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Canon working on Curve Sensor [New]

Canon Curve sensor patent imageCurve sensor patent is not new, we have already published Canon curved sensor patent on March 2nd, 2016. In the latest patent is said to be piratically more easy to implement. Take a look at the details below translated from Japanese language

Patent Publication No. 2016-173496
Published 2016.9.29
Filing date 2015.3.17
However, generally a dark current is generated by the image sensor, especially since the time of or during long exposure sensitivity is sometimes noise due to dark current are noticeable, various noise reduction process is performed. On the other hand, the imaging surface imaging element is curved in the imaging element curved dark current generated by the imaging device is known to be reduced by the tensile stress at the time of the.

Canon patent
Curving the imaging surface drive means
Driving means magnetic force
Curvature of dark current noise is reduced
Curvature priority to the correction of the curvature of field aberration

You can see more patents here

2 comments to Canon working on Curve Sensor [New]

  • rf-design

    Mechanical stress does not measureable reduce leakage current in silicon diodes:

    page 116 figure 5-5

    it only change the forward bias voltage a little bit.

    Hot pixels or bad pixels results from crystal growing defects which change the bandgap much more and results in increase of diode leakage orders of magnitude over the mean avarage. The argument of leakage reduction is here a typical fake and disinformation procedure used in patents.

  • check

    If a sensor that supports a variable-curve (so it adjusts itself) was developed, this would open a whole new world for lens design. Imagine the lens-geeks designing lenses knowing that if they follow one technique it’ll “flatten” the curve of the sensor a bit, or follow a different technique and it’ll bend the sensor more, or control the sensor curve based on the zoom length. very interesting if this can be done! Most importantly I would hope it leads to smaller lenses. Everyone talks about smaller camera’s and going mirrorless, but to be honest the weight of a camera isn’t a concern today, the full frame camera’s outside of the 1D and D5 series are easy to handle. It’s the lenses that are a pain and mirrorless hasn’t brought much benefit in the lens department

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