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Firmware Update

Canon New Cine Lens Patent

A new Canon Cine lens patent surfaced over the web, the lens covers 17 to 90 mm focal length with constant F4 aperture. Take a look at the patent details below

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1
Zoom ratio: 5.29
Focal lenght: 17.00 to 90.00 mm
F No.: 4.00 constant
ω: 42.45 to 9.80
Image hight: 15.55 mm constant (for Super35)
Lens length; 235.17 mm constant
BF: 34.42 mm constant (NOT for EF mount)

one more image after the break

Canon Lens Patent Image

source hi-low

4 comments to Canon New Cine Lens Patent

  • Oleg Gontrar

    Someone please tell me what exactly the difference between normal and cinelens? I guess clickless apertue is one of them?

  • Oleg Gontrar

    Someone please tell me what exactly the difference between normal and cine lens? I guess click-less aperture is one of them?

  • Andy

    It’s a tool to show the world now you have become a professional film maker and invested more than $1xxxxxx in camera system, that’s all.

  • Timothy Mcclanahan

    A cine lens will have an aperture ring (clickless), will be parfocal, will exhibit little to no breathing, should be measured in T stops, not f-stops. It will often have back focus adjustment. If a part of a lens line, they will generally be the same size and all have the control rings in the same location for ease of swapping out on a rig, plus being color matched optically.

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