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Canon EOS Rs to feature 65MP CMOS Sensor [Rumor]

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon EOS RS may carry 65MP CMOS Sensor. Based on the initial set of hints One of Canon Camera working prototypes spotted with 65MP FF CMOS Sensor. So, there is possibility that we may see Canon EOS RS camera with Canon made 65MP Sensor.

Canon EOS Rs with 65 MP or 80MP Senor ?

As we all know few weeks ago rumor mills reported that Canon is working on a new high resolution 80MP sensor.

We do believe since Canon EOS Rs is a pro-grade mirrorless camera so there will be multiple MP variants for the same, Rumor is coming from anonymous sources so take it with grain of salt.

We will update you s0on as we get any new information.

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5 comments to Canon EOS Rs to feature 65MP CMOS Sensor [Rumor]

  • Mike

    I am waiting for Canon 5DS update for a long time. Hope, it will arrive with better DR and Low-light performance then of 5DSR camera.

  • Sam

    ….is this a good time to purchase a 5Dsr camera or just wait a while? i would love to have a high rez sensor camera such as 5DsR.

    I am long time Canon user and I don’t want to buy fancy Sony cams.

    i can wait a while and use my 5D IV, which is a great camera in every way!

  • Nicole

    Although i am not in a dire situation but another year of waiting is a bit tough with uncertainty whether canon will introduce a 5DsR II or not!

    Better to wait for Canon EOS RS camera with 65MP sensor.

  • Peter

    I am working with the EOS R as a pro for companies and magazines. I am expecting from the next EOS R camera, IBIS, dual card slot, a more discreet shutter sound for interviews(stills), and definitely not a megapixel monster.

  • admin


    Next EOS R camera (Canon EOS R Mark II) will sure have all the stuff you want. I am talking about Canon EOS Rs Camera.

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