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Firmware Update

Panasonic GF10 Press Release, Full Specification and Images

We now have Panasonic GF10 Full Specification, its press release and images. Panasonic GF10 already announced on Japan and we have all the details here, The official announcement of Panasonic GF10 is on Feb 22, 2018. The camera is capable to record 4K 30p videos.

Panasonic GF10 Major specification

  • 16 million pixels / 16.84 million pixels
  • 4/3 type Live MOS sensor
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • Auto / Intelligent ISO / 100 25600
  • 3840 × 2160 About 28 Mbps (4 K / 24 p: about 100 Mbps) 1920 × 1080 (FHD / 60 p: about 28 Mbps) 1920 ×  1080 (FHD / 30 p: about 20 Mbps)
  • 10 frames / sec (AFS) / approximately 6 frames / sec (AFC time) Buffer
  • RAW / RAW + JPEG Burst: 15 frames or more (subject to our measurement conditions until the speed gets slower)
    JPEG Continuous: More than 100 frames (subject to our measurement conditions until the speed gets slower)
  • shutter 60 to 1 / 16,000
  • AF detection ± 3 EV
  • 4K PHOTO: After selecting MP4 image: JPEG
  • microSD memory card / microSDHC memory card * 1/ microSDXC memory card * 1

The camera is coming with two name one is GF10W and GF90W, both camera will carry same core specification. Monthly production capacity of camera is 7000 units.

Take a look at GF GF series details

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Canon PC 2352 - Digital Camera Officially Registered

Canon next camera

Canon registered a new camera with model code PC 2352. So we are also having this PC 2352 Digital Camera to our upcoming Camera model code list you can check it out here.

Canon PC2352 is A Mirrorless Camera ?

The Caon PC 2352 camera features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. So, it is possible that Canon PC 2352 is also a Canon APS-C Sensor based Mirrorless camera, since the Wireless WM600 is also being used by Canon EOS M50. And as we all know that Canon EOS M50 is expected arrive on CP Plus show.

Not only Canon EOS and 50 we are also expecting the announcement of Canon 2000D camera in next month or possibly during the CP Plus show.

Along with the new camera 2 interchangeable lenses as well as 1 electronic flash is also being registered for the next announcement.

Take a look at the list of products expected to arrive during the CP+ event

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Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4 FE Coming on Feb 15th and Shipping Starts from March 2018

Zeiss lens coming

The Image is of Distagon 21mm F2.8 with Sony A7 camera

Almost confirmed that Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4 lens made for Sony Fullframe Mirrorless camera announcement is expected in Mid Feb / possibly in 15th Feb 2018 and the shipping of the camera will start from March of 2018, The price of the lens is expected to be $1299 OR LESS.

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Canon 850D Coming in 2019

Canon 850D Image

According to latest rumors Canon 850D (T8i) isn’t coming too early, the camera is said to feature 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor and advance video specs compared to Canon 800D DSLR camera. We take advance video specs as the introduction of 4K in Rebel series.

1. When Canon 850D is Coming ?

According to the information we have received from new sources the Canon 850D isn’t coming till Feb 2019. The expected arrival date of Canon 850D / Canon T8i is Q1 or Q2 of 2018. But, at the end anything is possible, we may see it bit early also.

2. Sensor Resolution of Canon 850D

Initial information suggest the sensor will remains at 24 Megapixel with better dynamic range and lowlight performance. So, the Next Canon 850D camera will sure have better Image Quality compared to the current generation of Rebel series.

3. More Processing Speed

Digic 8 is rumored to introduce inside the Canon 850D camera to uplift AF performance and improve overall speed of the camera.

4. Canon Rebel With 4K

Yes, anonymous sources suggest that upcoming Rebel camera will carry advance video specs and will be it more video centric camera to attract new users.   So, it’s safe to assume either Canon 800D / T8i or its Variant with Top Lcd Coming in 2019 will have 4K inside.

One Pro APS-C DSLR is said to arrive in the year of 2018, we will publish more about it in our next blog-post, Take the information with grain of salt. We will update you soon as we get more information related to that.

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No Canon 7D Mark III in 2018 ?

Canon 7D Mark II image

According to latest rumors we may not see the successor of Canon 7D Mark II camera in 2018. sources of veteran rumor mill suggest that Canon 7D Mark III camera isn’t coming in 2018 but if it does then it will be Q4 of 2018. Since, no solid information is available related to 7D Mark III camera right now.

Ok, the above information was what the sources said to a veteran rumor mill

But what I personally expect that canon should update the camera in the year of 2018 otherwise no will going to buy 7D mark 2 camera for now.

As for the fact Canon 7D Mark II announced on 15 Sep 2014 (3+ year old cam) is a  flagship Canon camera and it is limited to full HD recording mode.  At 2018 If you look around at Sony a 6500 OR Nikon d500 all  these flagshp camera features 4K recording option. And some of the mid range mirrorless cameras also like Panasonic G85 (at B&H) features 4K video recording with 5axis Image stabilization (Dual I.S) at $897.

DXO Canon 7D Mark II

Sensor of 7D Mk II need an upgrade. And one of the most important thing you should note that the sensor of Canon 80d which is a mid-tier camera is better than of Canon 7D Mark II in terms of dynamic range and low light performance.

So, What I think that Canon should desperately update the 7D mark 2 camera as soon as possible without any delay.

Do share your thoughts with us.

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Canon 7D Mark III First Video Specs Leaked

Canon 7D Mark III image

We all know that next Canon flagship camera will have 4K video. But What Canon rumor said today, the Canon 7D Mark II Camera will have slight crop when you will shoot in 4K mode. Let’s take a look at the video specs of the upcoming Canon 7D Mk III camera.

Canon 7D Mark III Video Spec

  • 4K 24 / 30 FPS
  • Full HD 60 FPS

The Canon 7D mark II was announced on September 15, 2014. Let me remind you 2014 was a Photokina year and again in 2018 we are having Photokina event. So, there is big possibility to see the  7D Mark II successor this year.

Why 7D Mark II need a desperate update  ?

If you look around, other flagships APS-C like Nikon D500, Nikon D7500 and Sony A6500 features 4K video recording. So it has become necessary to upgrade the Canon 7D Mark II to match up against the market competition.

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Canon Working on 4/3 Format Sensor and 12-385mm F1.8-4.0 Lens

TheNewCamera Exclusive – Yes, Canon is working on 4/3 format sensor as well as 12-385mm F1.8-4.0 Lens for its upcoming camcorder.

This particular patent silently confirms that Canon is also somehow joining the 4/3 format race.  I personally think, instead of working on a single camcorder they should announce a 4/3 format based mirrorless series to compete against Panasonic and Olympus.

Take, a look look at the patent details below

Canon 4/3 Sensor based Camcorder

[Publication number] Japanese Unexamined Patent Application
Publication No. 2017-223752 (P2017-223752A) click here
[Publication date] December 21, Heisei 20 (2017.12.21)

More Details

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 4
Focal length: 12.00 – 385.00 mm
F No.: 1.85 – 4.00
ω: 39.06 – 1.61
Image height: 9.74 – 10.82 mm
Back focus: 24.11 – 11.01 mm
Lens length: 254.88 – 280.86 mm

See more Canon patent here