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Canon Mirrorless Camera Sales below expectations

fiscal year sales graph 2018

It’s look like Canon isn’t so happy with their market share right now. Although they have very limited Fullframe Mirrorless camera models in market. Take a look what Canon thinks about their market share

An executive of a parts manufacturer that supplies Canon’s mirrorless camera parts said, “I thought that sales would increase with the introduction of full-size mirrorless, but it was at a level that did not reach the initial plan at all. “We have no choice but to change the management plan.”

We do believe that Canon should speed up the development and announcement of their Mirrorless camera and lenses.  Back on September  Nikon publicly said that they are speeding up the development and announcement of Mirrorless camera, so for sure next year we will see a major expansion in Nikon Mirrorless cameras range. Canon should do the same, they have joined the mirrorless world bit late, so they have to work hard to gain mirrorless market share.

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4 comments to Canon Mirrorless Camera Sales below expectations

  • Wayne Morellini

    More models in a time that people don’t want them, are killing the industry. People walk into a shop and see a sea of black with not much product differentiation, which the unseasoned user struggles to define.

    As I said before, three models rule, low end, medium and high end. Which here means three below $1000, and three above are plenty. Closer to three in total, are better. All the retail space they are trying to consume is forcing people to a mobile phone display.

  • admin

    @Wayne Morellini

    Canon need to simplify their range as Sony did with A7 series. At the same time they should speed up the Mirrorless camera announcement and development program.

  • Odin

    Fewer better cameras than a multitude of mediocre ones. EOS R is very ordinary effort.

  • Cristian Chelaru

    It’s simple: raises the prices in order to make more profits.

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