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Firmware Update

Canon Working AF Phase and Contrast AF Calibration, Hybrid Viewfinders

Canon Working Hybrid Viewfinder and advance AF systems,  the screen shot of new Hybrid Viewfinder is on your screen, That will display additional information while getting AF done. Canon is also working to enhance the Phase and Contrast based AF system collaboration. Both will all together when you are using viewfinder of the DSLR. These patents are published in Japanese language so its bit hard to get everything from it.

Canon working on new Hybrid AF Module that will help upcoming Pro DSLRs to calibrate Phase + Contrast AF all-together to give improved AF performance while working in Viewfinder mode.

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Canon Working AF Phase and Contrast AF Calibration Patent Details

Application JP2018088400A events – 2018-05-01
Application filed by キヤノン株式会社, Canon Inc – 2018-05-01
Priority to JP2018088400A – 2018-09-13
Publication of JP2018142007A – 2019-02-26
Application status is Pending

Patent details: To enable focus calibration for focus detection based on phase difference detection to be achieved simply and efficiently for even a general subject without using a dedicated chart.SOLUTION: The present invention comprises: an imaging unit for photoelectrically converting a subject image formed by a photographic optical system and generating an image signal; a phase difference detection unit for detecting, on the basis of a pair of image signals of the subject image, a first in-focus position of a focus lens included in the photographic optical system by means of phase difference detection; a contrast detection unit for detecting a second in-focus position of the focus lens by means of contrast detection using the image signal; a calibration unit for correcting the first in-focus position using a correction amount calculated from a difference between the second in-focus position and the first in-focus position; and a subject determination unit for determining whether or not the subject image is suitable for detection of the in-focus position by the phase difference detection unit or the contrast detection unit before or during the calibration performed by the calibration unit.

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2 comments to Canon Working AF Phase and Contrast AF Calibration, Hybrid Viewfinders

  • admin

    Is it necessary to work on Phase and Contrast AF calibration method when you have DPAF Sensor ?

  • Dave Haynie

    All on-chip phase detect autofocus systems, including DPAF, are hybrid systems. They use DPAF for very fast approximate focus, then CDAF to nail that last little bit. However, in a traditional DSLR, it’s just the PDAF array. The DSLR PDAF dedicated sensors are usually more accurate BUT still not perfect, and they aren’t guaranteed to be at the precise focal point of the lens. Thus the need for lens calibration on DSLRs. It looks like Canon wants to add CDAF AF somewhere in a traditional DSLR for normal through-the-viewfinder AF, rather than on-chip DPAF/CDAF.

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