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Canon EOS RP Sample Images

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Canon EOS RP Sample Images finally available now. You can download high resolution sample images here. As we all know that Canon EOS RP camera uses the same sensor we have already seen inside the Canon 6D mark II camera. So, if you are someone who wants to dig out details from shadows the EOS RP is not made for you. The camera also doesn’t do full justice when you use EOS RP for Wide Dynamic range based Landscape shots. But other than that it’s a great camera. When you are shooting a event or doing a portrait session, the camera is of course on of the best choice present in the market today.

Canon EOS RP Sample Images

See some more samples at 100% scale. you can view / download images too for personal use [Link below]

Canon EOS RP Sample Images Full Resolution

Many websites also published the sample image of the EOS RP. You can check out the links below

2 comments to Canon EOS RP Sample Images

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    Seeing these images, the RF expectations on portability and price that I had, fall apart for instants. God, what a disaster. Canon for when the evolution of CMOS ???.

    Viendo estas imágenes, las expectativas RF en portabilidad y precio que tenía, se me desmoronan por instantes. Por Dios que desastre. Canon para cuando la evolución de los CMOS???.

  • By no means I meant the administrator is not a good photographer, what I try to point out here is that there are too many lenses and too many ways to do photography as well as too many photographers that you can’t judge a specific camera brand or series just because that one picture. Get it like I did and then see for youself..!

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