a still images

most of the time we do recommend external display for cameras, if you are ok with the Canon 80d very angle monitor then it’s great. but while logging with 50 mm plus lenses it’s hard to see what’s actually going on inside the camera in a small display monitor. so if you are interested in getting a bit big display monitor then we do have a good recommendation for you.

Best External Monitor – Elvid FieldVision 4KV2 7″ On-Camera MonitorFor external display we recommend you to get a 7 inch Field vision 4K monitor. This monitor comes at bit affordable cost then most of the Other display system. And the large 7 inch display is well enough to view yourself while vlogging with 50mm lens and it is also recommended while using cinematic videos.

Best External Microphone – Rode VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Shockmount Well I don’t like that canon directional microphone because it doesn’t record video voice as well as the Rode does. I highly recommend you to get the Road video microphone with rycote lyre shock mount. One of the best thing with this microphone is that uses supercardioid polar patterns that ensure that surrounding noise is minimised while recording your voice and the microphone keep focus on your voice while recording in the while you are in front of your camera. Highly recommended accessories while creating video with your DSLR

Best external video light for Canon 80d DSLR – Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light – While Video recording on shooting micro photography, you need an external video light. And our recommendation that you should get the LED 7100T Manufactured by Genaray. It is also ideal for AC powered Studio setup and it can be setup from 3200K to cool 5600K colour temperature for different shooting condition. If you shoot video on the go or you are recording a wedding, Once recharged the light gives you a perfect long back-up time to work with your subject or event. the LED light also have a battery indicator and it gives  you idea how much battery is left with the external light.

So share your thoughts, questions and suggestions with us

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Worldwide Digital Camera Sales Stats Q1 2018

The first quarter of digital camera worldwide shipment stats rolled out by CIPA. And according to the sales statics the worldwide shipment of the camera again dropped when compared to the year of 2016 and 2017.

However, if you break down this graph into interchangeable lens cameras and compact camera. Then you will get clear idea that compact camera sales are now all time low but the interchangeable lens camera shipment quantity is same as of previous 2 years.

That’s a clear indication consumers are not preferring tiny compact cameras now, smartphone literally killed the sales volume of all small sensor cameras. However, Compacts with large sensor like Sony RX100 series, Canon G series are still in production and being used by most of the professionals and semi-pro users worldwide.

Also see – Digital Camera Sales all Time Low | Should Canon and Nikon Announce Medium Format Mirrorless Camera?


Canon New L Series Lens Coming and Delay in 5DS Mark II Announcement ?

Finally, we have a word from reputed rumor mill and if everything goes on schedule we will sure see CANON EF 70-200MM F/4L IS II IS series lens on Month of April 2018. Not only Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM is also rumored to arrive this year, but recent rumors suggest that the announcement of Mirrorless lens may happen during the Photokina event of 2018.

Canon 5DS Update is Overdue, but no DSLR in announcement pipeline

Canon 5DS has become obsolete and canon should announce the 5DS Mark II asap . But, after entry level DSLRs announcement no more new DSLRs are being listed on wireless certification agencies, it’s a bad news for 5DS users those who are expecting 5DS Mark II in 2018 . Even, when canon register a product, the company takes at least 3 to 4 months of time to announce it officially. So, current situation suggest us that, we will not going to see any DSLR from canon before September of 2018.

PC 2352 – More Canon Mirrorless Announcement Soon ?

Yes it is, Canon registered Camera PC 2352 with wireless module WM600, in general Canon uses the PCxxxx series for its Mirrorless cameras and Pro series compacts. This year Canon is more serious about its mirrorless products so we may see a new Mid-range / high-end Mirrorless in next few months and Finally a FF Mirrorless in Sep 2018.

We will update you soon as we get any new information related to Canon Rumors.

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Nikon 100 MP Sensor, Sensor based IS and More...

Nikon Mirrorless

Nikon is moving forward with a 100MP sensor design. In an interview they have confirmed the Nikon is working on a Fullframe sensor with massive 100 MP resolution.

During the same interview taken by French website Focus Numerique Nikon also talked about Fullframe Mirrorless camera, Built in sensor based IS system and more. Take a look

1. Nikon on a possible 100 MP full frame sensor – it’s possible once we solve diffraction and other issues:

It will be possible! Diffraction is governed by physical laws and this phenomenon can not be eliminated only with optical technologies. We consider that on this point, a numerical correction is effective. What is very important for Nikon is that the use of digital corrections is not governed by technical constraints on a goal, but only to mitigate phenomena that we can not optically avoid.

2. Nikon on a possible full frame mirrorless camera with Nikon F-mount vs. using adapters:

Nikon launched the F mount 60 years ago. We have already sold 100 million goals. We have massive users who are already using our F mount lenses. Think of them. Nikon lens enthusiasts are very precious to us. In any case, it is difficult to answer your question clearly.

3. Nikon on sensor stabilization (IBIS):

Nikon currently only uses optical stabilization. One of the problems of sensor stabilization, the sensor may no longer be exactly on the image plane of the camera and the image can lose precision. As we explained, we are not deploying new technology without being certain of its reliability and usefulness. Please wait, because we are developing this technology that will be used in the years to come.

4. Nikon on innovation:

We are not the first to launch a new technology. What is important to us is that our technologies are reliable and bring real added value to our users. For example, technologies such as Nano Crystal processing, PF lenses and optical stabilization are developed through our discussions with users.

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Canon New Entry Level EOS M Camera Coming on March 2018

Canon EOS M Coming

WOW Canon New Entry Level EOS M Camera Coming on March 2018, and we are getting this confirmation from a reputed news agency Nikki. on Feb 26, Nikki published a article and in the same article We have spotted these lines

Enty level mirrorless

The date of publication – February 27, 2018 8:16 am JST

This article was published after the announcement of Canon EOS M50 camera. That, clearly indicated We will going to see a new entry level Mirrorless camera from Canon Next month. We already have Canon EOS M100 with 24 MP DPAF sensor of Canon 80D available at $550 [ Amazon | B&H].

And we will bring more updates to you if we get any.

In the same article they have also said that Canon is now putting their attention towards Mirrorless cameras and lenses. That also indicate we will some more Mirrless camera after EOS M50 and Powerzoom lenses this year.

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Canon 2000D / T7 Sample Images

Canon 2000D Sample Image

Take a look at the Canon 2000D / T7 sample images. The Canon 2000D camera features a new 24 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and a decent core specs for entry level shooter out there.

Take a look at the announcement page of the camera if you haven’t looked at the moment.

Continue reading Canon 2000D / T7 Sample Images

Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7 Announced - Press Release, Sample Videos and More...

Canon T7 DSLR camera

Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7 Announced finally  (yes, we have three names for a same product based on geographical locations of the world) the entry level DSLR camera. We already know that the Canon T7 camera was coming and told you months ago. Now take a look at once again the final specs of the camera. Canon most trusted 24MP DPAF Contrast detect sensor. And not only that we also have Digi4+ image processor and standard ISO range upto 6400 only. Well that’s a good camera is some wants to learn DSLR photography.

The camera is able to record Full HD videos and also features WiFi connectivity for image and video transfer and it also enables remote shooting with smartphone Canon camera app.

Canon T7 price and availability

Canon T7 Intro Video

Continue reading Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7 Announced – Press Release, Sample Videos and More…