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Canon 6D Mark II to Feature 28 Megapixel Fullframe CMOS Sensor

Canon-6D-Mark-II-ImageCanon 6D Mark II specification floating over the web, the camera is rumored to feature 28 Megapixel CMOS sensor … that clearly means that Canon 6D Mark II will arrive with a new sensor, take a look at the rumored specification below…

Canon 6D Mark II Rumored specification

  • 28MP
  • 6 fps
  • ISO 100 – 102400 (expandable to 204800)
  • new AF system (but not the same as on 5DS)
  • 98% viewfinder coverage
  • Single SD card slot
  • WiFi, NFC, and GPS
  • small improvements for video features

So will you buy Canon 6D DSLR if it arrives with a New 28 Megapixel CMOS sensor ? share your thoughts with us… The Camera is rumored to arrive in Early 2016.

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6 comments to Canon 6D Mark II to Feature 28 Megapixel Fullframe Sensor

  • awd64

    Nope, but it is interesting to see how much faster new 5D Mk 4 will be. 12 fps would be perfect!


    I wait the camera from Canon, which will be the next specifications
    1.Full frame or 70mm sensor camera
    2. 129 Megapixels or more
    3. 4K, 5K, 6K, 8K RAW video recording
    4. ISO from 10 up to 1.000.000
    5. color bit 24 or 32 RAW (for video and still)
    6. Frame rate for Photo – minimum 50 FPS, maximum 100 or more
    7. Frame rate for Video – for 4K – up to 500 fps, for 8K up to 200-250 fps, for 2K 1000 Fps
    8.Price Range from 8000-10.000$, maximum 15.000$

  • non vedo l’ora di vederla e provarla aspetto con ansia,spero che abbia il display orientabile come hanno detto nei forum canon

  • Marcus

    That’s the specs that most hobbyphotographers demand.

    129 Megapixels or more for only 8000 – 10.000$?

    Even my 60 megapixel camera costs more. My 200 MP multishot camera is far away from that price.

  • Marcus

    I’am not interested in the 6D Mark II. No doubt that th 6D Mark II is a good entry level FF camera, but the camera is not made for professional work. I decline to test the camera for Canon.

    If you have ever used a high megapixel camera you don’t want go back.

    I am very happy with my two 5DsR for resolution and 1Dx Mark II (or whtatever called later) preseries bodys for speed and lowlight.

  • kurtphillip

    Marcus (04-28-15): Obviously your standards are very high, but you must admit that any camera that pays your bills, -on an ongoing basis- is a professional camera. Much is depending under what conditions you shoot, and what you shoot.

    I would not decline to “test” any camera for Canon, since they might be testing YOU, to see if you are up to their standards. If they asked me to “test” a Canon Point and Shoot camera, I’d be delighted to do so; and do a great job for them too. Perhaps, if they liked my work, they might send me another camera to test; of their choice, not mine

    I’ve been shooting with Canon Cameras since 1976, and wore out 3 Canon F-1’s. I think that model was one of their best cameras made. — just my opinion.

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