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Firmware Update

Canon New L Series Lens Coming and Delay in 5DS Mark II Announcement ?

Finally, we have a word from reputed rumor mill and if everything goes on schedule we will sure see CANON EF 70-200MM F/4L IS II IS series lens on Month of April 2018. Not only Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM is also rumored to arrive this year, but recent rumors suggest that the announcement of Mirrorless lens may happen during the Photokina event of 2018.

Canon 5DS Update is Overdue, but no DSLR in announcement pipeline

Canon 5DS has become obsolete and canon should announce the 5DS Mark II asap . But, after entry level DSLRs announcement no more new DSLRs are being listed on wireless certification agencies, it’s a bad news for 5DS users those who are expecting 5DS Mark II in 2018 . Even, when canon register a product, the company takes at least 3 to 4 months of time to announce it officially. So, current situation suggest us that, we will not going to see any DSLR from canon before September of 2018.

PC 2352 – More Canon Mirrorless Announcement Soon ?

Yes it is, Canon registered Camera PC 2352 with wireless module WM600, in general Canon uses the PCxxxx series for its Mirrorless cameras and Pro series compacts. This year Canon is more serious about its mirrorless products so we may see a new Mid-range / high-end Mirrorless in next few months and Finally a FF Mirrorless in Sep 2018.

We will update you soon as we get any new information related to Canon Rumors.

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5 comments to Canon New L Series Lens Coming and Delay in 5DS Mark II Announcement ?

  • Odin

    If Canon is smart delay the 5DsII to release it as a mirrorless. Get it right and they could give Sony A7R3 a real scare. If they are serious they need to stop crippling and gimping cameras and stuff this to the gills with tech and features.

  • Regis Tolbert

    5DS Mark II announcement only.

  • Regis Tolbert

    I am only interested in the Canon 5Ds Mark II announcement.

  • I for one have little interest in a mirrorless camera. A clear optical viewfinder is very important to me. I can go mirrorless now by just going to live view. I do that a lot if for no other reason than mirror lock up. But I always compose through my optical viewfinder.

  • AS

    @Ted York,

    Boy are you clueless. If you use the live view LCD display, then already you have admitted why mirrorless is so important.

    The LCD display is piece of crap. Its so difficult to see in bright daylight and as you get older, you can’t even close focus to see sharpness etc. without glasses. Also shooting with the camera LCD display is so amateurish and shaky cam.

    You have no clue what mirrorless means. Its the EVF that is key. Its about seeing real-time like an IMAX/Augmented Reality view of what is happening as the sensor is seeing it… WYSIWYG. You see it like the Terminator sees & acquires its target. If it looks right, you press the shutter button, no need to chimp.

    My Sony LCD rear panel is permanently turned inwards. I don’t even use it!

    Like I always say, clueless Canikonians.

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