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Canon Upcoming DSLR Image Leaked


The image is posted by Canon Austria’s Facebook page yesterday and is now trending over the web, the DSLR appeared in the image is completely new,  since the design doesn’t seem to match the rear-side of any current Canon EOS DSLR, first take a look at the zoomed and cropped version of the DSLR  below..

Carefully look at the sliding Lock switch, click wheel and the shape of the buttons ….  and compare the image with the images of the current Canon 70D, 700D / T5i and 7D Mark II back images below…it doesn’t matches with any of them.


We hope that its a upcoming Canon 80D DSLR, since the lock switch below menu dial and vari-angle display resembles with Canon 70D DSLR. But if we look at the due date Canon 750D is also expected to arrive anytime soon.

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4 comments to Canon Upcoming DSLR Image Leaked

  • Marcus

    It´s the new 80D.

    The rebels don’t have a display on the top.

  • Marcus

    But there is no AF-ON.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think that the information I got is correct. I am not interest in APS-C cameras and get no prototype.

    There is no AF-ON Button and no flip-switch around the live view/video mode. The body is smaller than the 70D.

    So we will see maybe a Rebel with an top LCD. A few years ago I told Canon, that an DSLR without an LCD display make no sense. Maybe this is the reaction.

  • Haha Marcunt

    Yeah Marcus, because Canon listens specifically to you when it comes to what they build next. Yes, Marcus, because you aren’t interested in APS-C cameras, Canon most definitely values your opinion on an apparent APS-C camera. moron.

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