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Canon 6D Mark II Coming with 28MP Sensor in May, 2017

Canon 6D Mark II image

Canon 6D Mark II camera is rumored to arrive with 28MP Fullframe Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor and according to source the camera is expected to arrive after NAB 2017 show which will going to held on April Month of 2017 and before Summer months. Now, summer months starts from June… So, it’s a clear indication that the camera is coming on May if the source is true. Now let’s talk about the specification of the camera

Canon 6D Mark II Rumored Specification

  • One of the prototypes of the camera do have 28MP DPAF Sensor
  • DIGIC 7
  • Tilting LCD Display Touch Screen
  • Dual SD slots
  • $2000 USD body only price
  • 4K (Not sure yet)
  • Wifi, NFC & Wireless charging
  • Larger viewfinder

Take this with big grain of salt and follow us for future Updates

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4 comments to Canon 6D Mark II Coming with 28MP Sensor in May, 2017

  • A practically invisible 18% more “resolution” than a 20MP sensor. SQRT(28/20) Not that it’s “bad”, but you can’t see that.

    I thought people had wised up yo the “I’ve got a bigger number than you have” marketing rubbish.

    Even a good 8MP sensor can be printed a meter on the long side with very good results, IF the lenses are up to it.

    When will people learn that more blurry pixels do little for picture quality.

    If you don’t use ordinary lenses, but instead use something like Zeiss OTUS glass AND a very solid tripod you CAN crop a fair bit and maintain quality.
    How many do that?

    If an image is not sharp, cropping soon looks poor, making the “I can crop” argument fairly flaccid in real life, (unless cropping uses more than half the image).

  • Mahdi

    i m currently using 80d and this gonna be my next camera. I m wondering why canon bother to design a new sensor instead of using 5dmk4 sensor in this camera.
    the 2 megapixel difference between this camera sensor and 5dmk4 sensor is a msg from canon which means “not 5dmk4 sensor… sorry”

  • Steve

    Well I really love Panasonic is giving 100% to the camera. Being a Canon user now I feel sometime I am on a sinking ship. Since, Canon do applied for 10 patent a day.. but what are those patent ? for printer head or external ink tank in inkjet printer ?

    I am not moving towards 4/3 series seriously, but I am planning to shift myself to A7 series.

  • Luc

    I bet price level 2k$ will remain as probably one of valid information of this rumor

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