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Canon Upcoming Camera and Lenses 2018 - Update

According to latest rumours coming from Mills. Canon will going to announce new mirrorless camera ahead of photokina event in September 2018. And not only mirrorless announcement Canon will also going to do DSLR camera during photokina event.

If rumors are true, then what about cannibalization of DSLRs ?

Well that’s really interesting because few months ago Canon officially said, this year we will not going to see DSLR because there will going to be some kinda cannibalization inside Canon. This year they will going to keep their concentration on the development and announcement of mirrorless market instead of DSLR. And probably that’s why we have received some set of information in the past, that Major dslrs announcements are shifted to 2019.

Unannounced Cameras List

Now before we begin to talk about any current sets of latest rumours you have to look at the list of registered cameras from Canon, those who  are expected to announced in next few months.

As you can see, Canon have a a total of 8 models in the announcement pipeline. And Model K433 and K424 are Fullframe Mirrorless camera According to Japanese sources. We also have two DSLRs in the list and the model code is K436 and K437.

Canon Next DSLR Camera – No Fullframe DSLR in 2018 ?

However, if you are going to talk about the regular update cycle of dslrs, then Canon 7D Mark III camera is top on the list because the 7D II update is overdue from a long time. After Canon 7D Mark II the most outdated camera in Canon DSLR lineup after the Canon 5ds / 5dsr. So it’s really interesting to see the next DSLR from Canon.  However, in past we have seen some rumors that Canon 90D will going to arrive before the Canon 7D Mark III camera. The information we are getting related to DSLRs is completely hazy and uncertain, but we do have conformation from trusted sources that No Fullframe DSLR will going to arrive in 2018 from Canon.  We will going to update you very soon as if we get any new information related to the arrival of any DSLR or mirrorless camera.

 Fullframe Mirrorless in Photokina and one APS-C

We are confirmed that Canon will going to introduce Fullframe Mirrorless on Aug / September 2018. Now, let’s talk about Canon APS-C Mirrorless rumors. The Most outdated Mirrorless camera in canon mirrorless lineup is the flagship Canon EOS M5. One of the most important thing to know that the model sitting behind the Canon EOS M5 camera is Canon EOS M50, which was announced few months back. However, at the same time Canon also introduced some Limited set of a specification intentionally just like super – crop 4K format, and and unavailability of dual pixel CMOS autofocus system while recording 4K videos with Canon EOS m50 camera to make space for pro-model.

So, Intentional limit on EOS M50 and super-outdated E-M5 Specification indicate only one thing that we will going to see the Canon EOS M5 mark 2 camera in next few months. And as we have told you earlier also,  Canon will going to announce a high end Fullframe  mirrorless camera on or before the photoKina event and yes we are talking the K433 and K424 (one of them coming on September ).

Upcoming DSLR and Mirrorless Lenses in 2018

Well we have seen that rumour mills spot on accurate while predicting the announcement of Canon 70 to 200 mm lenses. Rumours says we still have to professional DSLR lenses announcement ahead of photokina 2018 event. And one mirrorless lens is also due for announcement and its name is the Canon EF-M 32 mm f 1.4 lens. And at the same time we will also going to see a new Kit lens just for APS-C had a photokina September event.

we have a big bunch of announcements coming in next few months related to Canon mirrorless DSLR and lenses announcement.

Canon EOS Cinema and ….

And finally let’s talk about Canon EOS cinema cameras, there will going to be a Canon EOS c300 Mark III camera announcement in next few months, and also we will going to see a new style of cinema camera body possibly a cinema hybrid EOS DSLR camera From Canon in near future.

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5 comments to Canon Upcoming Camera and Lenses 2018 – Update

  • Dave Haynie

    It will be interesting to see what Canon does in 4K. Their support for it so far has been terrible, either ridiciously cropping and ancient video CODECs, crippling other features, etc. They are going to have to risk some in-house competition, or they’re going to build cameras that don’t compete with any outside competition.

    I left Canon last month for good… much of it was based on needless crippling of lower-end gear. Other companies don’t do that.

  • Odin

    I agree Dave, Canon really has to bite the bullet on 4K an stop the ridiculous idea that somehow having good 4K support on DSLR/mirrorless will destroy their Cine line sales. THey are so far removed from being in competiton it’s laughable to think of them having to protect it. Sony has Cine line too and doesn’t stop them giving A7 series and A6xxx series frontline 4K features.

    I suspect Canon is getting the message albeit slowly but that the tide will turn over the next 12 months. Unlike the heydays of DSLR when Canon long were the best in sensor and AF, and could account for good sales based even with less features, in the mirrorless world Sony has set the bar high on features and performance. Canon is the going to have to be the disruptive upstart and be the one offering compelling feature set at excellent price point to move people away from Sony let alone keep people leaving them. Same applies to Nikon, but they have shown a willingness to offer full features at any price point, eg D500 vs D5.

    Still it’s exciting to know we will soon have 3 players in the FF mirrorless market and Nikon won’t be dicking around either, they are said to be going after the A73 strongly with their first FF entry. Competition is great. One thing Canon and Nikon will do much better than SOny is ergonomics and that may win them a lot of support if the features and performance are competitive with SOny.

  • etudiant

    New customers want good pictures and convenience. They don’t care about the details of how that is done.
    Mirrorless is a meaningless term to them. In fact, it is a marketing negative, as in : ‘You mean you’re taking something away from this camera?’
    Likewise, no one cares about 4K. It is a non issue for most new customers.
    Canon needs to look at what sells, compact convenience is what draws the buyers.

  • myInfo

    The EC804 is most likely the new G7X III

    It will be the first to support the new inhouse 1″ sensor with dual pixel autofocus.
    other improvements are 4k Video (without DP-AF) fast Gigisec8 Processor and GPS!

    The EC801 is a new premium travel compact PowerShot SX740
    the 40x zoom is identica to its redecessor. New are touch operation, Raw image format and build in GPS.

  • Cryssy

    “Canon will going to announce a high end Fullframe mirrorless camera on or before the photoKina event”

    Sorry but this claim from the article don’t sound real at all.
    Canon is not capable of building a hi-end mirrorless camera at a reasonable price, they do not have a fast readout CMOS sensor that is necessary for an action camera.
    Most probably their first FF mirrorless will be an entry level, with similar specs to the A7 mark II and cost around 1500…1800$.

    My advice, if you want a hi-end mirrorless don’t wait for Canon.

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