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Canon SL3 / 200D Mark II is Not Coming Soon

Canon SL2 / 200D is a highly popular camera among Youtubers as well as still shooters also prefer it. But now people are concerned about the replacement of Canon 200D / SL2 camera. And we are getting questions from our users that when Canon SL3 is coming or may be Canon 200D Mark II.

But, let me tell you that the camera is completely safe to buy right now and if Canon goes on its own schedule then we still have 2 years left for its update. That’s Canon SL3 / 200D Mark II isn’t coming next year. Take a look at the announcement timeline of Canon SL series camera

1. Canon SL2 / 200D Successor Name

Canon should think twice before putting a name tag before any camera. Since we already have Canon 300D Rebel XT DSLR.  It was a mid-tier camera for beginners featuring a 6.3MP APS-C sensor announced back on 20 Aug 2003.

So, one thing is sure, Canon will not going to use Canon 300D name for Canon 200D Successor.

Now what options left in front of Canon, either they canon pick-up entirely brand new name or they should use it as in regular Canon Fashion as Canon 200D Mark II.

2. Canon SL Series Announcement Timeline

Camera Name Announcement Date Price
Canon SL1 / 100D March 21, 2013
Canon SL2 / 200D June 29, 2017

SO, if we see announcement time period of Canon 200D Mark II /SL3 camera. It’s not coming so soon.

3. Canon SL3 / 200D Mark II Expected Core Specification

We do believe that Canon next generation of Canon SL3 or 200D Mark II camera will carry 4K Video capability and Newly developed Sensor with better Dynamic range to satisfy the needs of Photographers as well as video creators.

What specification you want to see inside the upcoming Canon 200D / Sl2 camera ?

Do share your thoughts with us

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2 comments to Canon SL3 / 200D Mark II is Not Coming Soon

  • steven

    As we know Canon is putting more attention to Mirrorless, so its safe to invest Mirrorless camera or switch to a better brand

  • subrato1988

    Well I am using Canon 200D camera for a while and the AF speed is just amazing. But at the same time it would be great if next generation of Canon 200D series camera carry 4K video recording capability.

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