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Firmware Update

Canon EOS Cinema DSLR Coming Ahead of Photokina 2018

According to latest rumors coming from veteran rumor mills, Canon is preparing to announce a new kind of camera. based , sources suggest the camera will be somehow similar to Canon XC series cinema compact camera but will have an EF Mount.

The design of the camera is expected to remain similar to Canon XC15 compact cinema camera. As you can see in the patent image below, the camera having similar shape of XC series camera while having interchangeable lens arrangement with it.

Canon Cinema EOS DSLR Rumor

We got the first EOS Cinema DSLR rumor back in Sep 2017.  Based on the rumored information we have it, look like is developing a kind if Hybrid DSLR, a single solution of Cinematographers as well as still shooters.

But as we know the strategy inside Canon is always keep changing, and for the year of 2018. The company is putting more attention is growth and development of Mirrorless camera, let’s see what’s comes next.

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Upcoming Camera and Lenses Products Codes - Update May 2018

As usual the list we have for the upcoming camera of Canikon, Sony, Fuji and Leica. Unfortunately nothing has changed when compared to previous month.


PC 2352 – Digital camera
made in Japan
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
Size: 110.1 x 63.8 x 39.9 mm

Interchangeable lens 1
SKU: 2309C005AA
made in Japan

Interchangeable lens 2
SKU: 2439C005AA

The PC 2352 particular model is latest edition, Well canon have a lot of camera waiting to be announced. Check out here

Canon 5DS Mark II updates is delayed till 2019 as well as if we believe latest Canon will put more attention to Mirrorless this year even if there some cannibalization of DSLRs. That;s why Canon picked Canon EOS M50 for the introduction of Digic 8 image processor and new File formats. And this Photokina Canon is rumored to announce a new Fullframe flagship camera with 30MP DPAF sensor and a flasghip Mirrorless camera EOS M5 Mark II with 4K DPAF support as it was missing inside the EOS M50 camera.


N 1622 [Probably Nikon P1000 / P900 successor]
Digital camera
Made in China → made in Thailand
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Nikon N1710
Digital camera
Digital camera

Nikon N16F1
Remote controller
Wire type: Bluetooth 4.1 + LE
Battery: Coin type lithium battery CR 2032
January 5, 2018 FCC certification cancellation → February 28 re-registration

Nikon N16H0
Dot site for camera
Camera Code WW 771132

Digital camera
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

N1622 is rumored to be the successor of Nikon P900 camera. Nikon also have two more interchangeable lens camera in its pipeline, but its look like Nikon D650 is also due for announcement this year as well as we will also see Nikon D3500 this year.

FUJIFILM Corporation

Camera Code FF 180001
Digital camera
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Take a look at the list of Fuji upcoming camera this year. At the moment we don’t know FF180001 is for which model but we will update you soon as we get any details.


Camera code – 1546
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
The same radio parts as Panasonic’s TX 2 and GX 7 MK 3
(Of sample machine) Manufacture: Panasonic AVC Networks Xiamen Co., Ltd.
AC adapter for digital camera

Leica registered a trademark application for “Q2” few weeks ago , you can see the full details here. So, it is possible that we may see Q2 camera soon from Leica.

See Full list of upcoming cameras here

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Lens is as Sharp as Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens

Size difference between the lens image

Size difference between the Sony 28-75mm F2.8 RXD and Sony 27-70mm F2.8 GM – image credit CameraSize

Just few days ago announced the 28-75mm F2.8 RXD lens. The lens features weather proof design,  advance optics design with constant aperture support and Fast and Silent AF Motor. The price of the lens is only $799, which is less than half of Sony’s 24-70mm F2.8 GM series lens.

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Lens Review

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 FE lens first review publish at German website and we are literally surprised to see the test results of the lens, since the image quality of the lens is almost equal Sony 24-70mm F2.8 Lens image.

– The lens is compact and have less weight
– The Tamron is nearly as sharp as 2X  more expensive Sony 24-70mm GM lens.
– The Tamron also comes surprisingly close to the Zeiss Otus quality!
– CA is not an issue
– Autofocus seems like to work as well as Sony native lenses

– Missing focus button on the lens.
– Missing MF-AF switch
– 28mm at the wide end and not 24mm

The Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Dream lens is now available for Pre-order at B&H Store.

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Leica Q2 Coming - Leica Filed a Trademark Application for ‘Q2’

Leica filed a trademark application for “Q2” few weeks ago according to the information we have from trusted Japanese sources. That clearly indicates Leica is actively working to bring up the successor of the Leica Q fullframe Mirrorless camera.

Leica Q was announced on Jun 2015, So we can expect the arrival of Leica Q2 camera at the end of 2018 Or they can pick up Photokina event for Leica Q2 announcement.

Leica Q was limited to Full HD Recording mode (Leica Q full specs at B&H), we do expect that Leica Q2 will get 4K video and L-log support which is already present inside the SL series camera. A decent core specs upgrade is also expected with improvement in AF speed of the camera. The original Q version was also mission external mic. port so this time we do expect Leica will add it to improve user experience while creating a pro video.

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More Signs: Canon G7X Mark III Coming...

Finally, we got hints from reputed rumor mill that Canon G7X Mark II camera is discontinued by the manufacturer. Well that’s a great news if true. We have got multiple hints in the past that Canon G7X Mark III camera is expected to arrive in the year of 2018.

Few, month ago Canon registered a G series camera EC804 in wireless certification agency. According to Japanese sources the EC804 is a G series camera, possibly Canon G7X Mark III.

All these indicate we may see successor of Canon G7X mark II soon, possibly in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon Cameras Coming in Photokina 2018

What to expect from Canon this Photokina 2018 ? We are getting hints from the beginning of the year, that several new products from Canon is coming. Some of the major name in the list includes arrival of Canon Fullframe Mirrorless and Canon 7D Mark III camera. Take a detailed list of products expected to arrive this Photokina 2018

1. Canon Fullframe Mirrorless

Based on latest rumors Canon Mirrorless camera is on hands of few selected photographers worldwide.  That clearly indicates a big mirrorless announcement may happen soon, and as we have said in the past the best platform for announcement of such product is Photokina 2018.

The core specification of the camera isn’t know yet, but during the test (Model code K433) at wireless certification agency camera was having a 30 MP Fullframe sensor.

So, we are almost confirmed that the one of the Fullframe camera model is having 30 MP DPAF sensor. The image processor inside the FF Mirrorless is expected to be Dual Digic 8 for sure. On Video 4K with C-log support is also expected.

2. Canon 7D Mark III

Canon 7D Mark II is overdue for an update and the Canon 7D Mark III announcement is expected at the end of 2018 sometime in 2019. based on latest rumors and the strategy followed by Canon for the year of 2018. It’s look like Canon 7D III isn’t coming anytime soon.

3. Canon EOS M5 Mark II

One more APS-C Mirrorless announcement is expected this  year and we are hoping for next generation of APS-C flagship Canon EOS M-5 Mark II camera. As the Canon EOS M50 have limited 4K video mode with no DPAF support and additional 1.6X crop-factor over it. So, we are expecting Canon will pull out all those limitations in the upcoming APS-C flaghip camera. As for now we don’t have the exact date of arrival but we do expect its announcement before Photokina 2018.

4. Canon G7X Mark III

We have seen already a lot of hoax about the Canon G7X Mark III camera, we are almost confirmed that Canon G7X Mark III is one of the first Canon compact camera that have 4K video mode with DPAF support.  The announcement of the camera is expected on Summer of 2018.

Canon 90D Update  – Canon has registered two APS-C camera DSLRs at wireless registration agency. But, we are not expecting the announcement of Canon 90D this year, it is expected to arrive in the beginning or mid of 2019.

So, these are the set of cameras we are expecting on Photokina 2018. We will update this page whenever we get any new information.

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Canon Patent Computational Photography Camera

Canon working on computational photography. We can see in the patent image camera just similar to the light field l16 camera, with multiple camera modules on it.

So it’s completely new concept for a company like Canon, to enter into computational photography. BTW, all major Smartphone manufacturers using dual or even Quad camera setup to create depth of field like DSLR.

We have already seen Light field L16 camera with multiple camera module, that perfectly generates depth of field like Pro lenses.

Light L16 camera

Light L16 is first Light Filed or Computational Photography Camera. But it’s availability is limited to US only.

We also have to keep in our mind that it’s not always necessary something that we see as a patent will it make it into production.

The patent was published on Nov of 2012. So, is also possible that Canon may have some working prototype of Light field camera in its lab.

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