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Firmware Update

Canon EOS R5 Heating Issue

Canon EOS R5 Heating issue is now floating up. As per the latest reports, the Canon EOS R5 camera gets heat up once you reach the recording time limit in 8K or 4K [over-sampling] video recording mode. Once the time limit is reached the Camera needs a standby time of 10min after that in 4K video recording mode you can record an additional 10min clip and then again you have to take a 10min break. More details in table below

Canon EOS R5 Over-Heating Details

Movie Recording Time Size & Limit Recording Time MAX
8k RAW 30p 20 Min
8k 30p 20 Min
4k 120p 15 Min
4k 60p NO CROP 35 Min (30 + 5 Min)
4k 60p YES CROP – 5.1K Oversampling 25 Min
4k HQ 30p – 8.2k Oversampling 30 Min
4k 30p No Limit By Heat / No Overheating issue

So, if you are recording 4K videos in normal mode, you will face no overheating issue. It’s better to invest in the Canon EOS R6 camera if you are interested in recording 4K videos with you Canon Camera. Since the Canon EOS R6 also creates 4K HQ videos by 5.2K oversampling and we haven’t heard any overheating issues related to Canon EOS R6.

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2 comments to Canon EOS R5 Heating Issue

  • Jeff Krueger

    After watching the Canon product announcement on Thursday morning, what you are saying is EXACTLY what they said in the release. SO, what is the issue and why present this as an flaw in the product? Not a flaw, it’s a spec….

  • admin

    EOS R5 heating issue isn’t mentioned in the global release, we have to tell our users the truth. We are not sponsored by any camera maker.

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