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Canon EOS M20 Coming in August 2017 ?

Canon EOS M Mirrorless camera image

According to latest rumors canon will going to announce a new entry level mirrorless camera at the end of august 2017 (we have told you). the camera will be successor of popular Canon EOS M10 camera and it is also true that the camera may carry 24 MP dual pixel CMOS auto-focusing sensor. The name of the camera isn’t know yet, what we do expect that the camera would be called Canon EOS M.20.

Although the upcoming Olympus entry level mirrorless camera is rumored to carry 4K capability We don’t expect at the moment that upcoming EOS M20 will going to have a 4K video mode inside it.

Also see Canon 7D Mark III and Canon 90D expected to arrive on…

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4 comments to Canon EOS M20 Coming in August 2017 ?

  • Odin

    M20 has as much chance of getting 4K as Trump has of not being a lying moron. Canon just hate the idea of putting 4K into anything costing less than $3K.

  • Brad

    Canon should be putting more effort into their full frame mirrorless than another aps. I thought a photography forum was more to help people decide and compare products to better themselves in their passion or profession, not political comments.

  • Odin

    Hey Brad start your own website if you don’t like it. Looks like I hit a raw nerve with a Trump groupy

  • Brad

    Odim Sorry din’t know this was your website. Just being respectful no matter who. Just like to talk new cameras etc. Is nikon going to beat canon to the full frame mirrorless. If so maybe its time for a change,I”m an old Mamiya 645 shooter till I retired from doing weddings. Switched to canon digital to go a little liter. Hoping Canon kicks it into gear.

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