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Canon SX70 HS is Dead ?



We are waiting for Canon SX60 HS successor for more than two years and no update arrived till now. We are now considering the Canon SX70HS as a dead camera.

Canon does have 3 100X optical zoom patent ( patent 1 patent 2 and patent 3) but when they will announce a 100X camera no one knows.

Sony HX100V was the last Sony megazoom camera announced on 2011, no successor arrived yet.

Sony almost crushed the production of small sensors compact camera and they also killed their megazoom series a while ago, the last megazoom compact camera from Sony was Sony HX400V announced on Feb, 2011.

After killing small sensor based compacts Sony concentrated on development of 1″+ sensor based RX series camera. And now we have new breed of compacts

Premium compact Zoom Camera Pro Compact
Sony RX100V Sony RX10 III  Sony RX1R II

Similarly Canon is also putting its concentration on 1″ sensor based compacts, they also killed Canon G16 successor along with other small sensor based compacts camera.

Premium compact Zoom Camera Pro Compact
Canon G7X Mark II Canon G3X  Canon G1X Mark II

Nikon also announced its DL series compacts but due to some serious issues production is still halted. At the same time Nikon is also giving attention to popular small sensor based Megazoom camera. Nikon Announced Nikon P900 (83X zoom) last year. But now due to the absence of perfect rival Nikon skipped the announcement of  Nikon P900 successor. No one present to compete against a year old Nikon P900.

Canon SX70HS is Dead ? Share your thoughts with us

10 comments to Canon SX70 HS is Dead ?

  • Canon Pro

    Even I think same.

    Despite of being a Professional Photographer I do carry a zoom camera and its name is Nikon P900.

    I was waiting for Canon SX60 HS successor for a while but I have changed my mind and bought Nikon, I am tired of waiting.

  • Setlla

    I confirm your news, Canon SX70HS is dead but Megazoom series is still arrive, will arrive with a different name.

  • Shutterbug

    I was waiting for last 2 years

  • Singhisking

    Yes the camera companies are moving towards bigger sensor compact camera. Small sesnor species becoming extinct

  • sonyARII

    We have many options, Canon users are most welcome… u must try Sony A7 mirrorlees camera once in a life.

  • I have always liked this Canon series recommended. Right now a well-known friend is on the Road with that Canon in South Africa. I hope that she is very satisfied with the results. But true, I think the Canon neglects this market. There are and I know a few, amateur photographers who are traveling around the world and want to have a small good camera like this Canon series.

  • After reading this

    After reading this article they will sure announce Canon SX70HS camera.

  • Paul Shishis

    I would like to see Canon bring back the eye viewer back on the power shot camera’s
    It is difficult to zoom on those high flying UFO’s by looking at the screen
    ie light reflection
    Thx for the update/s

  • Jon Wolf

    I think Megazoom cameras are great ,especially for amateur bird watchers etc who find dslrs and their price a bit of a challenge.I really hope they come out with a 100X

  • Mark Gillum

    I don’t know why Canon keeps us all in the dark about this. Their competitors have been releasing cameras left and right. Even long time Canon users are leaving for Sony, or Nikon to stay up front in the megazoom category. If they just announce a target release date, it would settle the crowd. It is well known that they have a patent for 100X zoom so what is the secret? It HAS, however, driven the prices up for the HS Series on the market by at least 20% while the wait goes on. And we KNOW the direction is toward longer zoom and larger sensors. Almost a 3 year time span between issue. Are they trying to change the market? If so, the improvements better be worth the wait.

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