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Canon Best Cameras of 2020

Let’s talk about the list of best canon cameras available in 2020. We have selected the best Canon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras of 2020 for you. Weather you are a hybrid shooter or a dedicated youtuber you can use our buying guide to select the best Canon camera of 2020.

1. BEST CANON CAMERAS OF 2020 Quick Guide

#1 in our list is Canon 200D II / SL3
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#2 in Our List is Canon EOS M6 Mark II
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#3 Canon 90D
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#4 Canon EOS R
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2. Best DUO – Canon EOS M6 Mark II and Canon 90D

The best canon cameras to buy right now are Canon EOS M6 Mark II and Canon 90D Camera. Canon M6 Mark II camera is Canon first APS-C Mirrorless camera to feature uncropped 4K Video recording. The Canon M6 Mark II camera also features 32.5MP High resolution CMOS sensor and as we have seen the Sensor  Dynamic Range performance is  similar to Sony’s A6500 camera.

Canon 90D is the best DSLR camera from Canon in 2020 – Apart from all those good stuff we have discussed above, the Canon 90D Camera also fetaures some added benefits. With Canon 90D camera you can capture 1300+ shots in a single charge which is not possible with any mirrorless camera right now. Canon 90D is also weather sealed and features extended grip design that makes u feel wow when u pick this camera in your hand.

3. Why No to Canon EOS M50 in our list

Canon EOS M50 is bit old now the core specs of the camera isn’t as good as of Canon 200D II. The new Canon 200D II / SL3 camera features advance image processor and 3rd genration of DPAF sensor with eye AF tracking. So, Canon 200D II / SL3 camera is a better option compared to Canon EOS M50. If you want to buy a mirrorless camera in Canon the best option right Now is Canon EOS M6 Mark II or you can wait for  Canon M60 which is scheduled to arrive on Q4 of 2020.

4. Why No Canon EOS RP in our List – A expensive outdated camera

Canon EOS RP more and less using the same sensor we have seen in Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera.  So, still images are impressive but not good as other cameras of the same class. At the same time we have to face excessive crop issues while recording 4K videos and DPAF support available. So, the best option right now is Canon EOS R is u want a FF Mirrorless camera in Canon.

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