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Canon Powershot Pro1 X with 18 Megapixel APS-C sensor [Rumor]

After Canon big sensor compact G1X we may see new Canon Pro1X camera with same APS-C sensor as 650D, The Canon powershot Pro1 was announced on 2004 and still waiting for an update. See Canon Pro1 at Amazon
But at the end CR added that the source of the rumor is new and it should be taken as grain of salt.

1 comment to Canon Powershot Pro1 X with 18 Megapixel APS-C sensor [Rumor]

  • Alexandra Moore

    OMG, why oh whyndoes Canon use myopic designers fromthe Quasimodo Schhol of Ugliness to design its divital cameras…?
    Fuji, Oly,pus and. Leica are able to design with some degree of aesthetics and ergonomyics, unashamedly admitting that their abcestirs’ fot it right, mistly, with 35mm filn rangefinder design,
    Admitttedly, good design is a Eurioean cultural ideal, but the Japanese are able to itake an idea and reproduce the sense of it, orivding ey don’t give it to a committee of samurai militants. Sometimes they can originate something beautiful, but not with a committee of bean counters.
    A prioerly good new Canon G1X. (G2/3/4X?….) would include working fratures that produced basically adequate IQ to satisfy the PJ needs of agencies like Alamy.
    And for me, all their designer would needmdo is take inspiration fromthose very good Canon film rangefinder days if 35mm …. Like Fuji and Leica have done. A basic 35mm siE sensor will eventually be the norm as well.
    – Alexxxx

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