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Canon 6D Mark II Visited DXOMark Lab

Canon 6D Mark II camera visited 6D Mark II Lab, the camera scores a total of 85 points, low light score of 2862 ISO And the dynamic range of Canon 6D Mark II 11.9 Evs. Among canon cameras Canon 6D Mark II overall rating is satisfactory.

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Canon 6D Mark II image

But when I compared Canon 6D Mark II with Nikon D750 camera. I was literally shocked to see the test results, according to the test the Canon 6D Mark II camera is inferior.

Canon 6D Mark II vs Nikon D750

Does DXO Mark results really matter to you ? Do share your thoughts with us.

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5 comments to Canon 6D Mark II Visited DXOMark Lab

  • Howard

    Before you get too excited about DxO rating the Nikon D750 over the Canon 6D Mark II, consider that they rate it above ALL Canons. They rate it above the Nikon D5 and the Sony A9. They rate it above 340 other cameras — even though the D750 is currently in its 3rd factory recall for faulty shutters. If you make a living shooting pro sports or weddings, consider what DxO has in mind for you. They rate their own tiny DxO One SuperRAW Plus above the Canon 1Dx for sports — above the Canon 5D Mark III and most mid-frames for portraiture. This little camera was sold as an accessory that piggybacked on an iPhone. Draw your own conclusions…..

  • Stella

    Super agree with @Howard

  • Soo

    Howard you should mention that the DxO One achieves such results by taking several pictures to get less noise and better overall lowlight performance. It is very specific and can’t be used for moving subjects for instance. So I think you can’t directly compare the DxO One to full frame bodies such as D750 or 6D Mark II.

  • Rainer

    Just a few thoughts:
    * What’s the performance of 6DII compared to 6D?
    * For portraits and 80% of other photos the lower dynamic range will have no impact on the photos.
    * If you’re shooting jpg, the dynamic range will have no impact, too.

    But #dearcanon if you listen:
    * Canon would be better off to put the 5D IV sensor into the 6D II as well! (Okay, the 5D IV sensor is more expensive, but the production number of the sensor would increase, so costs would decrease!)

  • Howard

    Soo: You are absolutely right that it makes no sense to say a full-frame camera is “superior” or “inferior” to a 1-inch DxO camera designed to piggyback on an iPhone. Yet DxO DOES EXACTLY THAT. That’s why they are so controversial. They post rankings for 350 cameras. Prices range from $324 to $42,490. Their own little camera amazingly beats 309 of them at all sizes and price-points. And how should you use their numbers? They show you in one of their own advertisements. A One-Plus is pictured next to a Canon 5D Mark III. For both cameras, they post DxO scores for portraiture, landscape and sports photography. They don’t list the caveats and footnotes that would explain those strange numbers. But surprise! The DxO totally trounces the most popular professional camera on the planet. With the DxO One Plus (and an iPhone), you could shoot sports, weddings and landscapes with the pros. ….I don’t want to belittle the useful tests that DxO runs in their labs. But their “rankings” are “rubbish.”

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