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Canon 600D vs Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 vs Canon 600D, Which one you should buy? Read the comparison review below

Canon Features 18MP and Nikon D5100 features 16MP sensor, Nikon have better Focusing system than canon and ISO range is almost same if we ignore the boost mode.

Lens mount  – Canon 600D supports both EF and EF-S Lenses.

Nikon D5100 – AF series of lens is not compatible with the D5100, Lenses without the AF-S (silent wave motor) designation will not focus on bodies without an in-body motor.

Movie Mode – Nikon D5100 Supports AF(Auto-Focus) during movie recording but in canon 600D AF is not available. Canon 600D offers  Full HD recording at 30fps and 720p recording at 60fps, Nikon limited to 30fps only.

Nikon D5100 have better Movie mode but limited to Nikon F mount lenses and Canon 600D support EF & EF-S  lenses , so if you are interested in shooting movies with your  DSLR buy Nikon D5100, otherwise go for canon 600D (Recommended Lenses for Canon 600D)

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Canon 600D vs Nikon D5100

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