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Canon and Nikon To Announce Pro Mirrorless Systems - Nikkei Japan

We already know that Canon and Nikon is ready to announce Mirrorless camera, possibly at the end of 2018. Not only that we already know the registered code name of Canon Fullframe Mirrorless camera and at the same time that particular model do have a 30 Megapixel DPAF Sensor inside and all these are confirmed set of specification not a speculation.

Now at the same time Nikon is silent till now and everything looks foggy about Nikon Mirrorless systems. There is no solid information available and even Nikon not registered any new products for wireless certification which is really a annoying thing.

Canon and Nikon To Announce Pro Mirrorless Systems

The most important thing is Nikkei – Leading News paper of Japan admitted that “yes they will going to announce pro models in future”.

TNC – man ki baat

Well DSLR market is shrinking and DSLRs giants also wants to jump on the mirrorless ship. But before they jump they should do a self analysis, why did they failed as a DSLR maker ? Price vs Specs ratio is one of the most important thing that they should care about. Sony is offering a $2K mirrorless camera whose AF system, low light performance and Video is more advance than $5K or $6K flaship DSLRs.

Just imagine if Canon announces a DSLR @  $2K or even $3K whose specs are better than Sony A7III and it support EF mount lenses, which camera will you will buy ? DSLRs sales are going down due to their outdated specs and high cost not due to weight or size.

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3 comments to Canon and Nikon To Announce Pro Mirrorless Systems – Nikkei Japan

  • Dave Haynie

    Canon has been the worst at competing. They behave as if no other companies exist, and so their only concern is getting you to buy more expensive Canon models by leaving out features in lower-end models.

    Let’s look at 4K video. Panasonic put that in the GH4 four years ago and drank Canon’s 5D mark III milkshake. Years later and the 5D mark IV does clumsy 4K… wouldn’t want someone not buying a Cinema EOS camera instead. Meanwhile, Sony, Panasonic, and even Olympus put 4K in all their consumer cameras. Fujifilm and Nikon, neither video focused, started supporting it this last year. Every flagship smartphone shoots in 4K video. This is a mainsteam consumer format at this point and Canon’s still holding back.

    And you could find other things just like that. I moved to Olympus over these last few years… Canon didn’t just lose my business, they pushed me out the door.

  • Steven

    Well Canon and Nikon is about to die… that’s the fact.

    Beacuse they are finalliny losing the native EF and FX mount.

  • are you there ?

    .I am a long time Nikon 1 series used and I feel that Nikon do have all the technology they should have for a perfect mirrorless camera why they are waiting I don’t know

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