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Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z7 - Dynamic Range Test

Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R
Take a look at the dynamic range test between recently announced Nikon Z7 and the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. Photonstophotos is the first website to publish the test Dynamic range test score of both the camera. In the initial test we can see that Nikon Z7 sensor is giving us a 1 stop more dynamic range compared to the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera.

Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z7


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4 comments to Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z7 – Dynamic Range Test

  • subrato

    Why only 1 fullframe Mirrorless camera in Canon ? No other option…

  • Giovanni Fanuele

    Il range più ampio e anche molto più lineare nella resa!
    Brava Nikon, anche se Canon non è lontana, un diaframma è sempre un diaframma che in assoluto, non è poco!
    Mi aspetto una differenza netta nella “Z6” che poi, è quella a cui sono più interessato!3

  • EOS R gives the highest DR at ISO 160, as seems to be with all Canon sensors. At higher ISOs, the EOS R sensor DR is better than the Nikon sensor DR.

  • jigglygoop

    Good to know that the DR of the EOS R and Z7 are very similar from ISO 100 to the highest range if not better, except at ISO 50. Does EOS R really have ISO 50 though?

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