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Canon EOS R X / Pro Mirrorless Camera Coming Before Q1 of 2020

According to latest rumors Canon EOS R X / PRO Professional camera is coming at Q4 of 2019 or may be at Q1 of 2020. The sources of the rumor mill suggest the camera will be announced alongside with Canon 1DX Mark III.

We don’t know how much this information is credible since it’s coming after Nikon D5 equivalent Mirrorless camera news broke out.

Rumor mill believes Canon 1DX Mark III and Canon EOS RX (or whatever the name will be) both will be coming along side but we don’t. We don’t want to talk about rumors right now, only logical facts what we have.

Take a look what Canon Representatives said in an interview back on 2018

  1. The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 is coming up – when we look at photographers shooting with Canon at Tokyo in two years time, what will we see?
  2. The Tokyo Olympics is a very important opportunity for us. If we look at the professional camera market, we would like to introduce a professional model at that time. Having said that, we take reliability very seriously. So when we talk about [creating] a model for the Olympics, we’re not just talking about performance. We’re also want to make sure that we can achieve the same level of reliability that we’ve always delivered [in our professional DSLRs].

Canon rep. literally confirmed that they will be announcing a pro model before Olympics of 2020. In their answer they didn’t say they will be announcing Mirrorless OR DSLRs.

The interview was published back on December 20th, 2018, at that time we have per-assumed that they are talking about a DSLR, specifically successor of Canon 1DX mark II.

I think now you have the answer. The time has changed and now both DSLR makers are now putting attention towards Mirrorless cameras and they are shifting their consumer base slowly to Mirrorless zone by cannibalization of DSLRs.

From Nikon president we have got clear hints that Nikon will be releasing Nikon D6 Mirrorless edition in near future.

Canon into DSLR cannibalization from past year, and its look we will be having our Canon EOS RX / PRO camera in next 7-8 months. Canon 1DX Mark III camera will be delayed.

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2 comments to Canon EOS R X / Pro Mirrorless Camera Coming Before Q1 of 2020

  • Rodney Brown

    I do not care about any mirrorless cameras I want to know if and when the 90D will be released

  • GMak

    We are at an interesting time – the conversion to mirrorless cameras is well underway. It’s always the same, with diehards of the “old system” saying “the new system isn’t as good,” which is what almost everyone says at the beginning of any transition. The same was said about film to digital. And of course, they were right, as the early digital was not as good as film. But as with anything else, time is on the side of new technology not old. Film was as good as it would get, while digital was just getting started. So, too, with mirror and mirrorless. Time is on mirrorless’ side. And we’ve reached a tipping point with full-frame mirrorless. How exciting!

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