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Canon 7D Mark III Coming in March 2018

Canon 7D Mark III camera
Canon 7D Mark III camera is expected to arrive sometime in March of 2018. Based on the information we have received (via rumor mill) the upcoming camera will going to feature 4K video mode as well as C log support.

We don’t expect any dramatic improvement in the Core specification of the existing 7D mark 2 camera. So, the upcoming Canon 7D Mark III camera could be extension of existing 7D Mark II Camera (7D Mk II Deals).

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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3 comments to Canon 7D Mark III Coming in March 2018

  • Odin

    Needs to be a huge improvement in several areas: Sensor must be state of the art. The 80D sensor is nowhere near good enough for the flagship APS-C, it has worse noise than the 7DII and only has better DR at low ISO. 7D3 needs to leapfrog D500 sensor in DR and noise, should be BSI and also stacked. Resolution doesn’t need to change much 20-24MP is plenty. Should jump to 12fps, with a 5s RAW buffer ie 60 RAW, needs a more reliable AF system with dual cpu’s and much better coverage and much larger number of points. AF at f/8 with all points. 7DII shows a lot of inconsistency when focusing which is why so many of us have jumped on the D500 . Apart from 4K, it needs to offer good 4K, no crappy crop of a crop, full sensor readout 6K, oversampled to 4K. Needs dual cards, but either XQD and UHS-II or CFast and UHS-II. Illuminated buttons, hybrid EVF+OVF, USB3, 4K over HDMI, stereo speakers, tilt-swivel 2.4MP rear LCD, wifi, gps.

    Just adding 4K to an otherwise similar 7DII will not cut the mustard. Already mirrorless is making huge in-roads, G9, E-M1 II, a6500 are very good and a6700 will be out next year and god knows what that will offer.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    MARCH 2018 ???.
    It would be great news but looking back we see that the Canon 7D as the 7D2 were presented at PHOTOKINA in 2009 and 2014 respectively. And since there are not 2 without 3, well, that,
    Until September 2018, we will not be able to see for the first time the much awaited APS-C. How long … but how long is waiting for us, for God’s sake.
    If the Canon 7D2 shoots at 10f / s how many can do the 7D3 ??, … .14-16f / s, along with the new processors DIGIC 7X2 or DIGIC 8, new CMOS, enhanced and enlarged focal area. What has been said, the future Canon 7D3 has to be the squaring of the circle.
    March 2018 ?? Who knows.

    MARZO 2018???.
    Sería una fantástica noticia pero echando la vista atrás vemos que la Canon 7D como la 7D2 se presentaron en PHOTOKINA del 2009 y 2014 respectivamente. Y como no hay 2 sin 3, pues eso,
    hasta septiembre 2018 no podremos atisbar por primera vez tan esperada APS-C. Que larga…pero que larga se nos está haciendo la espera, por Dios.
    Si la Canon 7D2 tira a 10f/s cuantas podrá hacer la 7D3??, ….14-16f/s, junto con los nuevos procesadores DIGIC 7X2 o DIGIC 8, nuevo CMOS, área focal mejorada y ampliada. Lo dicho la futura Canon 7D3 tiene que ser la cuadratura del círculo.
    Marzo 2018??. Qui lo sa!.

  • Stella

    Canon should use BSI DPAF Sensor to APS-C camera, without that they will look always inferior to Sony and Nikon.

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