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Firmware Update

Canon Next Fullframe Camera with 26 Megapixel DPAF Sensor, Coming in 2019

According to the latest information we are getting from trusted Japanese sources, Canon next full frame camera will have a 26 megapixel full frame CMOS dual pixel autofocus sensor.

Registered Camera Model Code K433, More details below

  • Mirror-less camera
  • Full size
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Maximum image size of test machine: 6240 x 4160
  • Probably will be released within 1 year

Announcement on Photokina 2019

Canon full frame mirrorless camera is expected to be announced within next year. so, we are expecting that Canon will announce the next rumored fullframe mirrorless camera on next photokina event which is scheduled to happen in the May month of 2019.

Canon 26MP FF Mirrorless camera is next

That’s really interesting, because just 7 to 8 months from now the same Japanese sources revealed that they have spotted a full frame mirrorless camera with 30 megapixel sensor in the Indonesian wireless agency. And the information was highly accurate, and we have now the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera with 30 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor. Just in case they have again spotted a camera with 26 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor.

So, there is again big possibility that we may see 26 megapixel CMOS dual pixel autofocus sensor (a revised version of Canon 6D II sensor) in the next full frame mirrorless camera from Canon.

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3 comments to Canon Next Fullframe Camera with 26 Megapixel DPAF Sensor, Coming in 2019

  • stephen

    Lets hope the 26 megapixel sensor is improved upon the one in the 6Dii, and that the camera is not excessively crippled.

  • Odin

    Some rumours say this will be a higher end camera despite the fewer pixels. That 6DII sensor is rubbish and would be a disaster for a mirrorless sensor. This camera has to deliver in ways the EOS R failed, so it’ll need an all-new BSI sensor with much faster read speed.

  • Tim

    If it’s 26 mpx 6DII sensor and even lower entry compared to EOS R, that would annoy me enough to leave Canon. By then there would be so many players in the FF mirrorless. Canon glass isn’t that special as before.

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