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Canon 7D Mark III Coming Q2 of 2018 and more...


Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 90D creative pic

According to latest rumors Canon 7D Mark III camera will arrive on arrive Q2 of 2018 with improved video specification (including 4K). Canon 7D Mark II was announced on Photokina 2014 with a decent core specification that can impress any still shooter, but the video was limited to Full HD mode only which was a big disappointment among those who create films and shoot videos. Being  limited to Full HD mode is obliviously a big lag for a $1.5K professional APS-C camera, Since other professional APS-C sensor based systems like Nikon D500 and Sony A6xxx do offer 4K video to users.

The news isn’t limited to Canon 7D Mark II successor only, Canon 80D successor Canon 90D likely to be arrive at CP+ trade show in February. Specification of the Canon 90D camera isn’t Known yet, According to tipster of rumor mill Canon 90D will arrive before Canon 7D Mark III.

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6 comments to Canon 7D Mark III Coming Q2 of 2018 and more…

  • Marcus

    The new Nikon camera and the 7D Mark III camera is amazing.

    Both cameras are out for testing.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    If the Canon 7DmarkII is a performance marvel, the 7DMarkIII can be the squaring of the circle. Now that I would ask the future 7D3:

    1º) It would have to be the 1st camera with sensor APS-C that had the option of 50º wing.
    2). Being the smaller shutter than the synchro speed will not lower 1/300, like the Canon D1 mark4.
    3º) Option to adjust from low-speed 5fps series shots, for example, to high-speed 10fps series shots – Canon 7D2 case – with the push of a button.

    Si la Canon 7DmarkII es una maravilla en prestaciones, la 7DMarkIII puede ser la cuadratura del círculo. Ahora que le pediría a la futura 7D3:

    1º) Tendría que ser la 1ª cámara con sensor APS-C que tuviera la opción de 50º asa.
    2º). Siendo el obturador de menor tamaño que la velocidad sincro no bajara de 1/300, como la Canon D1 mark4.
    3º) Opción de ajuste para pasar de disparos en serie de baja velocidad 5fps por ejemplo, a disparos en serie a alta velocidad 10fps- caso de la Canon 7D2- con solo apretar un botón.

  • Lee

    If the 90D comes with 4k it will be my perfect dslr..

  • alternativxax

    All I want is a better sensor than nikon d7200…

  • Arvind

    Kab launch hoga canon eos 90d dslr
    I am so excited for this camera.

  • Darren

    I’m looking forward to the review of the 7D mk3. I still think it’s going to have to be one hell of a camera to persuade 7D mk2 users to upgrade, much like the difference between the 5D mk3 and the mk4. If Canon gets it right, it will be a class leading camera for many years to come, especially if they improve greatly on the sensor to match or improve upon Nikon’s specs.

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