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Firmware Update

Canon 7D Mark III Announcement in 2019

Canon High-End APS-C DSLR Announcement in 2019 is almost confirmed. Canon Registered a Pro APS-C DSLR camera with model code K435. We do expect that Canon will soon Canon 7D Mark III to replace Canon 7D Mark II. The Canon 7D II is completely outdated and discontinued.

Canon 7D Mark III Registration Details

  • Single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Battery level indication is displayed in 4 levels
  • Maximum image size of test machine: 6000 × 4000
  • Probably released in 2019

Canon postponed its DSLRs announcements in 2018 to promote sales of Canon Mirrorless camera.  But now they already have two APS-C DSLRs registered in wireless certification agency model code (K435 and K436) and above all 7D II model is no longer in production.

So, it’s very clear from the details we are getting from highly trusted sources that Canon already have a Pro APS-C DSLR in its announcement pipeline which is scheduled to arrive in the year of 2019. Canon already cleared the space by discontinuation of Canon 7D Mark II camera.

Camera company takes roughly three months time to announce a product officially once the camera cleared the wireless certification test. We are almost 100% confirmed that Canon 7D Mark III camera on its way. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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6 comments to Canon 7D Mark III Announcement in 2019

  • subrato

    Excellent news, hope this camera will beat Fuji X-T3

  • steven

    First, thanks admin for breaking up this news

    Now Nikon will also gear up for #nikonD510 announcement

  • Michael Phillips

    I highly doubt it would beat the specs of the xt3, of which I own. It would be nice to have focus peeking, eye tracking, full frame focus and 400 autofocus points, 30mp, and no aa filter. now let’s see how close they can come and keep it under $1500, other wise get the xt3 i got rid of most my canon gear 7fmkii,5dmkiv, and many l lenses. I enjoy canons simple menu system and ergonomics, you ask why did I switch, weight, no innovation just slight mediocre upgrades to keep you buying the next. The xt3 is a super camera, xf lenses are inexpensive and are stellar, so many great features, is why it’s easy to see why canon may not break the barriers, they have been lazy and not looking out for the customers. I would buy a 7dmkiii if it came reasonably close to the specs of the xt3.

  • Gordon Edwards

    Where do you come up with this thing about the 7D2 being discontinued? The body now comes with the wifi card so it is under a different number. Check the canon store.

  • TwiztedZero

    Has there been any update info to the Canon EOS 7D MK III ? It is now September 26, 2019.

  • admin

    Canon 7D II is discontinued and its look like Canon isn’t in the mood to bring out next 7D series camera.
    We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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