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Canon G2 X Specification [Rumor]

Canon G1 X is announced at Jan 9, 2012 so its It may be too early to expect a Canon G2 X, but it is not too early to publish a rumored specification, according to the specification Canon G2 X may arrive with improved Hybrid AF system like Canon EOS M, better image processor and newly designed lens with 2X more optical zoom and better macro performance. see the rumored specification below

Canon G2X Rumored Specification

  • Improved AF system (Phase + contrast detect)
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor, to improve the overall speed of the camera
  • Very short release time lag – electronic first shutter curtain
  • viewfinder field of vision increased upto 97%, built-in rear-projection LCD panel
  • New Lens – Increase in focal length of 26-130, aperture 2.7-5.6 and better macro performance
  • Base ISO starts from 50
  • High resolution LCD with 1,040,000 screen dots.
  • Price similar to current Canon G1 X

Please take this with a grain of salt: it is just a rumor for a new source.

Canon G1X at Amazon

4 comments to Canon G2 X Specification [Rumor]

  • marc post

    Canon G1x

    Will is incorporate HDR and other features found on the
    Canon G15. Are we sure the lens will not be a faster lens
    say 2.0 or 1.8

  • ThomasT

    The Oly xz2 has a f1.8-2.5, BUT the rumoured lens for the next generation xz3 is f1.4-1.8, as Oly has just applied to patent that one! Oly has a tiny sensor, but smaller camera than G1X that goes into belt pack. Tough to choose when to, and how to enter the experimental digital age. Till then.. velvia.

  • Danie

    For me, if Canon can include an up to date sensor with much faster hybrid AF (especially for low light) even with the same kind of resolution. That together with a 1.4m LCD and similar resolution EVF leaving a bit more space for a bit faster lens and maybe a little bit longer as well (hopefully significantly better at macro) and then add the new DIGIC 6 and all the new stuff that brings to the table then I think this is pretty much the camera for me at the moment.

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