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Canon EOS Rx Specification [Expectation]

Let’s talk about Canon next mirrorless camera. We all know that Canon just announced the Canon EOS Ra camera and Canon is also scheduled to announce sports oriented full frame mirrorless camera named Canon EOS Rx as well as Resolution dedicated full frame mirrorless camera Canon EOS Rs hat will be a direct replacement of the Canon 5ds series.

Let’s talk about the Canon EOS Rx camera what set of possible specifications may arrive inside the camera. we will going to discuss in this article.

1. Canon EOS Rx Sensor

Let’s begin with the sensor, we do believe that canon will reuse the Canon 1dx Mark II 20MP FF sensor in the upcoming Canon EOS Rx camera. But for sure they will re-design and optimize for mirrorless camera. Since its sports camera, so we don’t expect a higher resolution sensor inside the RX body.

2. Third generation of dual pixel CMOS autofocus system

As we all know Canon 90d, EOS M6 Mark II camera, 200D mark 2 camera are using third generation of dual pixel CMOS autofocus in system. We do believe that can and will going to implement a more improved version of the existing dual pixel autofocus in system we have seen in the new mirrorless cameras.

3. Canon EOS Rx AF Points

Canon EOS Rx camera is expected to have a blazing fast autofocusing speed with more than 5000 autofocusing points on sensor, and superfast eye-tracking of subjects as we have in the Sony cameras.

4. Canon EOS Rx Image processor

To boost the operational speed of the full frame mirrorless camera, canon will use dual Digic 8 image processor in their upcoming us RX mirrorless camera. And as we know with new / advance image processor camera Canon always introduces new AF algorithms and Image decoding algo. So, we can expect a slight jump in image quality compared to Canon EOS 1DX Mark II.

5. Canon EOS Rx Burst Speed

Mechanical continuous shooting speed of the camera is expected to remain limited to 16 frames per second, whereas the electronic shutter of the camera will support continuous shooting speed up to 30 frames per second with AF. And, of course it will going to blew away the existing Sony a9 to camera with 20 frames per second continuous shooting speed.

6. Canon EOS Rx ISO Range

Technically, with the help of new image processor and redesigned image sensor the Canon EOS Rx will offer 1 stop more ISO range than of Canon 1DX Mark II. The Canon EOS Rx will feature standard ISO range 50-102400 and expandable ISO range upto 819200. Together with an AF system with sensitivity down to -6EV (already available in the EOS R), best in class AF sensitivity.

7. Canon EOS Rx video mode

Canon EOS r x camera will have 4K video recording mode without any crop with full sensor readout. At the same time due to ultrasensitive low light sensor the camera will allow users to capture amazing videos even in low light conditions.

8. Announcement date of Canon EOS Rx camera

Canon mein announce Canon EOS r x camera at the end of 2020, are we may have a development announcement from Canon.

9. Price of Canon EOS Rx camera

Canon EOS RX camera is expected to have a price tag somewhere between 4000 to 5000 Dollars.

Do share your suggestions and exceptions with us.

7 comments to Canon EOS Rx Specification [Expectation]

  • Dave Haynie

    If they’re reusing the EOS 1D X II sensor, they’re not getting 1EV better DR. If it’s a new sensor based on that original design, that’s a different story. And really, if Canon is dropping a 3-4 year old sensor into a flagship camera, they’re not even trying anymore. It’s new or it’s a dead product. Sure, it could still be 20 megapixels. But there’s about zero chance than the sensor from the 1D X II could sustain a 30fps readout. Heck, even a 20fps readout would be a surprise. A 2019 sensor or bust!

  • Dave Haynie

    If “end of 2020” is the rumored date, this is all pure fiction. Even Apple doesn’t have that kind of leaking… mostly.

  • Maybe the Rs and the Rx cameras are the same. Maybe that 80mpx sensor divided by 4 results in a camera of 20mpx with high dinamic range. Maybe both worlds in one.

  • Odin

    It won’t get the 1DXII sensor at all, if anything it’ll get the 1DXIII sensor 2021 at earliest.

  • admin

    It’s just a expectation article, written a month back and published few days ago.

    Btw, I personally feel that Canon will keep a gap 1+ year (approx 14 months) between the shipping time of Canon 1DX Mark III and announcement time of Canon EOS Rx professional.

  • Odin

    Before they release a mirrorless 1DX successor, how about aiming a bit lower and releasing even a 5D4 successor or a 7DIII successor.

  • admin


    Totally agree, they killed one of the most popular APS-C flagship camera line.

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