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Canon EOS M6 Mark II Sample Images

Canon EOS M6 MarkĀ  II Camera finally announced by Canon and features same 32.5 high resolution sensor as we have in Canon 90D camera. With the intro of new Digic 8 image processor and new image decoding algorithms we do hope we 32.5MP sensor will impress us with its dynamic range and low-light performance. BTW, let’s have a look at some of the official sample images of the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Sample Images

Download high resolution images

3 comments to Canon EOS M6 Mark II Sample Images

  • bh

    only ISO 100 images ?

  • admin

    Yes, since after ISO 1600 we have some noticeable noise and after ISO 6400 you have to use lightroom to make it usable.

  • rantinator

    For many people the high iso performance is very important.

    The camera is very impressive and could be a nice sidekick for my full frame camera, but i fear the ridiculous high resolution will have some negative effects on high iso performance so of course high ISO images are very interesting.

    I do not need a sample image that looks good but instead something that shows me what to expect from that camera.

    I know it is an APS-C model and not a full frame model, so i expect some worse performance in high ISO Situations. But until now i have seen a few acceptable 6400 ISO images, but also some terrible ones with only ISO 2000 and all of them have not been taken in really dark situations but in daytime or twilight only. So things can even get worse at night.

    Therfore i am browsing for some more high iso sample images of the camera, to get a clue, what it is able to do and what not.

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