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Firmware Update

Canon Working on Ultra Fast Wide-angle Prime Lenses for FF Mirrorless Camera

Latest patents revels that Canon is working on multiple ultra-fast prime lenses for Canon RF Mount camera. The Patent document carries test results of three different lenses includes

Canon Latest Patents of Ultra Fast Prime Lenses

  • Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L
  • RF 16-35mm f/2.8L and
  • RF 12-20mm f/2L

It’s really great to see Canon is working on ultra fast prime lenses for the RF mount to make it more complete and usable to pros. We also hope new generations of EOS R series camera also on their way to surprise us next year.

Take a look at  the details of the patent below


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3 comments to Canon Working on Ultra Fast Wide-angle Prime Lenses for FF Mirrorless Camera

  • Dave Haynie

    Canon seems to be following a pretty interesting strategy with the RF mount… a smart strategy. They know that, for awhile anyway, the only people likely to buy a Canon R will be existing EOS EF (or EF-S) shooters. And probably those with a good kit of Canon glass already.

    Nikon launched the Z series with a bunch of pretty ordinarly lenses, just putting those on the Z mount. Canon is so far mostly launching glass you can’t get anywhere else. Which is going to make it easier for EF shooters to buy an EOS R and maybe on one of the cool new lenses. But do that for a few years, and Canon may be more attractive than the many, many other FF mirrorles.

    Glass was always the reason Canon and Nikon won, and their new systems are at a disadvantage against Sony and even Leica, if we restrict it just to full frame mirrorless, and hopeless against Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds if we don’t. There isn’t just one winner, but there may be too many players right now to expect them all to win. I like this Canon strategy. But they still need to fix their sensor issues.

  • Timothy McClanahan

    It’l be interesting to see what these lenses are priced at. A bunch of seriously pro-priced lenses for a semi-pro body is an odd move.

  • Rainer

    just look at the ridiculous length of these lenses LOL.
    I would prefer one 14mm/2.4 plus one 20mm/2.4 – both together much less weight and cost compared to these monster glasses.
    — price and weight just estimated by putting a thumb into the air (!) —

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