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Canon EOS R5 Killed 1DX Mark III Sales ?

We know that Canon is in DSLR cannibalization mode from March 2018. But, they have done something weird that no one ever expected from Canon. Just after 1 month, from the announcement of Canon 1DX Mark III camera, Canon announced the development announcement of Canon EOS R5 camera. With far better core specification we have in the Canon 1DX Mark III and despite being a more compact mirrorless camera Canon EOS R5 will have in-body IBIS and DUAL card slots.

Canon 1DX Mark III Sales chopped off  in favour of Mirrorless?

It looks like Canon doesn’t want to disappoint their professional DSLR camera users, and that’s why they have introduced the Canon 1DX Mark III camera on time with a decent set of upgrades. At the same time they are also willing to move their user base on Mirrorless zone as per the DSLR cannibalization policy they have. As expected, just after the announcement of Canon EOS R5 (development announcement) we are getting feedback from Canon users those who were waiting for 1DX Mark III, now they are waiting for Canon EOS R5. It clearly indicates that Canon is now preferring Mirrorless cameras more compared to their DSLR range.

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6 comments to Canon EOS R5 Killed 1DX Mark III Sales ?

  • Tristan.W

    EOS R5 won’t have dual CFE card slots.

  • Robert Conklin

    As a sports and wildlife photographer I’m not waiting for anything other than the 1DXIII. Mirrorless cameras are too small in size and so are the buttons. Until manufacturers figure that out, DLSR will continue to be successful cameras.

  • admin

    It will have Dual Card Slot.

  • Andreas1968

    Yes, dual card slot but not dual CFE card slot.

  • admin

    That’s typo buddy

  • Man Chu

    It’s still a big different between 1Dx mk3 and R5, I prefer OVF is better then EVF, and 1Dx control is sharp and fast then R5.
    Hope canon company will focus on EF lens system again, hope, the EF lens upgrade design with RF50/1.2 and RF85/1.2 is very perfect for DSLR. Hahahah

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