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Canon 6D Mark III to have 4K

Canon 6D Mark III

Creative image of Future Canon 6D Mark III camera

It’s bit early to talk about Canon 6D mk III camera for now. In the duration of past few weeks we have received a couple of emails, all pointing towards the same that upcoming Canon 6D Mark II will going to have 4K. We have decided publish this post since the information look logical to us.

And finally if we look at the announcement  pattern of Canon 6D Series camera

  • Canon 6D – September 17, 2012
  • Canon 6D Mark II – June 29, 2017 [Arrived after 4 years 9 months]
  • Canon 6D Mark III – 2020-2021 [If they again take 4 years to announce next model]

So. what next ? it’s completely safe to buy the Canon 6D Mark II camera for now, also take a look at the list of recommended lenses for the Canon 6D Mark II camera. And no new model is coming right now for sure. We will put update if we get any news and rumors.

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2 comments to Canon 6D Mark III to have 4K

  • Phil

    Do ANY Canon cameras have 4K?

  • well by the time canon 6d mark iii will be around , the sony ariii would be like 3-4 years old and i bet its price will drop to 1500 usd perhaps less and definitely im sure a 3 year old high end flagship camera will at least be better or be just as good as the canon 6d mark iii which will cost 2000 usd!!!

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