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Canon 7D Mark II vs. Canon 6D

Canon-7D-Mk-2-vs-6D-imageBased on new camera Facebook fans request we are publishing the Canon 7D mark II vs Canon 6D comparison, the price difference is very minimal between these two camera, Canon 6D (body) price is $1899 and Canon 7D Mark II (body) will cost you $1799.


sensor-allSensor Size: Canon 6D sensor is bigger than Canon 7D mark II camera, bigger sensor gives more light collecting area, better low light performance and more dynamic range.


Big Photodiodes in 6D DSLR: The resolution of both the camera are same but they both have different sensor size, due to large sensor size and less resolution the photodioes in Canon 6D are larger, the pixel size 6D sensor is of 6.55 µm square, that delivers greater reception of light and a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

More ISO range: Canon 6D offers more ISO range compared to Canon 7D Mark II camera, we are sure that Canon 6D will give better image quality than Canon 7D Mark II camera.



7D Mark II Advance AF System: Canon 7D Mark II comes with new generation of Dual pixel CMOS AF Sensor that features 65 all cross-type AF points, the dual pixel is full active when you are using live view or shooting video, on the other hand the Canon 6D features Phase AF active only when you are using viewfinder, Canon 6D uses contrast detect system while you are using live-view for still shooting.

 Fast Continuous shooting speed and bit more Buffer in 7D Mk II: The Canon 7D Mark II offers a fast 10 fps of continuous shooting for over 1000 JPEGs, 31 RAW, or 19 RAW+JPEG files, Canon 6D has lower burst speed (4.5 sec) but is also offers you to capture 1000+ JPEG and 21 RAW files (10 frames less than 7D Mk II) in a single burst.

Video: Canon 7D Mark II records Full HD video @ 60 frames per second Canon 6D limited to 30 frames per second, both supports high quality H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec format.

Built-in WiFi in Canon 6D  no WiFi available in 7D Mk II… but Canon 7D comes with built in GPS.. so you can tag your images with your location.

Verdict: The Canon 6D features bigger sensor and will give you image quality and Canon 7D Mark II comes with advance AF system will give more speed, the final choice is yours.

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8 comments to Canon 7D Mark II vs. Canon 6D

  • Guy

    Wifi in 7d ? Think you got it wrong.
    6D yes bit not in 7d mII

  • Jeroen

    The following remark is not correct:
    Built-in WiFi in Canon 7D Mark II, no WiFi available in 6D

  • admin

    Thanks Jeroen for the suggestion, the error is now corrected.

  • admin

    Yep.. now corrected.

  • Time to retire my old 7D. The 7D Mark II will be joining the 5D Mark III at all my shoots, can’t wait!!

  • Mark Lopiccola

    Is it fair to put these cameras up against each other? One is a (semi-)professional sports and wildlife body, while the other is an entry level full frame (portrait/landscape) camera.

    Seems like the Nikon 7100 would be a better contender to go up against the 7DmkII.

  • Yes, the 6D has a larger sensor, either the 5diii but, how much is this difference in image quality? It’s …negligible this difference? Sony and Fuji are making awesome APS-C cameras with great image quality. Technology is constantly changing. APS-C sensor cameras are serious competitors this days. Canon call the 7dii semi-pro because the sensor? A camera built like a tank? I hope so see soon more objective comparison about this cameras.

  • vivek raut

    Two mistake I van see. eos 6d has environment seal. It is mentioned no. Eos 6d has 97% view finder & not 100%.

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