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Canon - No Fullframe / EF Lenses Coming Next Year

Is everything alright inside Canon ? Why they want to suffocate their DSLR lineup ? According to latest details coming out from an interview (yes, it’s not rumor) Canon will not going to announce any new Fullframe / EF lens on the year of 2019.

Major Parts of the interview

  • Canon promised to release the “holy trinity” of lenses in 2019 (24-70mm, 70-200mm, 16-35mm).
  • Even more interesting – Canon will not introduce any new F-mount lenses in 2019, but will focus all its efforts on RF lenses. New EF lenses will come later on (there are internal roadmaps for EF) but Canon knows it needs to catch up on its mirrorless lenses.

Lensvid interviewed Mike Burnhill from Canon Europe, however even the set of information coming out from someone who works in Canon that doesn’t mean it’s official. We have seen many times in past Company changes their schedule depending upon the type of situation they face in near future.

But if it’s true then we have very less chance to see New Canon EF Lenses in near future,

Also see ->> Canon Said – Expect Big Things

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3 comments to Canon – No Fullframe / EF Lenses Coming Next Year

  • Onno van Zijl

    Well this is away of saying we were wrong about mirrorless we have to go full on it to keep up all production needs to go to the delay in développement, sorry for taking sony not for serious, but it comes even worse the did take the client for an idiot and they will pay very dearly for this….. you will see soon when other’s do gear up.

  • Odin

    Well this is ok as long as they can make a much much better EOS R camera. Give me something that has a new mirrorless sensor and AF better than the 5D4, 8fps with tracking, eye-AF, IBIS, dual slots, 4K from both full frame and from 6K downsampled to 4K, then I’ll sell my 5D4 and happily get one. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Sony for mirrorless and they’ll probably have an A7R4 and A9II within 18 months or less. The EOS R lenses do look sweet though.

  • Dave Haynie

    You can kind of see Canon’s dilemma. They and Nikon have ruled SLR and DSLR for decades, and once they established EOS/EF, they were the choice because of fast cameras and large lens collections. Now they’re entering mirrorless, competing with four other companies on full-frame alone, Sony being the dominant player, and both Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm offering far more complete systems than they’ll see in five years. And now, the third new full frame, the Panasonics, will be in a partnership with Leica and Sigma. That means it’ll grow pretty fast, and it’s already, today, the second most complete full frame mirrorless system, even with just the one Leica SL body. And of course, their old nemesis is there in Nikon.

    So Canon’s got to think deeply about being the last-place or second-to-last-place company in terms of system offerings. And they’re also perpetually behind Sony, Nikon/Sony, and from the look of things, Panasonic/TowerJazz on sensors.

    For some years, the main customers for EOS R are going to be existing EOS users expanding to take in a mirrorless body. They really don’t have a good way to convince buyers without Canon glass to go to EOS R. Their sensor tech, at the very least, seems to prevent IBIS, force cropped 4K, and delivers a lower SNR than the other guys. Even being as huge as they are, and possibly winning the top slot in mirrorless this year thanks to EOS M, they’re still in trouble. So it’s pretty clear Canon needs to go big or go home, and it’s a good sign they seem to be taking the former option.

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