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Canon to Replace 7D Mark III with RF-Mount APS-C Mirrorless [Rumor]

According to latest rumor coming from rumor mills. Canon may postponed the announcement of Canon 7D Mark III, In favor of Canon RF Mount based APS-C Mirrorless camera.

It’s a clear indication that they are strictly following up the rule of DSLR cannibalization, at the same they don’t want to loosen up the versatility as they have in DSLR era. The  EOS M camera carry EF-M mount which is bit Isolated, and based on the set of rumors we have Canon may announce a EOS APS-C RF camera as a replacement of Canon 7D Mark III.

However, take this information with grain of salt. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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4 comments to Canon to Replace 7D Mark III with RF-Mount APS-C Mirrorless [Rumor]

  • Wayne

    Again? As long as they release vertical color filtering 4kp50/60 12bits+ visually lossless 4:4:4 cameras. The 7d II was a lost opportunity.

  • Rodney Brown

    So if this rumor is true and Canon brings out a this RF mount mirrorless camera I then imagine any lenses i have would be useless to use with this camera.Does Canon thing all photographers have deep pockets and can afford to buy this camera and a bunch of new lenses to use with it. Myself and many others want a crop sensor DSLR to replace the 80D and or possibly the 7D Mk iii

  • bh

    EF/EF-S lenses are full usable with adapter so where is problem ?

  • Stephen

    Sounds like an odd mive. There are no cheap RF lens options for the RP, and then they add an APS-C body?

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